Philip Augustus de Capua

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Philip Augustus de Capua (22nd of Malin's Welcome, 1520 – 17th of the Amber Cold, 1539) was the Count of Laria, the illegitimate son and heir of Otho de Capua, and a prominent figure within Istriot and Imperial politics throughout the 1530s, during the reign of his uncle John I, to whom he was considered a favorite nephew.

Immediately after his father's death, his birthright and inheritance as Count of Laria was revoked and issued to Octavius Falkenrath by the Istrian regency council, presided over by his uncle Vanderus de Sola as well as his meddling aunt, the empress Adelheid. This title would later be restored to him by the emperor after the disbandment of the council upon the incumbent duke, his cousin Philip de Sola, reaching his majority, as well as the execution of Falkenrath for treason and conspiracy. The young Philip Augustus would serve diligently at the side of his uncle John, fighting in the Eighteen Years' War in the emperor's personal retinue. There he cultivated a strong bond of friendship with his first cousin and liege Philip, to whom he bore a stark physical resemblance.

Philip Augustus would meet his end in 1539 along with his cousin Duke Philip, murdered by Rendon Vimmark in the Vimmark-Sola duel, the heir to the ancient fortress of Saltstone. The resulting fallout would culminate in the Saltstone Affair, whereby in his rage and grief at the death of both of his nephews and the resulting extinction of House de Sola, the emperor would disenfranchise the noble family of Vimmark, exterminating their numbers save one.

The count left one posthumous son (Born a week after his death) named Vitallius de Capua.