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|<span style="font-size:small;">'''[[List of Haeseni Consorts|Queen consort of Hanseti-Ruska]]'''
|<span style="font-size:small;">'''[[List of Haeseni Consorts|Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska]]'''
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Reign''': 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1726 - Present
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Reign''': 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1726 - Present

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Milena Ekaterina
Milena Ekaterina.jpg
Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1726 - Present
Coronation: Not Coronated
Predecessor: Klaudia of Vasiland
Born: 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1710
Spouse: Andrew III of Haense
(m. 1726)
House: Carrion
Father: Fyodor Carrion-Tuvyic
Mother: Ingrid de Sarkozy

Milena Ekaterina Fyodorovna Barbanov (nee’ Carrion) (Common: Milena Catherine) (New Marian: Milena Katherina) is the current reigning Queen-consort of Hanseti-Ruska. She was the only surviving child of Fyodor Carrion, whom himself was the son of Ratibor I of Adria and Alexandria Horen, and Ingrid of Sarkoz. Milena is known as Milena of Adria, Milena of Ves, Milena Ekaterina, Milena Carrion, and Milena Barbanov.


Early Life

Born within her family’s manor in the city of Ves, her household moved to the luxurious Capital of Aeldin, Nova Horos, shortly after her birth. There, the girl had an upbringing befitting of a Carrion Dynast. Due to the death of her mother while giving birth to both Milena and her stillborn twin, the only maternal influence she had in her earlier years were the tutors her dutiful father Fyodor had hired for her.

As she entered her years of literacy, notions of legacy and destiny were implanted in her head by both her father and relatives. From thereon out, Milena grew to be a proud and learned youth, studying both the fields of courtly etiquette and martial tactics -- if not profoundly influenced by delusions of grandeur, then by a competitive drive.

Struggle for Queenship

Milena arrived upon Arcas’s shores on her thirteenth name day, hailed by her father Fyodor, and her cousins Adrian and Henry Sarkozic. It is attested by Aeldinic Courtiers that, prior to her departure, the youth insisted that she would fulfill her god-given purpose, becoming Queen-Consort as her half-aunt Valera was to be and like her father had instructed her.

Lady Milena of Adria, 1722, by Anaïs of Poiteaux

Many were bemused by the sudden arrival of the Carrion, and how she instantly incorporated herself into the Court. At the time of her arrival, her husband was betrothed to one Katharina Vyronov, a girl Milena instantly deemed childish and unable to rule. She began to pave a distance between the two and spoke of an ancient promise of marriage between the Houses Carrion and Barbanov that went unfulfilled.

Her endeavors came to fruition a Saint’s week following when the betrothal between King Andrew III and Lady Katharina was dissolved and she herself was bound by oath to the monarch. During this time, Milena and the Monarch grew formally acquainted -- cultivating a warm comradery.


On the year the two aged sixteen, fanfare boomed throughout the city, and a vast audience situated themselves within the famed Basilica at the heart of Reza; Those in attendance included Prince William Johannes and Pierce I of Curonia.

Milena wed Andrik in a traditional wedding at the year of 1726, her father’s death but a few months prior not deterring her. She donned a headdress made of chiffon, a long gown of velvet white, and a furred golden robe embellished with designs of roses in various colors. She was assisted down the aisle by her eldest cousin, Adrian of Temesch and trailed by Lady Laurentina Cascadia and her sister-in-law, Princess Mariya Barbanov.

Unlike another flamboyant dresser, her titular progenitor Theresa of Turov, Milena received praise on her costly, yet traditional, choice of gown from the masses; One Auvergnian man, who donned Lorrainian armor himself, even halted the wedding proceedings as to compliment the bride, aged just sixteen, on her voguish ensemble.

Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska

A mere days after her ascension as the Royal Consort, Milena instrumented the legislation of several initiatives, including one of her first, the Haeseni Harvest Initiative[1], which saw Reza's bounty adequately distributed to the Populace.

At only eighteen, the Queen had garnered the affections of her cousins and the common populace. However, her casual impishness and perfectionist nature became an elicitor of unrest amongst those at court -- especially from her former rival, Lady Katharina Vyronov. In one occasion, the present servantry attested that Milena had attempted the quell an altercation between her two sisters-in-law, the then-Duchess of Adria and the Grand Princess of Muldav, to which the latter had protested with a comment on Milena's imperative and commandeering manner. The aghast and heavily pregnant Queen responded with but a smile, uttering "Were I not to have involved myself, my ladies, you would have brutalized each other seconds ago."

In the months following, the adolescent was bestowed her first child, Prince Andrew Peter. The Kingdom was elated to have an heir, and their future now certain. But a month after his birthed, he was christened by the Cardinal Siguard of Reza -- the ceremony garnering a wide range of attendants of Haeseni, Adrian, and Ruberni citizenry.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1726-Present: Her Majesty, the Queen of Hanseti-Ruska

Full title as Queen

Her Royal Majesty, Milena of House Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Andrik Petyr, Grand Prince of Kusoraev 9th of Owyn's Light, 1729 Alive Unwed Firstborn child of Andrew III and Milena of Adria
Princess Antonia Frederika of Haense 1st of Godfrey's Triumph, 1731 Alive Unwed Secondborn child of Andrew III and Milena of Adria