Presa de Madera

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Presa de Madera
Race: Mainly Human
Affiliation: Kingdom of Santegia-Haria
Location: North-west Atlas
Founded: 1641
Current ruler: King Leoiarizaltzu de Savin

The capital of The Kingdom of Santegia-Haria, Presa de Madera is situated in the north-west of Atlas at the mouth of the Timberwood River. The city acts as the seat of House de Savin and was constructed in 1641. Presa de Madera is known for its wide array of cultures and languages, as well as being home to many landmarks and attractions. The majority of the population are human, mainly of Heartlander and Qalasheen origin.



Presa de Maderd was founded following the exodus of Axios in the late 1630's. The land along the banks of the Timberwoods River was deemed ample enough for growing crops, and was thus settled on. The city was ordered to be constructed by King Leo de Savin and was shortly after completed in 1641. Following completion, a festival was held to celebrate the opening where those of all races came to explore the various landmarks and streets within the city.


Presa de Madera is situated in the Timberwoods region of the north-west of Atlas. The largest gate in the city - the River Gate - opens onto the mouth of the Timberwood River, which allows trading vessels and small galleys to sail directly from nearby settlements into the city itself. The vast sects of plains that surround the city provide prime farmland for bountiful harvests and grazing.

Notable Figures

The Privy Council

  • Leoiarizaltzu de Savin, King of Santegia-Haria
  • Delmira de Castro, Arch-Chancellor of Santegia
  • Abdessamad de Savin, Marshal of Santegia
  • Willem Hagelijn, Lord Ambassador of Santegia
  • Marie Palaiologina, Grand Justiciar of Santegia
  • Hektor de Castro, Grand Knight of Santegia
  • Gonzalo de Castro, High Steward of Santegia



Random Tidbits

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