Llyria Settlement Guide

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The Concord of Llyria

The Llyrian Concord is a meritocracy created upon the foundation of knowledge and science, while welcoming all inhabitants of Arcas with no judgment of their religion, race, magic, etc. Some of the many guilds and orders who stand with Llyria include: The Wayward Monks, The Ascended Order, The Samranist Faith, The Frond Society, The Mages Guild, The Celestial Order, The Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, The Artisans Guild. This information only includes the citizens who have completed the citizenship survey and does not include guests of Llyria or those who have not completed the survey at the time of this post. 45.5% are Elven, 37.5% Human, 5.4% Dwarven, 1.8% Orcish, 6.3% Transcendent. 56.3% do not practice any form of magic, 24.1% practice a form of voidal magic, while the other 18.6% practice other forms of magic.

Current Leader: Ithrendas Regis

Notable information & Places
  • The Traceless Order ~is the city’s guard force led by the Lord Protector. A Traceless member has no greater duty than to protect our beloved denizens and city from injustice and crime.
  • The Llyrian Atheneum ~ is our city library managed by the Lady Curator. Our wonderful library has much to offer for those interested in learning about the wonders of Arcas, magic, the descendants, and much more.
  • The Dancing Drake ~ is our city’s tavern, managed by Magnus Caelum (Tahmas). It’s also become a hot spot if you’re looking for some RP. If you’re interested in working there as a bartender, find Magnus.
  • The Edelweiss ~ is our city’s clinic, led by Charles Napier. As all clinics are, the sole purpose is to heal the injured, citizen or not, in their time of need. If you’re interested in working at the clinic, find Charles.
  • The Maelstrom~ is the bulk of our city’s government, consisting of the six Lords and Ladys and the echelons beneath them.
Peak Times  Most of the time, Llyria has at least a few people in the city you can RP with. However, our activity usually starts around 4pm EST // 9pm GMT, peaking at around 8pm EST // 1am GMT, continuing and fading out at 12am ESt & 5am GMT.)
Religon Like sutica, you are free to believe in what you wish, though a select few of the higher ups chose to follow a religion by the name of the ohr. A secret to all but a few.