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Anna I of Lotharingia
Queen of Lotharingia
Reign: 1606-1607
Coronation: 12th of Sun's Smile, 1607
Predecessor: Philip I
Successor: Odo I
Born: 17th of Snow’s Maiden, 1570
Died: 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1607
(1) Ruslan, Baron of Mondstadt (1586-1595)
(2)William 'Oan' Fletcher (1597-1607)
House: Preussens
Father: Ser Owyn Jrent
Mother: Seraphina Warlai

Princess Anna Sophia of Pruvia ( 17th of Snow’s Maiden, 1570 - 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1607), is the former head of House Horen-Pruessens & the heir to the line of King John I of Vandoria. She was a vassal to the Kingdom of Lotharingia, as Baroness of Ostwick. In the later part of 1606, the Princess's chancellor murdered the King, Philip I of Lotharingia, and urged her to claim the crown as her own, crowning herself 'Anna I'. Her reign would last for just one year, before she was allegedly murdered by a mercenary-knight, Ser Bruce Hornigold. However, rumors persist that one or more of her children aided in a fake death and escape to Aeldin, where she could remain to this day under certain circumstances.

Early Life

Anna Sophia was born to Ser Guy Owyn Jrent & Lady Seraphina Jrent-Warlai in the early weeks of 1570. Due to their private wedding and unknown union, Seraphina was relocated to the Viscounty of Chambery in Lorraine to prevent any scandal from erupting in the capital city due to the birth. They lived in a townhouse there for five years, using Seraphina’s inherited fortune as their means of survival.

In 1575, Lady Warlai brought her daughter back to the Capital, and was given rooms jointed to the apartments of her husband along with a nurse to care for the toddler. However, after a year spent at the Imperial Residence, Seraphina took her own life by jumping from an upper-floor window. The cause is unknown, though many believe it was of likely depression. This left the young child to be cared for by her busy father, though he in turn left much of her early guardianship to a Mr. Benjamin Kalehart.

Life under John III

Anna Sophia was educated alongside the Imperial Children beginning at the age of 8, and was instructed by Lady Cassandra Vimmark-Horen. Their lessons spanned from those of history to politics, etiquette and dance. This continued for 4 years, until the appointment of the young lady to the position of ‘Imperial Envoy of Oren’.

Her first assignment, in 1582, was to serve as a voice, in the capital, for the high elves of Haelun’or. She helped in overseeing the creation of multiple defensive-improvements, as well as held multiple events to bring further life to the pristine city. After reaching 15, Anna Sophia was later moved to Sutica in 1585, to better relations with their Trade Princess. This came just before the death of the then-Emperor, John III, to which Anna was asked to return home for the Imperial Funeral and coronation of the new Emperor, John Augustus. However, only a day before the coronation, her cousin was murdered in his chambers by the King of Haense, Anna having to hold him as he bled out in her arms.

Life under Philip I

Anna’s future was now on shaky ground, and it was worsened by her removal as Envoy after the deaths of the two Emperors and the crowning of the new ruler, Philip I. He married her to Ser Ulric von Aesterwald, the elderly Grand Knight of Oren, and shipped her off to the Westerlands to live. However, her guardians would not stand for such disrespect, and sent her off to live for a year abroad, to await the man’s declining health to take him. Feeling guilty, Anna returned in the end of 1586 to rejoin her husband, no matter her distaste for the union, but their marriage was ended the day she arrived by an undead horde that sieged their fortress. She was sent back to Johannesburg soon after, still a maid.

Baroness of Mondstadt

Ser Guy Owyn was able to arrange a proper marriage for his daughter, to the heir of House Amador, Ramdir. Just before the wedding took place, Anna’s knightly father was killed in a duel by Lord Warwick Rothesay, leaving Anna an orphan. She mourned for 3 months, married Ramdir, and dutifully decided to split her time between the Imperial Palace and the Barony of Mondstadt. In 1587, the couple were blessed with their first children: Owyn Ruslan and Alyssa Adelheid. That same year, Ramdir’s father, Baron Ruslan Amador, would succumb to his prolonged illness and the barony would pass to Anna’s husband. This sudden change of status pushed Anna towards taking part in lessons of governing and politics, taught to her by Professor Bell Sano of Johannesburg. Anna would participate in her first battle, the Battle of Mount Gorgon, in 1590. Facing the Dwarves of the Grand Kingdom, she used her crossbow to assist the soldiers of the Imperial Army in pushing back the enemy. The day was won by the Empire, and House Amador returned home to feast and rest.

In the first week of 1591, House Amador was greeted with another member: Julia Katherine Amador. In the years following, House Amador would remain relatively calm and at peace, until the death of Ramdir at the hands of the Imperialist guard, who were defending the Holy Orenian Empire against the rebellion that had sparked up in 1593. Anna became the Dowager-Baroness, later being granted regency over Mondstadt until her son came of age. She was also granted the title of “Princess of Pruvia”, given to the heir of John Godfrey’s Vandorian line and the heir to his throne. She also was allowed to change her name to that of her grandfather’s dynasty, Horen-Preussens.

Princess of Pruvia

Some time later, due to raids upon Mondstadt and the moving of her son to Karlsburg for his safety, Anna resigned as regent and traveled Axios for a while. After a year or so, she settled upon a townhouse in Lorraine, so that she might be closer to her cousin Charlotte and her family. This moving of homes was followed by a proposal of marriage brought to her by her longtime friend and companion, Oan ‘William’ Fletcher, to which she accepted. The couple were married soon after, in a private ceremony where the groom took the bride’s surname.

In the early months of 1600, the couple welcomed their first and only child: Victoria Maria. There had been twins in the Princess’s womb, but the other child is thought to have died before the birthing began. However, this did not deter Anna Sophia, finding comfort in her husband and her work for the King of Lotharingia.

Queen of Lotharingia and Demise

The Kingdom of Lotharingia soon fell into steep decline, the House of d'Amaury proving to be ineffective in their desires to improve the kingdom. Of the two remaining vassals within Lotharingia, many thought that Anna herself was more fit and worthy to wear the crown. A group of conspirators soon formed, eventually murdering the boy-king with full intent to place the Princess upon the throne as their queen. Anna, coronated as 'Anna I of Lotharingia', would reign for a single year, as tensions grew between loyalists to House d'Amaury and her cousins, the Horens of Mardon. The ending result was the attempted assassination of the Queen by a rogue knight and would-be conquering King, Ser Bruce Hornigold.

Anna, close to death, was hastily recovered by her children and slowly brought back to decent health. The defeated monarch was sent overseas, to live in exile and further the idea that she had died at the hands of her attackers. Nothing is known of her current whereabouts, or if she is still living today. It is assumed, since no evidence is provided, that she died from the wounds inflicted upon the day of Hornigold's attack.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Owyn Ruslan Amador 1587 1616 Adrijana Kovachev Eldest son of Anna I and her first husband, Ruslan Amador. Count of Mondstadt.
Alyssa Adelheid Amador 1587 Alive Lothar d'Amaury Twin to Owyn, Eldest daughter of Anna I and Ruslan Amador
Julia Katherine Amador 1591 1640 Frederick Horen-Marna Second daughter of Anna I and Ruslan Amador, mother of Frederick I
Princess Victoria Maria of Ostwick 1600 1716 Rickard Kovachev Only daughter of Anna I and her second husband, William Fletcher. Princess Royal and titular Princess of Ostwick.
Prince John Owyn Horen-Preussen 1600 1662 Sylvia Myrrdin Only son of Anna I and William, Twin to Victoria. Hidden in Exile.