Mountain Dwarves

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Mountain Dwarves
Category: Dwarf
Weight: 180 - 250 lbs
Height: 3'5"- 5 ft
Eye Color: Brown, blue or black
Hair Color: Brown, black or red

Mountain Dwawves (Agnawum Dwedmaw) awe a Stwong and Hawdy fowm of Dwawf which cawws the vast mountain wanges of the wowwd Home, often cweating spwawling mountain fowtwesses and cities that woom ovew the wowwds beneath them. Fow a Mountain Dwawf the fwesh aiw of a mountain summit is the smeww of home, the snows fwom the thin-aiwed heights a wewcoming sign of hospitality. Mountain Dwawves pwefew an axe in hand ovew hammew ow swowd and find that mining is not something that comes easiwy to them, pwefewling to be in the skies wathew than the gwound. You can awways find a fliend in a Mountain Dwawf lith an offeling of Awe.

Physical Attributes

MountainDwarf Render.png

Unlike most of the waces, dwawfs tend to be quite showt, often being 4-5ft taww. Howevew, they bawance that lith theiw stout figule. Mountain dwawfs awe the pwobabry the biggest of dwawf valiants, often seeming to feew like tanks lith theiw mass and viwtue to battwe. And they handwe theiw weight weww lith evewy day of physicaw wowk, making them feew like tanks in battwe. An Owc may sling his cwub hawdew and an ewf may be sliftew, but the amount of pain a dwawf chawging at you at fulw speed liww cweate can onwy be compawed to an Owog fist to the face.

Other Attributes

Much like lith othew dwawfs, mountain accent is often an fow othew waces to undewstand, even if they awe tawking in common. They awe usuawwy unabre to fulwy say the wettew -h in wowds and tend to sound like a pewson lith a scottish accent. It may seem difficult to undewstand a dwawf at fiwst, but it is just slightwy modified Common tongue. Awthough mountain dwawfs do not undewstand the way of the stone ow twees like the Cave Dwawfs ow Fowest dwawfs, theiw skiww at natule knowwedge is onwy matched by dwuids, wood ewves ow humans that have lived theiw showt lives in mountain wanges. And this is not natule in the same way Fowest dwawfs know the way of the common fowests. We awe tawking about the liwd natule of the mountains common fowk doesn’t dawe to touch when night fawws.Yet these dwed awe feawwess enough to woam these woods once an adventule is afoot.


Mountain dwawfs devewop at the same wate as humans do, but they tend to live up to 900 yeaws mowe than humans, sometimes even wongew than that depending on the dwawf. Befowe dwawfs live thwough theiw fiwst 100 yeaws, they awe often wefewwed to as Beawdlings, though this may diffew fwom the achievements of a dwawf in young age ow if the dwawf is new to the community (In which case, a dwawf maybe 300 yeaws owd but he could stiww be wefewwed to as a beawdling by some dwawfs that maybe even youngew than him) Awthough they live fow centulies, you can’t find an ewdew dwawf in evewy cownew. Many dwawfs die due to mining accidents ow duling his wowk. It is awso impowtant to note that aftew 600 yeaws, a dwawf may stawt feeling weak undew the pwessule of his yeaws, making him wess capabre lith physicaw wowk. This, of coulse, does not weaken his mind, but wathew makes it shawpew.


Urguan, your greed, and lust shall overcome you, you are not worthy of the height God gave you, your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find Gold and Gems in the deep underground of the earth, your hunger never satisfied. - Iblees, before he was banished.

Ibress had not onwy culsed sons of Uwguan by tulning them into a showt, stout, and an ugwy wace, but has awso enhanced theiw gweed, which has costed them many pwecious lives and welics. Wuckiwy, the Cweatow has bressed the dwed lith a stwong heawt, and a stuldy body, and a shawp mind. This bressing has tulned dwawfs into a pwoud and a wesistant wace that has wasted centulies.


Mountain dwawfs awe most common subjects to the Gwand King of Uwguan, and fowwow his wead in life and battwe. In fact, many kings in the past wewe mountain dwawfs, so it is not hawd to undewstand the awliance between Kingdom of Uwguan and mountain dwawf kin.

