Modern History of Anthos

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After the Fall of Asulon the survivors fled to the lands of Elysium and Kalos, then sailed to Anthos.

The End of the Anthosian Era happened on the year 1457, with a giant flooding of it's lands, the descendants had no choice but to move to the Fringe through the Door of Eternity.

Human History

Upon arrival the Humans in the Holy Oren Empire settled in the capital of Abresi and the city of Kingston in Salvus. The Halflings entered the new village of Lenfarthing.

The Order of the White Rose, upon being granted a castle in Abresi, thought it proved some a restriction to the Order's effectiveness. and moved to the Westerlands.

The Teutonic Order settled in the far north, in the prebuilt Castle Greywynn to protect against foreign invaders

House Carrion starts to construct their town near the Westerlands, Kralta.

In 1426 the White Rose completed Ard Kerrack, a major frontline advantage in the Westerlands between the Kingdom of Salvus and The Princedom of Malinor.

The Order of the White Rose declares a Imperial Conquest on the Princedom of Malinor.

A sacking happens in the Malinorian farms after the White Rose and allies pillage the area.

The Golden Rebellion, a revolt in the Heartlands, starts to begin aggressive conflict against the Empire.

In the west a fourth kingdom is created, the Kingdom of Kaedrin, bestowed to Peter Chivay, now known as the King in the West.

Malinor subjugation came with the Kingdom of Kaedrin after a siege upon the capital, leading to the City-state of Malinor.

A civil war between The Teutonic Order and House Blackmont in the Empire leads to a major coalition war against both forces.

Skirmishes take place, one famous known as the Battle of the Iron Fields, in which resulted in Teutonic Victory.

The Battle of the Dreadfort erupts in 1430, with the Shields of Salvus, Hanesti and allies attacking against Kaedrin, House Blackmont and allies. The defending side comes out victorious, pushing back Hanesti.

The war between House Blackmont and the Teutonic Order ends, ending in the orders disbandment by Emperor Godfrey.

Emperor Godfrey dies, power is handed to his heir and son, Horen.

A force of the unloyal Elves of Malinor, Dwarves, and Uruks attack the Empire, pushing expansion back. The war now becomes known as the First World War of Anthos, the reason for it erupting is due to the White Rose executing a Dwarven official.

The Battle of Snow and the Trench battle of the Crossroads takes place between the two forces.

The Holy Oren Empire collapsed after an Exodus to Aeldin, leading to the formation of the Kingdom of Oren, several lands being ceded to the Kingdom of Urguan and independence for Malinor. Several claims to the throne resulted and rebellion plans stirred.

The Order of the White Rose is disbanded by Grandmaster Edmond Brunswick, whom vanished a week after.

After a quelled rebellion, the Kingdom of Savoie & The Kingdom of Galahar are established. Holding reign over their own fiefs separate from the Kingdom of Oren. The Kingdom of Savoie absorbed the Kingdom of Galahar after a long standing diplomatic relation. The Kingdom of Savoie declares war on the Chiefdom of Adunia, cause of the war is assumed to be vengeance & religious. After a long year, the Kingdom of Adunia cedes the Westerlands to Savoie.

The King of Oren demanded the High-Pontiff to step down, ending in a planned invasion of Oren from Ruska. Before the invasion begun, the High-Pontiff Owyn II and Otto Sarkozic Carrion spoke with the lords of Oren, thus allowing them to swear fealty to Ruska to keep there political immunity. Ambassadors ran to the Royal court of Oren, as Ruska had declared an Invasion; yet the High-Pontiff saw this as his chance to work it in his favor. He invited the King of Oren to Kralta, and demanded he abdicated and submitted to Ruska's authority. The King accepted, fearing for his peoples lives. Ruska than installed Sillius Horen as King of Oren, renaming it to Renatus- and gaining further land holdings.

Elven History

The Elves of Malinor moved into Leumalin.

Malinor is made a city-state of the Holy Oren Empire. This arrangement ends when the Empire collapses.

Luminaire, the Elven capital city, is corrupted by the Scourge. The inhabitants flee to a refugee camp near Lenniel, soon to become New Malinor.

Lin'everal falls due to a combination of natural disaster, war, and corruption enacted upon the High Elven city.

The Conclave is created and civil war begins between the elven races. Darkhaven and Lenniel declare neutrality. The High Council of Malinor is defeated due to a combination of lack of popular support, Conclave allies, and a defecting military. The city of New Malinor is taken without bloodshed.

Conclave's early times are tough, with a total of fifty two raids in just a few elven weeks. The forces of Conclave emerge, on the whole, intact.

Dwarven History

Kal'Azgoth became the city of the Dwarves.

The dwarves push back the orcs, after a victorious battle at Storm's Crossing, ending the war between the two races.

Grand King Omithiel Strongbrow steps down and Grand King Thorin Grandaxe is elected to power.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan breaks and alliance with the Holy Oren Empire and declares war. The war ends with the collapse of the Empire.

The Dwarves defeat New Dawn for the first time and end their spree of crimes against the Dwarven Kingdom.

The Nastrada Family are found dead meaning that New Dawn will never rise again as a Dwarven faction.

Orcish History

The Orcs of the War Uzg occupied the capital of San'Orka.

The War Uzg is disbanded and the Orcish desert is called the Orcish Badlands. The Orcish Clans become the center of Orcish political life.

Kharajyr History