Mountain Monarchy

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The Mountain Monarchy
Agnar Khor'Kunnek
Official seal of the Mountain Monarchy
Capital: Tal'Azwyr
Languages: Common
Religion: Brathmordakin
Government: Monarchy
Founder: Verthaik Frostbeard
High King: Verthaik Frostbeard
High Queen: N/A
Lord Advisor: Morug Jr. Blackfist
Historical Era:

Declaration of Independence (1518)
Civil War of 1518 (1518)
Battle of the Mountains (1520)

Succeeded by:

Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah

The Mountain Monarchy was established in the Deep Cold, 1518 in the Frostbeard city of Tal'Azwyr (Dwarvish: Frost Hold) and was made up of the Capital city of Tal'Azwyr and the Blackfist hold of Kal'Krest. It held the region generally now known as Khor'Azwyrtrumm (Dwarvish: Frostbeard Land). The Mountain Monarchy only survived one year, as it's life was cut short during the first battle of the Dwarven Civil War in the Battle of the Mountains, after which it ceased to exist in the Sun's Smile, 1519.

Tal'Azwyr, capital of the Mountain Monarchy and home to the Frostbeard Clan. In the upper right the statue of Kaz'Ulrah, the first Frostbeard, is clearly visible. In the center is the Frost-Tower, which rose up above the entrance to the Clan Hall.


When Grand King Balek Irongut was lost to the darkness, the Kingdom fell into disarray as elections were prepared for the next Grand King of Urguan. Many sought this esteemed title, among them was Verthaik Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan. It was a well known secret that ever since his return in Athera, Verthaik desired the crown of the Grand Kingdom, and so, in an attempt to secure it when Balek left, a secret agreement was formed between Verthaik Frostbeard, Skippy Irongut and Thror Ireheart that they would all endorse and vote for Verthaik Frostbeard in the elections. Much to Verthaik's disgusts however, when the elections came around, one of the opponents on his list was Skippy Irongut. Enraged by the break of contract, Verthaik and Skippy engaged in a brutal propaganda war, which left a fierce hatred in supporters of each side. As the votes were counted up, Skippy received 41, while Verthaik received 37, with many of his votes disqualified on the basis of not being citizens of the Grand Kingdom. Enraged, Verthaik's brother, Varuk Frostbeard charged that with Lathros Irongrinder's withdrawal from the election, and his vote going to Verthaik's, that the four votes he received should go to Verthaik, which would give him 41 votes as well, causing a tie. Unfortunately, the counters disregarded his comment, crowning Skippy Irongut Grand King. Full of anger and rage, the supporters of Verthaik marched back to Tal'Azwyr were Verthaik announced his secession from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and the creation of the Mountain Monarchy, which would include Tal'Azwyr as it's capital, and the hold Kal'Krest, alongside the entirety of the region Khor'Azwyrtrumm. The citizens of the Mountain Monarchy then began to swiftly ready for the Civil War which would ensue, establishing Dungrim's Folk, led by Lord Marshal Vorstag II Ireheart, as the nation's main military. Within days it's numbers swelled, and it seemed as if every citizen of the Mountain Monarchy had enlisted to protect his/her new homeland.

Tensions arrived at the breaking point when King in the Mountain Verthaik Frostbeard officially declared war on the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and led a raiding party against Kal'Akash, the capital city of the Grand Kingdom, beating and murdering many of the Dwarves who were there at the time. This started a series of raids and counter-raids between the two nations, with both sides taking their fair share of casualties. Eventually, the two armies met one day on the road which connected Tal'Azwyr and Kal'Akash. As Dungrim's folk hide in the forest by the road, waiting to catch a clear sight of the Legion, the Legion began raining arrows down into the Forest, from the mountain above. Dungrim's folk quickly organized and fell back farther into the forest, finding cover underneath the forest's thick canopy. As hours passed, the men became restless and some began pushing forward. Amidst all the confusion, someone yelled "CHARGED" and before the leaders knew it, all of Dungrim's folk was charging up the mountain, but what they found atop it was far more than the Legion. Dark elves, Savoyards among other allies awaited them and met them with fresh steel. As battle hammer met battle hammer, bodies began to fall. It was all done within a few minutes, and it was clear that Dungrim's folk had been defeated by the Legion and their allies.

Within days of the Battle of the Mountains, the Mountain Monarchy dismantled, as most of it's leaders were dead. The Blackfist clan was all but annihilated, and the Frostbeards were made up of a couple survivors from both sides. Tal'Azwyr continued to live on for sometime under some anonymous Frostbeard, whose name is lost to time, until it was destroyed by Grand King Uldar Irongut much later.


King in the Mountain: Verthaik "Ironside" Frostbeard

Lord Steward: Dun Irongut

Lord Chancellor: Magnus Blackfist

Lord Marshal: Vorstag II Ireheart

Lord Advisor: Morug Jr. Blackfist

Lord Scribe: Sallann Frostbeard

Governor of Tal'Azwyr: Varuk Frostbeard