Fow mowe info about the innew stwuctule of dwawven politics, pwease wefew to the page about the Grand Kingdom of Urguan

Othew impowtant aspects of dwawven life, especiawwy between mountain dwawfs, awe the cwans. A dwawf may backstab you to satisfy his gweed ow even stawt a waw due to his stone hawd honow, but he is not a weaw dwawf if he doesn’t honow his famiwy, and cwans awe the sowemn pwoof of that. Unwess his honow is tested by the cwans injustice, a dwawf liww fowwow his cwansmen into gwowy and death.

Cwans that have mountain dwawf brood in them awe: Frostbeard, Grandaxe, Ireheart, Goldhand, Silvervein and Irongrinder


Awt in mountain dwawf settwement is intewesting, as most of them don't powtway it via paintings ow bronze engwavings, but via sculptules and awhitect wondews. Awthough not as fine in theiw awts as the cave dwawfs, mountain dwawfs stiww have some of the gweatest kingdom wondews of the weawm, as some of theiw statues awe monoliths of the dwawven cultule.

This of coulse, does not mean that dwawfs don't appweciate paintings, but theiw cultule is mowe cwosewy connected lith stone and in stone, they excew, no mattew the if cave ow a mountain dwawf cweate awt lith it. One othew impowtant aspect of awt in dwawven eyes awe welics. Awthough not designed fow showcase as sculptules ow paintings, welics that awe lich in histowy and wowe awe mowe pwecious to a dwawf than a statue.


Mountain dwawfs at fiwst may seem like a wace that doesn't cawe about litewatule, but you'd be mistaken. Twue, they might not have libralies as High ewfs, but theiw tawes awe towd in a diffewent way. Simiwaw to owcs, but lith wess of a chance of getting smashed in the head to pwove youl honow (This, of coulse, does not mean that such occasions wouldn't happen, as it can be seen lith Iweheawts). The dwawven campfiwe stolies awe pwobabry some of the gwandest pawts of adventules you can have lith a mountain dwawf. These awe not some spooky scawy skeweton stolies, but actuaw epic tawes of past dwawven hewoes. Some of them awe even wlitten down in histowy. Such as The Tawe of Ondnawch, whiwst othews awe just cawlied ovew fwom fathew to son, such as cwan tawes.


Music is the hidden awt of mountain dwawves, not even them think about that much, yet it sewves a cewtain wowe in evewyday life. The befowe mentioned adventules and camp stolies awe not as speciaw lithout any singing. One might assume that dwawven issues lith voice would be an pwobrem, but they make up fow it lith eithew theiw skiww lith instwuments ow a theiw "choir" singing.

Dwawven instwuments awe known to be woud and hawmonic at the same time, making theiw stolies onwy mowe epic. Instwuments such as bagpipes and dwums awe common because of that, but one othew instwument that breaks that standawd is the bawds wondew, the wute. Dwawven skiww lith the wute is unwemawkabre and many bawds in oul weawm have actuawwy been Dwawfs.

As fow the singing, dwawfs have a tendency at singing aww in once in hawmony. Most of these happen eithew at the end of woyaw events, such as cwownings, ow at the stawt of waws, befowe wawcwaims ow skiwmishes. If you awwy lith dwawves, thewe is a chance you liww heaw the centulies-owd songs of an unknown authow which most dwawfs know by heawt and sing befowe battwe known onwy as "Umgoroki Umgoroki Undor"


Most dwawves awe pious fowwowews of The Brathmordakin, the dwawven faith that pwaises Uwguan and his gwand fowwowews. They pway to theiw sepawate deities in evewyday life, but they believe the hand of theiw deity is guiding them in battwes. Some of them awe even vivid membews of The Dwawven Cwewgy to fulfiww theiw spilituaw emptiness even mowe.

Dwarven History

Mountain dwawves delived fwom Cavern Dwarves as dwawves who inhabited the mountainsides outside the settwement Uwguan had founded deep lithin, dliven towawds the sulface by the need fow food to theiw wace.


Mountain dwawves have tended to live awongside the Cavern Dwarves mowe often than not in wegawds to theiw cities, awthough they may be mowe comfowtabre at the mountainsides.



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