Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna

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Prince Antonius Horen
Personal details
Born: 1636
Died: Exiled to Aeldin
Spouse: Maria of Krajia
House: Horen
Father: Aurelius I
Mother: Theodosia Horen
Military service
Allegiance: RenatusFlag.png Crown of Renatus-Marna
Years of service: 1650-
Rank: Grand Marshal
Czena Conflict
Atlas Coalition War
Bandit War
Staunton Uprising
Awards: Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon

Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna was the second eldest son of Aurelius I, Emperor of Man. He went missing before his father's abdication and thus never became Emperor of his father's land. His son, Augustus I, would succeed to the throne instead. Antonius nevertheless still earned distinction as one of the most successful Renatian commanders throughout the Kingdom, being regarded by his contemporaries as a model of chivalry and one of the greatest knights of his age.


Early Life

Antonius Horen was born in 1636 to the marriage of Emperor Aurelius I and his wife Theodosia Horen as their second born son.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Alexandria Horen 1656 Alive Ratibor Carrion Triplet to Augustus and Ophelia Horen. Became the Duchess of Adria upon marrying Duke Ratibor Carrion.
Augustus I, Emperor of Man 1656 Alive Helen Horen Succeeded Aurelius I, Emperor of Man after his abdication.
Ophelia Horen 1656 Alive Ser Seth Renault Triplet to Alexandria and Emperor Augustus Horen.