List of Haeseni monarchs

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The Monarch of Haense (New Marian: Koengzeu Haenz), officially known as the Monarch of Hanseti-Ruska, is the ruling sovereign head of state of the Kingdom of Haense.

List of Rulers

Previous rulers of Hanseti or Ruska

Counted in the regnal numbers of the Haeseni monarchs are the previous holders of the titles Hanseti or Ruska in antiquity. The Crown of Ruska began as the Realm of All Raev (Kusoraev or Kuzoraev), before being taken in control by the House of Carrion. The Realm of Hanseti was formally founded by the Hansetian warlord Gaius Marius, following his elevation as King of Oren and later deal with the Sheffield claimant in dividing the realm among themselves.

House of Barbanov

Emperor John III officially granted the royal titles of Hanseti and Ruska to Petyr Barbanov in 1578, with shortly after the newly-proclaimed King Peter formally unifying the crown institutions and courts into a singular framework.

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Peter I
Petyr var Sigmar Barbanov
petyr 2.jpg 23 First Seed 1522
Nova Horas, Aeldin

Son of Duke Siguine of Haense and Adria and Kamila of Adria
Elizabeth of Metterden
Bihar, Carnatia, Haense
5 children
4 Deep Cold 1582
Johannesburg, Oren
aged 60
bbovcoa.png Title granted, claim through Emperor Alexander I
Andrew II
Andrik Otto var Petyr Barbanov
AndrewII,2.0.jpg 11 Sun's Smile 1564
Ottosgrad, Haense

Son of King Peter I and Elizabeth of Metterden
Reza Elizaveta of Turov
Ottosgrad, Haense
3 children
22 Deep Cold 1586
Johannesburg, Oren
aged 21
bbovcoa.png Son of King Peter I
Marius I
Marus var Andrik Barbanov
marius2.0.jpg 12 Horen's Welcome 1584
Ottosgrad, H\aense

Son of King Andrew II and Reza Elizaveta of Turov
Adelaide-Isabella of Metterden
Ottosgrad, Haense
2 children
15 Sun's Smile 1611
Auguston, Mardon
aged 27
bbovcoa.png Son of King Andrew II
Peter II
Petyr Mark var Marus Barbanov
peterII.jpg 3 Amber Cold 1596
Ottosgrad, Haense

Son of King Marius I and Adelaide-Isabella of Metterden
Unwed 7 Horen's Welcome 1611
Auguston, Mardon
aged 15
bbovcoa.png Son of King Marius I
Stephen I
Stefan Karl var Marus Barbanov
stephenI.jpg 15 First Seed 1596
Ottosgrad, Haense

Son of King Marius I and Adelaide-Isabella of Metterden
Elizabeth of Courland
Aleksandria, Courland
2 children
6 Amber Cold 1624
Alban, Haense
aged 28
bbovcoa.png Brother of King Peter II
Otto I
Otto Henrik var Andrik Barbanov
otto I.jpg 23 Horen's Welcome 1584
Ottosgrad, Haense

Son of King Andrew II and Reza Elizaveta of Turov
Catherine of Carnatia
Carnatia, Haense
5 children
13 Grand Harvest 1627
Alban, Haense
aged 43
otiancoa.png Uncle of King Stephen I
Otto II
Otto Georg var Otto Barbanov
otto two 2.jpg 23 Deep Cold 1601
Ottosgrad, Haense

Son of King Otto I and Catherine of Carnatia
Eleanor of Lotharingia
Metz, Lotharingia
3 children
9 Grand Harvest 1644
Markev, Haense
aged 43
otiancoa.png Son of King Otto I
Otto III
Otto Stefan var Otto Barbanov
12charle.jpg 11 First Seed 1621
Esenstadt, Haense

Son of King Otto II and Eleanor of Lotharingia
Ingrid of Ulgaard
3 children
14 Horen's Welcome 1655
Markev, Haense
aged 34
otiancoa.png Son of King Otto II
Charles II
Karl Marus var Otto Barbanov
6021674689 c17a216331 b.jpg 11 Amber Cold 1648
Krepost, Haense

Son of Otto III and Ingrid of Ulgaard
Unwed 14 Sun's Smile 1666
Markev, Haense
aged 18
otiancoa.png Son of Otto III

House of Barbanov-Bihar

After the death of King Karl II, the royal mainline through King Peter I's firstborn Andrik went extinct (exlcuding the bastard line of Ludovar), leading to a short succession crisis. Karl II's former Lord Palatine Franz Bihar claimed the throne in a bloodless palace coup. After his death, he was continued by his nephew Sigmar and the cadet line of Bihar.

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Francis II
Franz Jakob var Henrik Bihar
KarlII..jpg 21 Snow's Maiden 1633
Krepost, Haense

Son of Henrik of Bihar and Camille of Grauspin
Tatiana of Metterden
Metterden, Haense
0 Children
25 Grand Harvest 1666
Senntisten, Renatus
aged 33
biharcoa.png Second cousin twice-removed of Charles II
Siguine I
Sigmar Lothar var Robert Bihar
SigmarI.png 17 Sun's Smile 1643
Krepost, Haense

Son of Robert of Bihar and Caternina of Metterden
Sophia of Castor
7 children
6 Deep Cold 1682
Markev, Haense
aged 38
biharcoa.png Nephew of Francis II
Robert I
Robert Lothar var Sigmar Bihar
RobertI.png 9 Snow's Maiden 1666
Krepost, Markev, Haense

Son of King Siguine I and Sophia of Castor
Elizaveta of Vidaus
Vidaus, Haense
5 children
10th of Sun's Smile, 1707
Kripaz Palace, Reza, Haense
aged 41
biharcoa.png Son of Siguine I
Marius II
Marus Demetrius var Robert Bihar
Marius.jpg 16th of Sun's Smile, 1683
Krepost, Markev, Haense

Son of King Robert I and Elizaveta of Vidaus
Valera of Adria
Belvitz, Adria
3 children

Klaudia of Vasiland
4 Children
12th of Malin's Welcome, 1719
Prikaz Palace, Reza, Haense
aged 36
biharcoa.png Son of Robert I
Andrew III
Andrik Lothar var Marus Bihar
Andrik.png 8th of Amber Cold, 1710
Prikaz Palace, Reza, Haense

Son of King Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland
Milena of Adria
Ves, Adria, Haense
4 children
Alive biharcoa.png Son of Marius II