Philip de Sola

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Duke of Istria
Reign: 1532-1539
Predecessor: Guile
Successor: Arthur
Personal Details
Born: 3rd of Malin's Welcome, 1522
Dour Watch, Istria, Oren
Died: 17th of the Amber Cold, 1539 (aged 17)
Luciensport, Oren
Spouse: Betrothed: Princess Philippa Maria of Alstion
House: de Sola
Father: Clement de Sola
Mother: Margaret Bracchus

Philip de Sola (3rd of Malin's Welcome, 1522 – 17th of the Amber Cold, 1539) was the last Duke of Istria of House de Sola, serving under regent from 1532 to 1538 and briefly in his own rule from 1538 to 1539. Raised under his uncle John I's tutelage, he was a favorite kinsman of the Emperor and was betrothed to his eldest daughter, the Princess Philippa Maria. Philip also had a dear friendship with his first cousin, his vassal Philip Augustus de Capua as Count of Laria.

Philip's tenure saw the breaking point between the rival Lord Roswell and Lord Falkenrath, leading to the controversial Second Diet of Metz in 1534, the seizure of Lord Falkenrath's lands and assests, and the straining of Imperial-Canonical relations. Later, Philip served as squire neath his uncle in 1536 during the Battle of White Mountain, first battle in the Urguan-Orenian Eighteen Years' War and again in 1537 during the Capture of Rhewengrad.

Philip died, along with his cousin Philip Augustus, by the hand of Rendon Vimmark in 1539 in the Vimmark-Sola duel, shocking the entire empire and leading to John I's brutal ruling in the Saltstone Affair, which saw Lord Vimmark and majority of House Vimmark executed and Saltstone made into an Imperial Holding.