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Welcome to Lord of the Craft! In this wiki page, you will find the essentials of lore and information needed to create your character in the world of Lord of the Craft and the information about the important gameplay aspects of the game. Lord of the Craft is a roleplaying server based on the interface of Minecraft. The IP is but you need to create an application and be accepted before you are whitelisted on the server. Before that, you may join and look throughout the map and witness the role-play and gameplay happening in a gaming mode called Wandering Soul, which allows you to observe everything happening without interfering. As a Wandering Soul, you can use the /places command to see a list of places that you can teleport to. Also, you can use the /ws command to speak with whitelisted players and other Wandering Souls in the Wandering Soul chat channel.

Steps to creating an Application

1. Create a Forum account on the website:

2. Read and understand the rules of the game found here:

3. Write out your application. You have to use the format found here:

4. Post your written application, you need to be signed in the forums to post it. Please continue to this page:

Scroll down until you see the box 'Start New Topic'. Click the box and copy the application.

Your character's race

As to apply to LOTC, you have to create a character. That character has to belong to one of the 6 main races. Those races are the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Kharajyr, and Halflings. Click on the highlighted word to go learn more about the race in another page.

Humans - Humans are the most numbered in Lord of the Craft universe. They are short lived, living only to about 150 years, but they are the most adaptable, and they create the larger number of cultures, and have the most appearance distinctions between each other. The humans are divided into Heartlanders, the noble and medieval cultures, Highlanders, the cultures based on tradition, hard work and rural ways, and Farfolk, the humans that come from exotic cultures and locations.

Elves - Elves are a long lived race that hold family and young to the highest regard, keeping a stern protected gaze over their forests and homes. Long eared, sharp eyed, and agile, these fair folk hold their own in archery and more finite skills. The sub-races have their own distinct looks and cultures. The pale High Elves make themselves seem like walking gold, both beautiful yet lead to snobbery. The dark skinned Dark Elves are dark and often considered cold and evil but are quite misunderstood and mysterious. Wood Elves are very earthy both in looks and attitudes, keeping mostly to the forests and often becoming one with nature.

Dwarves - Dwarves, delvers of the mountains and lovers of all that shines. Short in stature and always found with pick axe and tankard, these descendants mine deep and party well. Mostly living together in great built cities. While diverse in looks and habits by their subraces of Mountain Dwarves, Cavern Dwarves and Forest Dwarves, they all seem to follow the same common religion, and join together in clans.

Orcs - Orcs, large brutes with poor speech. These descendants fight through uncontrollable rage to show honor and courage no other race possesses. Their large teeth make it hard to speak but their honor binds them to do great things. Their size varies greatly depending on their subrace. Goblins are the smallest ones, being about the size of humans. Not being as strong as their brothers, they focus more on engineering and other studies. Uruks are the main orcish subrace, taller than most elves, and very strong. Ologs are giant beasts with great strength yet small intelligence.

Halflings - Halflings, the small fairfolk of the land. These creatures love to eat and have fun in peace. Though they make easy snacks for orcs, they stay in near constant high spirits. Descendants of both the human and dwarf kind, they have two curses, yet are considered almost a race on their own.

Kharajyr - The Kharajyr, or simply Kha, is a race of digitigrade humanoid creatures sharing many biological traits with that of felines. They are covered from head to toe in fur with hair colour depending on one of the four subraces: the Kha'Pantera, a black-furred sleek being with a history in mastering the art of stealth; the Kha'Tigrasi, with its fur pattern being that of a tiger's, this Kharajyr is notably the more muscular, broad and tall; the Kha'Cheetrah, the smallest and fastest of the Kha with a light spotted coat; and finally the Kha'Leparda which is the jack of all trades but master of none, being the average on all Kharajyr aspects. The Kharajyr are the creations of the Daemon Metztli, and are the result of many failed experiments when the Daemon combined the being of humanoids with Ocelots - despite this, the Kharajyr as a culture fiercely worship the Daemon as a Goddess.

Your character's age

The age you chose of your character has to be in agreement with the race you have picked. All races become physically adults at about 18, orcs a bit before. When writing an application you must chose an age over 18 for your character.

Humans - Fully mature at 20, can live up to about 150 but usually die before even nearing 100.

Dwarves - Fully mature at 50, live up to 800 years.

Orcs - Fully mature at age 15, orcs do not die of old age, they die in battle. Oldest living orcs are over 200 years old.

