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Orc Settlement Guide

Krugmar Settlement Guide

A thriving fortress among the Sahara of Arcas, San'Azgak is a proud city among the orcs. Nearly scraping against the sky this city is massively large to support the orcish citizens that reside in it. It lies in the lands that many have grown to fear or for others, have grown to call home. Welcome to the orcish lands of Krugmar!

Mau'Madur Settlement Guide

As you venture deeper into the lands of krugmar, you shall eventually find yourself coming across a deep,gutted valley. As you continue on down the path of it you are struck with a frightening structure of bones. Backed behind it you can see the crevices of wooden forts and buildings peaking out, though still surrounded by bone structures. You go to move forwards but as you do, the quick sweep of a snare has caught your foot. Before you could even free yourself, you are surrounded. You have found the orcs of Mau'Madur.