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Malin is the father of the Elves and one of the four brothers from the start of time, according to the works of the Wandering Wizard. When Aegis was first settled and explored by the Descendents, the people of Malin moved into the deep forests. Here, they created the first tongue and named the trees and grass, the mountains and valleys of Aegis. When Iblees tempted the four brothers Malin was promised many children to fill the barren forest halls of the Elves. During the long battle against the fallen Daemon Malin fought swiftly with his sword, landing many a blow upon Iblees. As the battle raged Malin became fearful for the lives of his children and did not leave his forest sanctuaries. After the defeat of Iblees he cursed the four brothers and their descendents, and the children promised to Malin were replaced with sterility, so the forests would remain empty and the Elven hearts heavy. The Aengul and Daemon that had helped win the war were only able to grant Malin peace and long life for the few children he would have.