Elves - Fully mature at age 20, culturally an adult at age 50, and live upwards of 1000 years. Do note that elves who near a thousand years old began to enter a state of insanity and mental instability.

Halflings - Fully mature at 20, live up to about 150

Kharajyr - Fully mature at 20, live up to about 150

Quick Timeline

A quick Timeline is shown below, so that you may make the history of your character correctly, based on your character's age.

1351 - Exodus of Aegis, escape to the Verge.

About 200 years before the present year. Currently living Humans and Halflings would not be alive at the time of Aegis. Depending on the age you chose for your character, all other races could have be old enough to have witnesses the end of Aegis.

1354 - Escape from The Verge and entrance into Asulon.

About 200 years before the present date. Currently living Humans and Halflings would not be alive at the time of Asulon.

1416 - Escape from Asulon, journey through Elysium and Kalos, entrance into Anthos.

About 150 years before the present date. Very old aged humans would have been in the move between Asulon and Anthos.

1457 - Flood of Anthos, entrance into The Fringe.

Less than 65 years before the present date. Many humans have lived part of their lives in Anthos.

1465 - Escape from The Fringe and entrance into Thales.

About 100 years before the present date. Old humans have lived part of their lives in Anthos.

1468 - Escape from Thales, entrance into Athera.

About 75 years before the present date. Middle aged humans have lived almost exclusively in Athera and Vailor.

1513 - Escape from Athera, entrance in Vailor.

Less than 40 years from the present date, most young humans would have lived only in Vailor.

1571 - Escape from Vailor, entrance in Axios.

1636 - Present year.


Your character lives in a world different from real life. The Lord of the Craft world has a history, beasts, creatures, beings, and events different from ours. You can not create your own world or use the real-life world in the biography of your character. To check for town's names and locations in the realms, click the link of the realms to find more about them.

The Ancient History

Year ??? to ~100

The tale of the Ancient History is told in the scrolls of the Wandering Wizard. The four brothers appear and are the fathers of each race. Malin, father of the elves, Krug, father of the orcs, Horen, father of the humans, and Urguan, father of the dwarves. A Daemon named Iblees then came down to the realm, Aegis, and disguised as a mortal started to try and corrupt the four races. After failing to find something that would bring Krug into his control, he showed his true form, and for thirty years there was a battle between the descendants and the forces of Iblees. It ended with an army of Aenguls coming to the aid of the mortals, and the imprisonment of Iblees, but not before he was able to curse all the races.

  • The Humans were cursed with short life.
  • The Dwarves were cursed with greed and shortness.
  • The Elves were cursed with infertility.
  • The Orcs were cursed with blood rage.

The Arch-Aengul, Aeriel, felt pity on the races and decided that since he could not remove the curses, he could still bless them.

  • The Elves were blessed with long lives.
  • The Dwarves were blessed with a strong will and strength of mind.
  • The Orcs were blessed with honor.
  • The Humans were promised entrance to the Seven Skies.

History of Aegis

Year ~100 to 1351

The Modern History of Aegis is told for over a millennium. For over 1000 years the races lived in peace of the Undead, and with time, the four brothers disappeared or died. While war between the nations and descendants existed, they spread and built great towns and cities. It was during this time that the Halflings started to appear. Around the year 1300, the peace of the descendants started to crumble as Undead minions had been returning and gaining force. For more than 50 years battles occurred between them, and at the end all seemed lost. In the year 1351, while the realm of Aegis seemed to have no more hope due to the forces of Iblees, the mortals sent champions towards the nether in Ascended enchanted armor to survive and seal the Nether and the Undead in it. The attack was a success and the Undead were sealed, with the sacrifice of a dwarf named Urir Ireheart, which jumped into the Nexus pit while holding the Axe of Krug. While the Undead were sealed in the nether, Iblees had escaped its prison. It attacked the realm and the mortals had to flee towards the Verge, through a portal previously opened. Once all inside, they broke the portal and prepared to sail towards Asulon.

History of Asulon

Year 1354 to 1414

To write:

Upon entering Asulon, a new race of catlike people emerged. The Kharajyr are the creations of the Daemon Metztli, and are the result of many failed experiments when the Daemon combined the being of humanoids with Ocelots. The Kharajyr were not the only new race discovered, the Mori'Quessir, a cave-dwelling race of elves, were discovered as natives of Asulon. When Asulon fell the Mori stayed behind in their nation of Menorcress. Their ultimate fate and the current state of existence is unknown.

