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Miguel Cortes (Late 1400s – 1557), canonized as Saint Michael of Cordobe, was the commandant of the guard, trusted advisor, cousin, and close friend of Lucien III. Following his father's execution at the hands of the Aeldinic Prince Redino of Couentre, Miguel took refuge under the care of his uncle, Rafael and fled the isle Cordobe to the Holy Orenian Empire along with the Canonist de Cordobes. Upon their arrival to Balain, Miguel was appointed by the Pontiff Everard II to the position of Inquisitor-General (at the advice of his uncle, the newly-instated Bishop Rafael).

Miguel is perhaps most remembered for the tracking and executing of the last of the Carrion scions, the outlaw nun Lorina of Ruska. Miguel would also fight in the grueling Eighteen Years' War, where he commanded positions at both the Battle of Cape Bronson and the Battle of Hoar Hill. In the wake of his cousin's death at Marnadal in 1546, Miguel was dismissed by Tobias I in the pontiff's attempt to demilitarize the Church.

He had one son, named Rodrigo, who became Duke of Barranquilla in 1595 following the Coalition War.