Philip I of Lotharingia

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Philip I of Lotharingia
King of Lotharingia
Reign: 1602-1606
Coronation: 1604
Predecessor: Lothar I
Successor: Anna
Born: 4th of The Amber Cold, 1590
Metz, Kingdom of Lotharingia.
Spouse: Unwed
House: d'Amaury
Father: John I
Mother: Princess Charlotte Sophia of Alstion

Philip Owyn (Common: Philip Owyn; High Imperial: Philippus Ovenius; Savoyard: Filipe Eugenio; Auveregne: Filipe Eugene) Was the second son of John I and brother to Lothar I. He was very briefly the King of Lotharingia after his brother succumbed to terminal illness. However, he would later be murdered by supporters of Princess Anna Sophia of Pruvia, who would take the throne following Philip's death.