The Holy Oren Empire was created following the expansion of the Kingdom of Renatus. Godfrey I of Horen returned to the Kingdom and took his place on the throne. Under his rule, Seventis was annexed by Renatus after suffering an outbreak of the Plague. Salvus was defeated following a war that pitted them against a large coalition and also became part of Renatus. When Hanseti surrendered in war against Renatus all of the Human lands were therefore reunited. The Human nation was given the name the Holy Oren Empire, a reference to the religion, history, and politics of the new nation, and it began to adopt a patriarchal view and sense of militaristic duty to unite the scattered realms of humanity.

"Isolation" of the High Elves.

End of Asulon

History of Anthos

Year 1420 to 1454

The Modern History of Anthos begins when the Descendant races sailed from the islands of Kalos and Elysium to the continent of Anthos and end in its flood during the year 1454. It was in Anthos that the Holy Orenian Empire first began what would be a series of large-scale international wars against the Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves. One of the many attributed to the beginning of these wars was the subjugation of the Elves by allied White Rose and Blackmont forces under the Chivay banner, while others believe it began with the First Crusade started by the Order of Saint Amyas against the Orcs after the disbanding of the War Uzg.

After the subjugation of the Elves of Malinor, leading to it being reclassified as a city-state vassal of Oren for years to come, a civil war erupted between the Teutonic Order of Hanseti and House Blackmont of the Dreadfort, leading to the collapse of Hanseti as a vassal-nation and the destruction of the Dreadfort.

The first war to be dubbed "World War" in Anthos between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the First Empire featured a wide array of sieges and battles culminating in the Battle of the Crossroads. Immediately after the battle, however, Orenian leadership went on a mass Exodus to the land of Aeldin, resulting in the collapse of the Empire into smaller kingdoms, many under the Dwarves, and the release of Malinor as a sovereign nation. Humanity would later be reunited by the House of Carrion.

With the Empire's fall, Malinor and its Princedom reformed once again as a sovereign nation. It, however, soon collapsed in a civil war against the Conclave, which would then be crippled by dozens of raids in a span of a few elven weeks.

Globally, the Black Drake Setherien, an ancient and evil Drakaar whose followers were the first Harbingers, had corrupted the Bohra peoples north of the Wall and began an invasion into the southern areas of Anthos. The first to fall was Castle Greywyn, a large Hansetian fortification. Subsequently, Setherien ravaged Luminaire, the Elven capital at the time, the Druid Grove, Haelun'or, and the old Cloud Temple on Anthos. He would follow the Descendants into The Fringe, where he would be defeated by the Order of the Golden Lance.

End of Anthos

History of Athera

Year 1468 to 1513

To write:

What Athera is

The return of the Undead.

The end of the Undead.

Kha's home is destroyed.

Vassalisation of the elven races under Oren.

Appearance of the new nations of the Caliphate and Salvus.

End of Athera.

History of Vailor


To write:

What Vailor is

Current nations

Dwarven civil war

Not too long after the descendants arrived on the Isles of Vailor a civil war erupted in the Human Kingdom of Oren, this war is commonly known as The Dukes' War. During this war the Ducal Coalition, consisting of the duchies of Adria, Vanaheim, and Haense, initially led by Duke Hugues Sarkozic of Adria, took up arms against the Reformed Kingdom of Oren under the rule of King Olivier de Savoie. The war was characterized by dramatic escalation from a feud between Houses to a nation-wide war, seeing even the Iron Uzg and the Elven territories involve themselves. The Ducal Coalition surrendered after the Siege of Barrowyck was lost, its leaders sentenced to execution.

The Dark Year - After a volcano erupted, a great ash cloud covered Vailor for a whole year.

A Plague - A plague appeared after the ash cloud disappeared through some kind of holy fire.

Taint begins to grow on the lands of Vailor, caused by orcs and the spirits.

Taint takes over Vailor.

People go through a portal and fight in the shaman realm.

End of Vailor.

