Pierce I of Curonia

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Pierce I of Curonia
King of Curonia
Reign: 1720 - 1738
Coronation: 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1720
Alfred II of Curonia
Anabel of Curonia
Wilhelm II of Curonia
Born: 3rd of Horen's Calling, 1703
Spouse: Julia of Westmarch
House: Devereux
Father: Ecbert Devereux
Mother: Natalia Halcourt

Pierce Devereux, regally known as Pierce I is the fourth and current reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Curonia.

Early Life

Born within the walls of Avalain, Pierce was raised in the manner akin to any prince of House Devereux, being trained in the areas of diplomacy, etiquette and combat from a very young age. The young princeling however tended to display behavior of a much more wild nature, opposing that of his younger sister Sarah’s more refined demeanour.

Pierce largely remained out of the political scene of Arcas for the most part of his younger years, though occasionally assisting his father in various diplomatic avenues of the War of the Two Emperors. A brief plan of betrothal to Lady Lucille de Falstaff was proposed during this time, however the arrangement fell through following Ecbert's death and Curonia's subsequent shift of allegiance. It was at this time where the maturing young nobleman found himself under the rulership of both a new King and Regent, again choosing to stay largely out of the political happenings of Curonia.

Upon the death of the boy King Alfred I, Curonia entered a succession crisis, given that their reigning monarch bore no sons. As the son of Ecbert Devereux, second son to Wilhelm I of Curonia, the crown therefore fell to the now teenage Pierce. Such a change was enthusiastically welcomed by the Curonian people, having operated under a regent council for the better side of eight years.

Upon the 8th of the Grand Harvest 1720 his coronation was performed, led by the Archbishop of the time, Ernst, within the Curonian palace.


Taking the mantle of King during the final years of the War of the Two Emperors, Pierce’s reign was marked by a substantial shift in the political entities of Arcas. Curonia flourished under his early leadership, continuing to grow in size and population.

His first acts involved establishing a treaty with the Golden City of Ves, under rule of Matthias Rutledge, as well as a non aggression pact with Fenn. These two instances proved the beginning of a diplomatic era for the Kingdom. Following these, King Pierce also issued a missive to retract the disownment from his aunt, Anabel Devereux, the Empress-Mother of the time. He also participated in signing the controversial Pax Orenia, a key document in John VI’s reign

Anabel then sought to host a grand ball to mark the beginning of the young King’s reign, inviting those of each allied and neutral nation. The event moved forth without issue, and is thought to have been one of the largest events of Arcas seen to date.

The young King proved an eligible bachelor for many, with various houses campaigning to elevate a lady by his side as consort. Particularly, it was suggested that a marriage with Theodosia Tiber would make a suitable pairing. However, despite pressure to do so, Pierce instead forged an alliance with the smaller Duchy of Westmarch, marrying the Duke’s sister- Julia of Westmarch. Their marriage is considered to be one of a fairly unhappy nature, and it is believed that each may have been unfaithful in their union.

Most notably, Pierce’s interactions with diplomacy spurred an age of Summits. Ranging in reasons, the King would often call various parties to political conferences within the Curonian Palace. Whilst Curonia fell under attack from a voidal presence, the nations of Arcas came to aid following a public declaration brought on by the King. This event, though costly in lives, is considered to be the leading cause for the establishment of the Council Of Relief.

This controversial council came together under the reign of Adrian de Sarkozy, and involved a pledge between Haense, Curonia and Suffonia to cooperate with each respective nation in the event of another disaster. Naturally, the Empire found issue with the vassal pact, leading to a period of minor disagreement.

Only a few years following, Pierce would fall bedridden into a coma, thus a state of incapability, and thus his kingship was passed onward in regency to his young son, Wilhelm II of Curonia. Known as a ‘King of the People’ by his citizens, such an event was mourned deeply.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Wilhelm II of Curonia 13th of Sun's Smile, 1730 Alive Unwed Firstborn child of Pierce and Julia. Successor of Pierce
Elizabeth Marie 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1732 Alive Unwed Second born child of Pierce and Julia as well as eldest daughter. Princess Royal of Curonia.