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Ozneat 'Da Yemarin' Treebeard
Ozneat Treebeard.png

Born: 1216
Titles:Clan Elder of the Treebeards, Marshal of the Under-Realm of Urguan, Preceptor.
Spouse: Briny Treebeard
Parents: Glorin Treebeard, Lolah Treebeard
Children: Boldrumir Cottonwood, Cyler Cottonwood, Dutesli Treebeard, Titus Cottonwood



Ozneat Treebeards up bring wasn't the most unique, he was brought up in a small village full of Forest Dwarves, where he learned what he knows today, manly taking interest in religion and combat allowing him to be a foe in combat as well as one of the minds. As his knowledge of combat and religion improved so did his mindset develope, from a childish Dwarf to a strict one, one who would simply and easily point out the flaws in others if needed making him a harsh dwarf in his own right.


As Ozneat hit his two hundred marks in age, is knowledge grew and grew, he had a better understanding of the world around him, the dwarf was an isolationist believing that the only friend he needed was his mind spending years upon years, upon hilltops, mountains and even next to rivers concentrating connecting to his Gods and beliefs understanding the world for what it is, understanding that Yemekar drew his path for him, which he simply follows. One day as Ozneat does his daily tasks, he met another dwarf like himself within the forest he had claimed, a female by the name of Briny, she had taken an interest in Ozneat but Ozneat not to her, he was narrow-minded, too focused upon his thoughts to even take notice upon this woman. After fifty years of the two together, Briny had taken the same lifestyle as Ozneat, becoming his companion learning from him and him learning from her. Soon Ozneat developed something new in his bitter heart and fell for her, the two married together living alone in the forest for many many years to come.

As the two was married within the divine blessing of Anbella, they created offspring over the course of there years, Ozneat not wanting to father these children allowed Briny to take the task, seeing that Ozneat fell into his old ways Briny left that Forest and Ozneat all together allowing him to study upon his hilltop learning, watching, meditating. Years past and the news of Briny's death reaches Ozneat, unknowing of what are of his children he'd finally leave his home in search of them.

As he travelled the realm he met many people, he fought in wars, lead armies, taught the Brathmordakin for years and years, always holding the goal of wanting to find his children. Once he reached the ripe old age of five hundred Ozneat decided to return to the Dwarves, manly the Dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah, he met his son Boldrumir Cottonwoods clan members and his great-great-grandson Thelnir Cottonwood, who grew to despise Ozneat for not being around to teach the young, Ozneat simply shakes his head to Thelnir knowing that he will not wish to learn from the selfish Ozneat. Ozneat turned his attention to Agnraum another dwarven nation where he met his daughter Duetsli Treebeard, together they created the Shrine of Anbella which they protected and studied together, later on, his son Boldrumir found out of Ozneat and came to him, he asked Ozneat for forgiveness for the deeds that his son had made, Ozneat understanding that he wasn't a great father forgave Boldrumir, naming him Boldrumir 'The Redeemed' Cottonwood and in return Ozneat asked for his sons, Boldrumir accepting his father once more happiness filled the old Ozneat but only short-lived for Boldrumir told Ozneat that his son Cyler was killed, on the orders of Boldrumir, shocked by what was told, he understood why it came to be still accepting Boldrumir with open arms only for Boldrumir to be later killed on the same day, by Balrog Ironkiln which sparked the steps to war with Mynebor.

Returning to Kaz'Ulrah Ozneat became the High Prelate of the Clergy, the holiest of the holy, with his new rank he'd spread the Brathmordakin reviving the religion to all of the dwarves and even beyond placing down the foundations of the clergy keeping them strong to this day. Within the Clergy, he'd grab more members, he'd convert cities, villages, and towns to follow his religion until he stepped down allowing his Daughter Duetsli Treebeard to lead it.


Ozneat being the most influential forest dwarf of his time, held many titles and many victories, with each step he took, was a blessing for his kind, he was the grandfather of all current forest dwarves, but that's what he was, a Grandfather and he suffered as all Grandfathers do, he suffered the fate of time, after stepping down from his role within Hefrumm as Hefrumm he also stepped down from his role within the Under-Realm of Urguan as Grand Marshal, only holding the title for a couple of stone weeks he never did much, he was too old to perform, but in spirit he could do it all, however, both had a toll upon Ozneat, he suffered greatly when taking his leave from Hefrumm, his people were nowhere to be seen, this made him finally lose all faith he had in Hefrumm and the Forest Dwarves only growing older and more hateful until the bitter end, until he died of stress and old age, his age had finally got to him, with all his offspring dead no one would be around to carry the legacy which he left, only his grandsons and granddaughters, his faith and fate of his name lays with the Cottonwoods, Ozneat would never tell those he loved he loved them, but his way of showing it was a strange one, but he died, a peaceful death, regreating many things in his life, most importantly, he died with love for his kin.