History of Axios


After the descendants arrived in Axios, they soon settled across the four main islands. The Holy Orenian Empire quickly expanded with territories such as Haense and Lorraine. The conflict between the Holy Orenian Empire and the Dreadlands, War Uzg and the Sultanate of Haria was carried over from Vailor to Axios. After the Holy Orenian Empire had settled on the island of Tahn and the Dreadlands, War Uzg and the Sultanate of Haria on the island of Asul, the Holy Orenian Empire attacked the Dreadlands after enduring numerous smaller raids. The overwhelming force from the Holy Orenian Empire and its allies caused the Dreadlands to fall within one year, a few years later the War Uzg was attacked and subjugated by the Holy Orenian Empire without much resistance. The Orcs would later establish a new nation called the War Nation of Krugmar The Holy Orenian Empire later took hold over the Silver State of Haelun'or and by then ruled most of Axios. It was then that a coalition arose to take down Oren, led by the Duchy of Courland from Lorraine. The empire's faithful ally, the Dominion of Malin betrayed them at this point and took part in the coalition. After years of war between the Holy Orenian Empire and pretty much all the rest of Axios (including Orenian territories like Haelun'or), Oren was defeated. But before this happened, the emperor, who couldn't take the loss of his empire, blew up the Orenian capital Johannesburg with a Thanhium bomb, resulting in the loss of Axios' largest and most prominent city and the lives of hundreds. After the Holy Orenian Empire was defeated, the Kingdom of Courland was established and the former duke now became king. The Courlandic King had decided that the territories of Haenseti-Ruska and Lorraine were to become their own kingdoms and that Haelun'or was to regain its independence. Another result of the coalition's victory was that the Warhawkes, who had lived in the Dreadlands now became their own nation called the Warhawke Chiefdom. This however wasn't fully independent from the Kingdom of Lorraine-Savoy until 1626.

As the Kingdom of Courland primarily took Oren's place, the Orenian people flocked to the new Kingdom which settled mostly in the former Dreadlands region with it's capital Aleksandria. Haense had been granted its independence by the Courlandic king however this proved to be a mistake when the Haenseti people started becoming a problem since they were hostile towards the Courlanders and kidnapped a Courlandic princess and noble lady. This led to Courland declaring war upon Haense and later annexing it into it's Kingdom. Shortly after this the province of Mardon, previously known as Savoy, became filled with Orenian rebels that wished to reform the Empire. Despite the Courlandic Kingdom defeating these rebels, they were rewarded and got to reform the Holy Orenian Empire together with the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska and the Kingdom of Lorraine-Savoy. Other nations like the Sultanate of Haria and the Kingdom of the Westerlands joined the empire soon and this led to the Kingdom of Courland feeling pressured to join in too, becoming the Principality of Evreux and thus concluding the end of the kingdom.

During Axios the Federation of Sutica had remained very stable and mostly neutral, though inner conflicts led to the Halflings of Reedsborough leaving the nation and forming their own little state called the Farthing of Haysend. These conflicts also led to the Sutican government no longer letting the druids use their grove that was within their nation. The druids for some time didn't have a real 'home' until the Mothergrove was established as somewhat of an island nation which became the new home to many druids, dedicants and aspectists.

The Kingdom of the Westerlands had been a territory that existed in the far northwestern frozen lands, protecting the realm from the undead that had their foothold in the area. However, in 1609, the undead launched a large attack on the small kingdom and it was lost, making the undead an evergrowing thread in Axios.

The memory of Courland hadn't faded with the ones that used to live in the Kingdom, and they didn't take well to being under Orenian rule, thus the Savinian war of independance started, led by Abdes de Savin. The war was won and the former Courlandic territories on Asul now became the Kingdom of Santegia.

Major Locations of Axios

In the biography that you will write, you will have to mention a few lore of the server. The most usual lore to use, and the most requested, is locations, mostly towns and cities. Where your character grew up, where he got a job, where he joined the military or became a farmer, where he met someone important. Currently, we're in the realm of Axios, and here are a few of those towns and areas for easy viewing.

Great Islands

Island of Malin

The neutral Cloud Temple is located on this island.

Island of Tahn

The island of Tahn is the largest island in Axios, and is home to numerous human kingdoms, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Dominion of Malin and Haelun'or. Vast mountain ranges dot the landscape, with plains that spread wide and thin. The vast forests that span the southern tip have made home to the wood elves, while the dwarves have carved their homes in the mountains. Large swathes of desert lie to the east, separating the dwarves from the wood elves.

Island of Asul

Asul has been host to much of the conflict in Axios, being once the home of the War Uzg and the Dreadlands before their conquest by the Holy Orenian Empire. The only independent nation that resides on the island now is the Sultanate of Haria.

Island of Ceru

Of the three islands, Ceru is the least diverse with ice and snow to the north, and thick forests to the south. The Federation of Sutica is the only nation that occupies this island, coupled with its wealth it has allowed them to expand rapidly over the near entirety of the island.


