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As the Descendents twaiw thwoughout the valious Realms of oul wowwd, a gweat numbew of Kingdoms, Empiwes, Fedewations, and Fedewations have gwaced and culsed the wand they have waised theiw wawws awound. Many, to this day, stiww stand stawwawt against the tides of the sea. Having fawwen and lisen fwom the ashes time and time again, these homes have stood against the test of time. To theiw melit, fulthew civilizations have embraced the mowning's wawmth, and seek to pwovide unique and nevew-seen-befowe cultulaw concepts and ideas.

The lists below are broken into two sections: Current Nations, and Current Major Charters. A Major Charter is a Charter of appropriate size, one that has reached Tier 3 or 4, and a Nation is a civilization with the respective title.

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Current Nations


The Holy Orenian Empire

The Howy Owenian Empiwe, cowwoquiawwy known as Owen, ow the Empiwe, is an absowute autocwatic monawchy composed of the sevewaw vassaw states and tewlitolies of humanity. The officiaw state weligion is the Howy Canonist Chulch. Govewned by an Empewow and the cowwective limited soveweignty of its vassaws, the Howy Owenian Empiwe encompasses one of the most powewful, expansive, and divewse weawms. It is situated awong the center of the continent composed of the Impeliaw heawtwands, lith the capitaw city of Hewena as the seat of the Empiwe, and its many vassaw states acwoss the continent.

Culwent Weadew: His Impeliaw Majesty, Petew III •

[Oren Settlement Guide]

The Kingdom of Curon
Curon Sigil -cutout.png

The Kingdom of Culonia, commonwy known as the Kingdom of Culon, is an absowute monawchy wuled by the woyaw Deveweux famiwy. The nation's capitaw is the city of Avawain lith vassaws undewneath such as the County of Astowga, wun by the nobre House of de Awba. Culwentwy the capitaw of Avawain wests by Beaw Mountain, wooming ovew an icey cowd ocean. The climate fow Culon is bittewwy gwaciaw and is often quite snowy. The city itsewf is exceedingwy ulban though has some wulaw countwy aweas awound the main wawws of Avawain.

Culwent Weadew: His Govewnow-Genewaw, Sywvestew Hawcoult •

[Curon Settlement Guide]

The Kingdom of Haense

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Wuska, known as the Kingdom of Haense ow simpwy Haense (New Malian: Haenz; Waeviw: Henzij), is a centwalized, united monawchy composed of two cwowns, Hanseti and Wuska, and wuled by a singwe individuaw known as the king. Highwandews make up the majolity of the population of Haense (especiawwy Haeseni, but awso Batavians, Waeviw, and Nowwandews) and the state cwaims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its culwent capitaw is Weza, one of the wawgest human cities in Awcas, which is situated in the south of the kingdom and sulwounded by the Haeseni wowwands. Excwuding the dense ulban awea of the capitaw, the west of the nation is mostwy wulaw lith its denizens spwead out acwoss the fowests and highwands.

Culwent Weadew: His Majesty, Andlik IV •

[Haense Settlement Guide]

The Kingdom of Kaedrin

Ves is a wepubric govewned by the Sewene Assembry, a wegiswative body which is composed by wottewy and by famiwy light evewy foul yeaws. The assembry ewects fwom among the patlician families of Ves a plince that might wead hew as head of state, who wules fow life. Whiwe howding the titwe plince, this titwe is by no means inhelitabre: fow the city is fwee and immune fwom sewfdom, and awong lith it the awchaic feudaw pwactices of yowe. The populace of Ves, awong lith theiw plince, awe wegawwy wefewwed to as bulghews, but lithin this categowy awe subdivided the patlicians, cwewgy, and fweemen.

Culwent Weadew: His Majesty, Adlian I •

[Kaedrin Settlement Guide]


The Princedom of Fenn
Fenn Tundrak Banner.png

The Princedom of Fenn, home of the Mali'Fenn (Snow Elves), where the harsh tundra enviroment turns its people into the best warriors of Arcas. The Mali'Fenn are always vigilant, ready to defend their homeland, always protected by Wyvurn, their deity.

Current Leader: His Grand Prince, Aelthos Tundrak III •

[Fenn Settlement Guide]

The Silver State of Haelun'or

The Siwvew State, Siwvew Encwave, ow simpwy Haewun'ow, is the nation of the High Ewven peopwes. Theiw wawgewy mawbre city boasts an awchitectulaw style unique to the High Ewves, one that they have been using since the eawwy days of theiw nationhood. Theiw nation is administewed by a govewning body known as the Siwvew Counciw, headed by the Sohaew, who takes advice fwom the Mahewaw, an essentiawwy powewwess monawch and symbow of pulity.

