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circle info req sam.png This page contains information about a character that has been or is still played by a member of the LotC community. Please keep this in mind as you proceed reading.
Lauritz Henrik Christiansen
President Pro Tempore
Lauritz Henrik, by Alaine Ferri c. 1758.
President of the Imperial Senate
Tenure: 1756-Present
Predecessor: Terrence May
Successor: --
Born: 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph 1733, Aeldin or Haense (disputed)
Louisa Pruvia
(m. 1755 - died 1758)
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

'Lauritz Henrik Christiansen (Common: Lawrence Henry; High Imperial: Laurentius Henricus), also commonly known as L. H. Christiansen or Senator Christiansen was an Imperial author, politician and statesman of unknown origin, who served as the fourth President Pro Tempore of the Imperial Senate. His life was largely shaped by his career in politics.

Early Life

Born on the 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph in 1733, not many details are known of Lauritz’s early life. He is suspected to have been in either Haense, Aeldin or an entirely third continent.

Arrival in Helena

At the young age of 19, Lauritz arrived in Helena with nothing to his name. Though he possessed a cunning intellect and a vast amount of knowledge, he was quickly offered a job by Vespira d’Arkent at Selm, as a tutor to her children. Here, he quickly became a close friend of Mary d’Arkent.

Senator of Helena and President Pro Tempore of the Senate

Lauritz served as the Senior Senator of Helena for (-) years and as President Pro Tempore for (-) years. He was first elected to the Senate in 1754, at the age of 21, after receiving 48% of the vote in an election with four candidates. However, due to the two available seats in Helena, his future wife, Louisa Pruvia, was also appointed to the Senate.

During his first two years of the Senate, Lauritz worked primarily on the Paddington Act, which saw to define the rights of the newly discovered Wonk race. The Act became monumental in being the first to define any rights for non-persons. Due to his youth, energy and natural aptitude for politics, he was elected as President Pro Tempore in 1756, replacing the retiring Terrence May.


Lauritz married Louisa Pruvia in a private wedding in 1755, though the wedding is regarded as having been done by a political move to make Louisa more electable in the 1756 election. Louisa passed away in 1758, though her cause of death is unknown.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Margrethe Alexandra Lauritsen 1756 Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter and only child to Lauritz and Louisa