Holy Orenian Empire - The nation of Heartlanders and Highlanders, located across Tahn and Asul.

Haelun'or - The nation of the High Elves, located on the western edge of Tahn.

Grand Kingdom of Urguan - The nation of the Dwarves, located in the north of Tahn.

Dominion of Malin - The nation of the Wood and Dark elves, located in the southeast of Tahn.

Sultanate of Haria - Land of the Farfolk, located on the island of Asul.

Federation of Sutica - An independent nation, a neutral ground which focuses on trade located on the island of Ceru.

Other Locations:

The Cloud Temple - The home of the monks, a neutral place free of violence. Location on the island of Malin.

You can find out more about Axios by checking it's page.


In Lord of the Craft, the gameplay revolves around roleplay. You have a character which has its own life, and you command that life. It will interact with the world and with other characters in the realm. To preserve some immersion and to change a bit the style of Minecraft, a few plugins have been added to do just that. A few of the most important plugins are stated below:

Persona - Everything related to your character, from the name, age, race, general info, and profession skills associated with him.

Professions - Professions are connected with crafting, and with resource gathering. They evolve with your character as you play.

Crafting - Depending on what you wish to craft, you might require a skill in a profession, and you also use different workstations for it.

Talking through your character and describing their actions will be a very important feature in Lord of the Craft. For such, you have various channels you may talk through:

/rp - Local channel or Roleplay channel. It's the normal channel where you type your character's talking. It has a reach of 20 blocks.

/w <text> - Whisper. When your character only wants those next to it to listen. It has a reach of 2 blocks.

/q <text> - Quiet. When your character isn't talking loudly. Normally used inside of buildings. It has a reach of 8 blocks.

/s <text> - Shout. When your character wants to shout something. It has a reach of 48 blocks.

* - Emote. Placing it at the start of your sentence creates an emote, which is an action of your character. For example, if your character is named John, and you type "*eats his meal" the end result will be "John eats his meal".

** - Ambient emote. Placing it at the start of your sentence will hide your character's name and replace it with [!]. For example, if you type "**The dress is green." it'll show up as "[!] The dress is green."

/ss - Soulstone. Using this allows you to go across Axios in a matter of seconds. Use it once to get the soulstone, use it twice to see commands. Will not be gone forever if dropped.

/bread - Monkbread. Gives 24 monkbread to consume when running around Axios.

/msg <text> - The chat mode for private messages to another player.

/ooc <text> - Out Of Character chat. This chat is for talking with all people online in a non-rp manner. It is global, meaning there's no range limit on the chat.

/looc <text> - Local Out Of Character chat. Here you can talk with other people in a non-rp manner, basically normal chat. It has a reach of 20 blocks.

/wooc <text> - Whisper Out Of Character chat. Same as looc but then with the small range of the 'Whisper' channel. It has a reach of 2 blocks.

/qooc <text> - Quiet Out Of Character chat. Same as looc but then with the small range of the 'Quiet' channel. It has a reach of 8 blocks.

/sooc <text> - Shout Out Of Character chat. Same as looc but then with the large range of the 'Shout' channel. It has a reach of 48 blocks.

/help <text> - Help chat. You can ask general questions in this chat for community members to answer.

/debate <text> - Debate chat. This chat channel is for people to debate in on a certain matter. Usually used if a staff member tells people to take the topic there or if there's a meeting happening.

/ws <text> - Wandering Soul chat. This is the chat in which you can talk with Wandering Souls. These are people that are on the server but have not been whitelisted yet. Useful for if you want to help them!

/leave <chatname> - Use this command to leave a certain chat, note: certain chats like the rp ones or close range ooc ones can't be left.

/modlist and /atlist - View moderators and application team members. Use this if you ever have any questions to ask the staff members. (also /gmlist, /wtlist, /ftlist, /ltlist, /etlist and /devlist for the according staff teams.)

Tips and Helpful Links

Message an AT member if you ever need help!

Click here for helpful guides on the forums, they’ll help you better adjust to the server and roleplay better!

Check out the lore here!

If you’d like to see professions and how they work, just click here.

View the wiki to see different places where your character might fit at, find a guild, or even find a magic your character could be interested in.

Read the rules here!

If you’re new and are trying to apply! Click here for a more visual experience.

Try and make friends to better enjoy your time on lotc.

When making your character, imagine if that character was something in real life. Make good ambitions for your character, with weaknesses, strengths, etc. Like a real person would do!