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Metz, the capital of the Kingdom of Lotharingia
LorraineSavoy Arms.png
Lorraine coat of arms
[Ruled by Hughes I of House d'Amaury]


The Kingdom of Lotharingia is an independent, predominantly human nation located around the southern part of Tahn encompassing the rich, farming land with Metz at its heart.


The City of Metz was built at the beginning of the colonisation of Axios, given to House d'Amaury by John III, Holy Orenian Emperor. Once the Empire had been destroyed, only a small portion of Imperial refugees from Johannesburg in the year 1595 fled to live in the Kingdom of Lotharingia and its walled Capital, Metz. This was perhaps because of a disdain among Imperial refugees because of John I of Lotharingia's rebellion against the Empire two years prior. Metz was built as the seat of power for the royal family and was a remarkable feat of architecture, something the King thought symbolic of Heartlanders culture and the South itself.

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As the capital of the Kingdom of Lotharingia it is the hub of all of the Lorraine-Savoy activity, and a safe haven to the majority of the Heartlanders population.


The Kingdom of Lotharingia has an Absolute Monarchy style of government with King Odo I as the sole ruler of the nation. Under him is a privy council that acts as his advisors and enforcers in different aspects of the realm. They carry out his will and see to the implementation of his desired policy.

Notable Figures

  • High Sovereign - His Majesty, Odo I of Lotharingia
  • Prince of Savoy - His Highness, Hamelin de Savoie
  • Archchancellor - His Excellency, Robert de Anjou
  • Knight Paramount - His Excellency, Ser Bryce Vimmark


Due to the mild rainy winters and hot, dry summers, resources are generally bountiful and in good stock year round especially in the farms surrounding Metz. Farmers are far more common in this region than most because of the numerous fields and crops, with plenty being transported to the swamplands of the Principality of Savoy as well as having enough for the rest of the populace.


The nation is not only synonymous with Heartlander culture but is also held in high regard for their militant groups and endeavours, perhaps because of their descent from the ancient noble house, House de Sola, and the houses founder Augustus d'Amaury, born a de Sola, who led the victorious loyalist forces during the Duke’s War. Metz itself has also had numerous guard forces and armies stationed within its defendable walls, built to look imposing and make the city into an almost impenetrable fortress on a large scale.


The Church of the Canon is the official religion of the kingdom.

Random Tidbits

  • Did you know Metz has not always been held by the King of Lotharingia? Ser Otto 'The Bloody' briefly captured the City at the start of the Lorraine-Savoy Rebellion in 1593.
  • The Archchancellor, Robert de Anjou, has his own levy force and is always looking for new members to defend Metz and its surrounding settlements.