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LoreS1.png Forgotten in time: The contents of the page have not been updated, and may be extremely unreliable.

Lutauman are shamans which contact and receive blessings from the ancestral spirits, the fallen honoral mortals which are given a spot at staying in the spirit realm.


Ancestral Spirit

A dead person; a spirit that has severed connection with it’s mortal body and transcended to the ancestral plane. One most have been honorable in life to transcend into the ancestral plane.

Ancestral Plane

A place wherein ancestral spirits reside. Not to be confused with the Immortal Spirit plane which is a completely different place for a different type of spirit.


A person who is able to contact ancestral spirits (dead people).


A spirit may bestow a blessing upon a Lutauman. The most common blessing is that of strength, which allows a Lutauman to be temporarily stronger than normal. Blessings can bestow strength, agility, dexterity, etcetera.


A Lutauman can contact ancestral spirits (dead people).

A Lutauman can contact ancestral spirits by doing ritualistic and/or traditional practices and movements such as burning incense, cactus green, or other plants and objects. The reason for burning is that it helps disconnect the Lutauman’s mind from the world around him and allows him to easier propel his mind into the ancestral plan. The use of objects that were familiar to the ancestral spirit before it was an ancestral spirit can be helpful. Some Lutauman find that going to the place of the mortal death of the spirit, or to the body’s grave can also assist. It varies for each spirit.

The Lutauman expends mana to project his mind unto the ancestral plane. If the Lutauman is bound by rope or any other type of restricting binding, he will not be able to expend this mana. Great focus on releasing one’s conscious from the mortal plane is necessary.

What can be found in the ancestral plane

The ancestral plane is not a plane in which one is either inside of completely, or not in at all. It is rather a plane that one propels his consciousness deeper and deeper, while still maintaining somewhat of a connection to the mortal plane. However, the consciousness is bound to the mortal plane, so staying in the ancestral plane for excessive periods of time is difficult and thus requires excessive levels of mana to be expended. At lower levels of Lutaumanship, a novice might not even be aware that his or her mind had transcended into the ancestral plane, but he or she may be aware, if a spirit was contacted, of extra and foreign information received. The Lutauman might also notice that mana was used.

The Lutauman may be able to contact spirits while in the ancestral plane, but only if the spirit chooses to be contacted. The spirits are a fickle bunch. They may not choose to be contacted at first, but then be contacted later; they may also choose to be contacted at first but then not be contacted later.

The clarity of information received from a spirit is on a spectrum. The more recent a spirit transcended into the ancestral plane (if its body died recently), the easier and more clear the information a spirit may choose to divulge is. If the spirit’s body died a long time ago, it may be increasingly difficult to contact the spirit, and may take more amounts of mana to propel the Lutauman’s mind deeper into the ancestral plane to find it. Furthermore, due to being so deep in the ancestral plane, messages may be foggier, sound muffled, and be, in general, esoteric and hard to understand. The spirit may no longer communicate in ways that are understandable.


A Lutauman may ask a spirit for a blessing in times of combat. Novice Lutauman generally have little to no chance of receiving a blessing, unless the spirit greatly desires such blessing to occur and the novice has a good sized mana pool to spend. Blessings bestowed upon the Lutauman have, in the past, aided Lutauman in combat, but such blessings only last for a limited amount of time. A Lutauman may choose to keep his blessing for as long as his mana will permit. Upon his blessing ending, he is as weak as any other, perhaps weaker due to his mana drainage and toll on his mind.

While a spirit is being contacted and mana is being expended, the air around the Lutauman may slightly deaden and chill. Depending on the spirit being contacted, the air may even take on a strange taste. As a blessing is bestowed, the Lutauman may faintly show, for example, a red aura, signifying the bestowal of strength. As the blessing is received, the air may heat up if the blessing is of strength.


According to what is known, the Orcs claim this magic to be a part of Orc Shamanism. The Orcish ancestral spirits have thus defended this tradition by notifying Orc Lutauman of the existence of non-orc Lutauman so that the non-orc Lutauman could be either accepted into Orc society or destroyed, more commonly destroyed than accepted. Lutauman that were not above novice level, however, were usually left undetected/considered not important enough to seek out.