Otto Heinzreich

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Otto I Arius
Duke of Carnatia
Reign: 1491-1504
Predecessor: Position established
Successor: Charles
Born: 2nd of Malin's Welcome, 1445
Kaldonia, Oren
Died: 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1504 (aged 59)
Fjordem, Aeldin
Spouse: Frederique of Drusco
House: Heinzreich
Father: Derick Heinzreich
Mother: Lilaine Rovin

Otto Arius Heinzreich (New Marian: Otto Heinzreik), known in life as Otto the Bald, was a Waldo-Haeseni nobleman and politician who served as the Grand Duke of Vanderfell from 1491 till his death in 1504. Otto was canonized by the Church of the Canon as one of the three Defenders of the Canon for his actions in the Schism War (the two others being Saint Daniel of Cyriaum and Saint Emma of Woldzmir).