Mariya Angelika of Reza

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Mariya Angelika Barbanov
Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska
"Duchess Mariya Blackwing", by Diane Renee Anion-Marna (c.1731).
Lady Protector of Oren
Tenure: 1731-Present
Predecessor: Title Created
Duchess-Consort of Adria
Tenure: 1729-Present
Predecessor: Klaudia of Vasiland
Born: 15th of The Deep Cold, 1705, Reza, Haense
Spouse: Adrian, Duke of Adria(m. 1729)
House: Barbanov
Father: Marius II of Haense
Mother: Valera of Adria

Princess Mariya Angelika Barbanov (15th of The Deep Cold, 1705- Present), nicknamed Blackwing, was a Haeseni princess and member of House Barbanov, later marrying Duke Adrian of Adria and thus becoming the Duchess-Consort of Adria. However, she'd later ascend to the position of Lady Protector of Oren when her husband was elevated to Lord Protector in 1731 following the death and scandal of Alexander II. As the eldest daughter of King Marius II and his primary consort, the late Valera of Adria, she was additionally bestowed the titular honor of Princess-Royal at birth.


Early Life

As the firstborn child to the then Crown-Prince Marius I and his consort Valera of Adria, Mariya Angelika's birth was widely celebrated throughout the Haeseni lands. Though much of the population longed for a son and future heir, the birth of a healthy child to the couple brought upon great joy over the young Princess-Consort’s fertility. Mariya was bestowed the honorary title of ‘Princess Royal of Reza’, being the first royal daughter born to the new capital. Growing up, the princess was known for her wildly volatile and snide temperament, having largely assimilated into the renowned image of her distant aunt and primary carer, Aleksandra of Vidaus.

A portrait of the Princess-Royal in her youth, circa 1710

Marriage Controversy

Despite a brief courtship shared with Tiberius Tiber in her early teenage years, Mariya’s first engagement was to a close childhood friend- that of Vladrick I, Prince of Rubern. The two were known to be incredibly happy together, and their betrothal came as no surprise for much of the Kingdom. Notably however, for unknown reasons, Mariya and Vladrick chose to remain unwed for a number of years.

It was during this time in which the Duke of Adria, Adrian Sarkozic, arrived upon the doors of the city of Reza, declaring his intent to seek a Barbov bride. He was promptly suggested Mariya by her sister Sofiya Theodosiya, despite Mariya publicly being engaged to Vladrick Alimar, the reigning Prince of Rubern.

She was henceforth brought to the Duke, immediately rejecting the idea of a marriage due to her standing engagement with the prince. Sofiya, however, persisted in urging Mariya towards Adrian, and after ongoing negotiations, caused her sister to relent in favour of the Duke's offer of betrothal. Though reluctant, Mariya recognised the political situation, and took heed of the importance of a Barbanov and Sarkozic alliance.

"The Sisters of Hanseti-Ruska", picturing Mariya (Left) and Sofiya, by Diane Renee Anion-Marna (c.1722).

The betrothal would later prove to inspire a widely known scandal of the time, as the Duke was found to be engaged to both Mariya, and Princess Ester of Curonia, at the same time. Adrian had sought a Barbov alliance without first nullifying his prior arrangements, leading an explosive confrontation during Emperor Alexander's coming of age feast, where the two princesses discovered each other’s promised marriage. Secondary to the double-engagement discovery, it was at this same event where Prince Vladrick was informed of the loss of the betrothal to his beloved princess.

The scandal caused tensions to quickly rise between Rubern and Adria, with the Duke and Prince establishing a rivalry-like relationship. Accompanied by a sizeable retinue of soldiers, Adrian later petitioned the court of Mariya’s brother, King Andrew III, for her official hand in marriage- where it was thus declared that she was to wed the Duke of Adria.

The pair married within Reza’s cathedral on the 8th of the Sun’s Smile, 1729, sealing in matrimony a historic alliance of crows.

As Duchess of Adria

Following her wedding, the Princess relocated to the town of Renzfeld, capital of the Duchy of Adria. She immediately thrust herself into her duties as Duchess, finding solace in the straightforwardness and simplicity of her work. Two years after their marriage, the ducal pair welcomed their first child- a son. Struggling to connect emotionally with her child, Mariya found motherhood inherently difficult, often times leaving her son's early upbringing entirely to the staff of the court.

It was that same year in which her husband was declared as the Lord-Protector of Oren following the death and legitimacy scandal of Alexander II. The house of Sarkozic, then rebranded to de Sarkozy, then took residence within the Imperial city of Helena- beginning to rebuild the fractured pieces of the empire.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Joseph Francis de Sarkozy 1st of Malin's Welcome, 1731 Alive Unwed Firstborn child of Adrian and Mariya, heir to the Duchy of Adria.


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