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Peter III Sigismundic
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1737-present
Coronation: 1737, Basilica of the Final Revelation, Helena, Holy Orenian Empire
Predecessor: Adrian de Sarkozy (As Lord Protector)
Alexander II (As Holy Orenian Emperor)
Born: 5 Owyn's Light 1704
Carolustadt, Renatus
Spouse: Lorena of Augustin
(m. 1734)
House: House of Helane
Father: Antonius I
Mother: Karenina of Alban

Emperor Peter III (High Imperial: Petrus Sigismundus; New Marian: Petyr Sigmund; Savoyard: Pier Sigismundo) ( 1704 - present ), also known as Peter Sigismundic, is the current Holy Orenian Emperor. He was declared the rightful Holy Orenian Emperor in the Instrument of Coronation, proclaimed by the then-ruler of Oren, Lord Protector Adrian de Sarkozy.

Birth and upbringing

Emperor Peter III was born Antonius Sigismund Horen in the Imperial City of Carolustadt, 1704. His parents were the Emperor of Man, Antonius I and Empress-Consort Karenina Anastasya of Alban.




  • 1704-1706: His Imperial Highness Prince of the Empire of Man
  • 1706-1715: His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince of the Empire of Man
  • 1715-1736: His Lordship Lord Antony Sigismund of the House of Helane
  • 1736 - present: His Imperial Majesty The Holy Orenian Emperor

Full title as the Holy Orenian Emperor

His Imperial Majesty, Peter III Sigismundic, Holy Orenian Emperor, King of Renatus, Salvus, and Seventis, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Anne Augusta, Princess Imperial 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1735 Alive Unwed Firstborn child of Peter III and Loren. The Princess Imperial.