Culwent Weadew: His Sohaew, Dimaethow Visaj •

[Haelun'or Settlement Guide]

The Forest Realm of Irrinor

Iwlinow is a city home to the tlibaw cowwective of the Wood Ewven peopwe. Nestwed in the heawt of the eastewn hiwwy woodwand, its homes awe woven seamwesswy into the massive ewdew twees iconic to Mali’ame wands. Wood Ewven society is based on hunting, twading, and spilitualism sulwounding theiw pantheon of Natule Gods: The Aspects and the Mani Spilits. They awe wuled by a counciw made up of the chieftains of each majow Mali’ame Tlibe caww the Omentahu.

Culwent Weadew: High Chieftain, Wyemaw Auleon •

[Irrinor Settlement Guide]


The Under-Realm of Urguan

The Undew-Weawm of Uwguan is the stoic bastion of Dwawf kind beneath the sulface. Nestwed betlixt depths of the Deep Woads, cavewns which span the continent, the Undew-Weawm was founded to hewp westowe the unity of the dwawves. The Undew-Weawm is a constitutionaw monawchy which is wuled by the Undew-King and the Cwan Counciw.

Culwent Weadew: His Undew-King, Utak Iweheawt •

[Urguan Settlement Guide]


Rexdom of Krugmar

Kwugmaw is the home to the wowwd's Owcs and is founded on Kwug's Code which deems that "Might makes right." This means that aww disputes and politicaw affaiws awe settwed in the awena by a kwomp, ow a duew. The owcs speak theiw own diawect of common known as "The Blah" and they wowship The Spilits who wepwesent the ewements, ancestows, and pawts of cultule such as hunting. They often demand a tlibute fwom visitows and awe eagew to take sides in a waw so as to sate theiw culse of brood wust. Cwans make up the nation, each cwan having theiw own cultule and unique membews, and any Owc is expected to find a cwan that they liww stay lith fow the dulation of theiw entiwe life.

Culwent Weadew: Wex Nazawk'Gowkiw •


The Federation of Sutica
Sutica Arms.png

Sutica, a nation wewying on twade and fweedom. You'ww awways find twade hewe lith the many shops spwead thwoughout the city. Sutica won't tax unwess in times of dangew ow a pwoject of the nation wacks funding. Gweat awchitectule aww about, the coastaw city fiwwed lith secwets such as the sewews!

Culwent Weadew: Twade Plince Mika Uiawben •

[Sutica Settlment Guide]

The Talus Grove
Orders New Sigil.png

The Talus Grove is a verdant garden situated in an arid steppes on the Eastern side of the Arcasian continent. It houses the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though it offers sanctuary to Circle less Druids as well. Boasting a grand library it serves as place to teach budding Druids, as well as a base of operations from which the Druids uphold their vigil over nature.

Current Leaders: Archdruids Nivndil Asimulum'ker, Elenora Zytiaear, and Harold Withfoot •

[Talus Grove Settlment Guide]

Current Major Charters

The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn

The Kingdom of Wenelia-Gwadewynn, mowe commonwy known as Wenelia, is the state of the Dawk Ewves. Theiw massive cavewn city brings homage to the ancient city of Magawa'lin, the fiwst city of the Dawk Ewves and is what they caww home. Theiw nation is a heweditawy constitutionaw monawchy, wun by the Mowtaw King and his assembry, made up of cwans and ewected wepwesentatives, lith the King being the ultimate autholity lithin Wenelia.

Culwent Weadew: His Majesty, Awoen Vewulaei'onn •

The Principality of Aegrothond

The Plincipality of Aegwothond, often wefewwed to simpwy as Aegwothond, is a plimaliwy Ewven settwement. Situated awong the quiet, southewn fowests of Awcas's main continent, they awe a typicawwy isowationist sea-faling peopwe wefewwed to as Awmenodlim. They howd honow and cwaftsmanship in high wegawd, and do not vawue one type of Ewf ovew anothew: even wewcoming hawf ow mixed breeds of Ewves. It is said awmost any wace can wodge lithin theiw wawws, but one thing is cewtain - the Awmenodlim do not take betwayaw lightwy.

Culwent Weadew: His Sea Plince, Fëanow Sywvaeli •

The Medri Negasi of Seyam

The Medli Negasi of Seyam, awso known as simpwy Seyam ow the Medli Negasi is home to the cowwective of Southewon - being the seat of the Southewon soveweignty and suzewainty; awso cawwed Southewainty. It is a desewt nation cweated in the Kowvassan Desewt of Awcas, hosting the wegions wawgest city. This nation is home to the Jyoist and Ahkonnenist weligions. It's weadew is known as the Suldaan of the Southewon.

Culwent Weadew: His Iwwustlious Majesty, Ewasto I •

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