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Throughout the various realms visited by the descendants and their companions, a number of great Kingdoms, Empires, and Federations have graced and cursed the land. Many still stand today, having fallen and risen from the ashes time and time again, and many others too are as fresh as the morning's warmth, and yet seek to provide unique and never-seen-before cultural concepts and ideas. The lists below are broken up into two general sections, Nations and Settlements, which list and describe the current Nations (full-fledged nations) and Settlements (major charters (T3 & T4)). If you find any inaccuracies, whether in summary or content, please contact a member of the Wiki Sect of Story Staff to have these corrected.

Nations of the Current Realm

-The Golden Freecity of Ves is a republic ruled over by an elected Serene Prince with a highly bureaucratic government. All major decisions, appointments, and law changes must be passed by a majority vote through a body of citizens referred to as the Serene Assembly. This body meets every so often to address concerns, petitions, and other political matters. Their city is designed in a semi-unique but largely standard Human style.
-The Silver State, Silver Enclave, or simply Haelun'or, is the nation of the High Elven peoples. Their largely marble city boasts an architectural style unique to the High Elves, one that they have been using since the early days of their nationhood. Their nation is administered by a governing body known as the Silver Council, headed by the Sohaer, who takes advice from the Maheral, an essentially powerless monarch and symbol of purity.
-The Under-Realm of Urguan is the stoic bastion of Dwarf kind beneath the surface. Nestled betwixt depths of the Deep Roads, caverns which span the continent, the Under-Realm was founded to help restore the unity of the dwarves. The Under-Realm is a constitutional monarchy which is ruled by the Under-King and the Clan Council.
-The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the King. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense, which serves as their main bastion in Arcas Its current capital is Reza, one of the largest human cities in in the land, currently situated in the south-lands, surrounded by the Haesenti lowlands. Excluding the dense urban area of the capital, the rest of the nation is mostly rural with its denizens spread out across the forests and highlands.
-The Empire of Renatus, also known as Imperium Renatum, is a Human empire located in western Arcas. Its capital, Helena, is constructed on an island in the middle of a lake, and stands in old Imperial architectural style similar to that of cities like Adelburg and Johannesburg. The Empire is ruled by the Horen line of Pertinax 'the Dragonknight', with assistance from the Imperial Privy Council.
-The Talus Grove is a verdant garden situated in an arid steppes on the Eastern side of the Arcasian continent. It houses the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though it offers sanctuary to Circless Druids as well. Boasting a grand library it serves as place to teach budding Druids, as well as a base of operations from which the Druids uphold their vigil over nature.

Settlements of the Current Realm

  • Sable Principality of Vira'Ker
  • (Placeholder) of Courland
  • Courts of Mirasul
  • Jade Republic of New Jing-Taiyun
-This republic, Founded in the golden city of New Jing-Taiyun, hosts inhabitants of all creeds and races, in an Isle south of queens isle, commonly deemed the isle of Jade by its inhabitants. Its main populous consists of Hou-ZI, Kharajyr, and Wood Elves of the Maehr'orrar tribe, all seeking peace from a war torn world. It functions as a Monarchic Republic, with an Emperor who is advised by a council of leaders from different families and tribes. The cities architecture is inspired by that of the original Hou-Zi city in Axios, also named Jing-Taiyun.
  • Rajdom of Thyra
-Located at the coastline of the lands of Korvassa, the Rajdom is found on the partially fertile soil, surrounded by the sand. The indian-arab style Rajdom seems to bloom with serenity and peace, working as a perfect monarchy under the leadership of the Raj. Holding a ministry that owns seats in the lands, helping maintain and run everything.The line of Enrique works as the ruling Royal family of the land.
  • Blooming City of Athalia
-The settlement of Athalia has flourished throughout the decades, thanks to its teachings based on naturalism and the preservation of nature itself, allowing humans, elves and even druids to live with one another while also being in serene harmony with the balance. Due to such cultural dispersion, Athalia is a rather livid place, often filled with citizens of all races, age, and origin, causing cultures to mix and to reform within new shapes. Yet, while so many cultures exist and from within Athalia, a clear leadership was also needed, resulting in the creation of a council, which are managing Athalia.