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Royal City of Markev
Capital city
Haense Arms.png
The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Haense
Nicknames: Red town
Country: Kingdom of Haense
Founded: 17th of the Great Harvest, 1641 by Otto II of Haense
King: Otto II
Governing body: The Aulic Council
Lord Maer: Maer Hademar of Markev
Population: 36,000
Previous Capital: Alban
Language(s): Common, Raevir, Hansetian, High Imperial

The capital of the Kingdom of Haense, Markev acts as the epicenter of administrative and diplomatic affairs of the kingdom, and is populated by Northerners and Highlanders of all descent. The city is the seat of the House of Barbanov, who reside in palace of Krepost in the easternmost district of the city. The city boasts among the most active settlements in all of Atlas, and is home to people of all races.






Notable Figures of Alban

Notable Buildings


Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Geography Royal States Akovia · Carnatia · Vasiland
Provinces Northmarch
Settlements Markev
Fortifications and Castles None
Regions and Landmarks Lake Jan · Czena River · Wickwood
Politics Allies Kingdom of Marna
Enemies None
Neutral Kingdom of Norland · Kingdom of Santegia · Kingdom of Renatus · Grand Kingdom of Urguan · Dominion of Malin · War Uzg · Silver State of Haelun'or · Principality of Sutica
Holy Orenian Empire
Geography Imperial States Crownlands · Haense
Provinces Sultanate of Haria · Dominion of Malin
Settlements Adelburg · Alban* · Metz* · Innsmouth* · Chambery · Croston · Mor'ton · Ostwick · Cantel · Rytsburg
Fortifications and Castles Metterden · Senntisten
Regions and Landmarks Valley of the Emperors · Blackwald · Greyspine Mountains · Marian Pass · Alexandrine Pass · Lake Merovech
Politics Allies Federation of Sutica · Grand Kingdom of Urguan · Principality of Veris
Enemies Kingdom of Santegia · Kingdom of Norland
Neutral Haelun'or
Locations of Axios
Tahn Holy Orenian Empire Adelburg ·
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Alban · Rytsburg · Metterden · Serpentstone · Voron · Kovagrad
Kingdom of Lotharingia Metz · Chambery · Krakow · Ponce
Kingdom of Norland Vjorhelm
Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah Jornheim · New Jornheim
Dominion of Malin Linandria · Ker'nor · Norseth'onn
Silver State of Haelun'or Taliyna'maehr
Warhawke Chiefdom Leyu'celia
War Nation of Krugmar San'Torr
Asul Kingdom of Santegia Veldin · Mystra · Asterleigh · Aleksandria
Sultanate of Haria Al'Khaleed
Ceru Federation of Sutica Sutica · Reedsborough · Caligo · Karak'Tuum · Mokh Ilzggul
Princedom of Fenn Citadel of Acael

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