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The Land of Arcas

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Princedom of FennFederation of SuticaKingdom of HaenseKingdom of CuroniaKingdom of GladewynnCrown of Renatus-MarnaSilver State of Haelun'orDuchy of AdriaKingdom of AgnarumThe Cloud TempleDruidic OrderMouse over nations for links to their respective pages.
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Important Information

New Players

A collection of helpful guides on roleplay, nations, mechanics, and definitions relevant to new applicants and returning players alike.

History & Lore

A comprehensive collection of server history and lore ranging from the descendant races and flora and fauna to magic and the supernatural.

Nations & Guilds

An immersive collection of information on the various nations, factions, military alliances, guilds, and organizations of the current realm.

Current Year

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