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CompS1.png Forgone lands: The page refers to geography that is currently inaccessible and perhaps less relevant.

Lin'evaral was a city in the realm of Anthos, providing a home to the High Elves for many years until earthquakes and the scourge forced its inhabitants to flee.


After the destruction of Asulon, the High Elves lived within Malinor for a short time. Due to the differences between the High Elves and the other Elven subraces, the High Elves soon left the nation. In Anthos, Lin'evaral became the new city of Haelun'or where it remained for many years before being destroyed both by the Black Scourge and earthquakes. This rendered the city uninhabitable and the remainder of the population moved to New Malinor for a short time, before then moving to the Tomb as the Conclave of Malin took control of Malinor.


The city was constructed in a style similar to that of Haelun'or, the original high elven city in Asulon. High stone walls surrounded the tall towers within, keeping anybody outside besides those who were granted entry by the high elves.

Notable Events

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Lin'evaral was located along the ocean near the capital city of Malinior.

Notable Figures (if applicable)

  • Kalenz Uradir
  • Lucion Sullas


The system of government within Haelun'or revolves around the Heial'mali, otherwise known as the Silver Council.


The society of this city was similar to the current high elven traditions. Life revolved around the maehr'sae hiylun within the city whose inhabitants infrequently interacted with the outside world.


Trading rarely occurred with the outside world as the high elves were not interested in commerce at the time. Everything that was needed was produced within the city and shared among its inhabitants.


Similar to what is believed now, High Elves practice no religion due to their belief that placing faith in an invisible deity (and as such one that cannot have its motives or intentions explained rationally) would be an illogical thing to do. Believing dogma to be of no use to them or even detrimental to progress and innovation, the word 'religion' itself has a stigma attached to it.

Random Tidbits

  • Lin'evaral was the only true city built by the high elves in Anthos. All other locations were for temporary living.
  • The High Elves are also called the mali'aheral, which is their name in ancient elven.

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