Charlotte of Alstion

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Charlotte of Alstion
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Queen consort of Lotharingia
Tenure: 1593 - 1597
Coronation: Not Coronated
Born: 15th First Seed 1573
St. Adrian’s Palace, Johannesburg
Spouse: John I of Lotharingia
House: Horen
Father: John III, Holy Orenian Emperor
Mother: Julia of Furnestock

Princess Charlotte Sophia Marie of Alstion (15th of the First Seed 1573 – present), regally as Charlotte of Alstion, is an Imperial Princess as the only daughter of Emperor John III and his consort Julia of Furnestock. By marriage to Archduke John Louis, she was the Archduchess of Lorraine-Kaedrin, and later the first Queen-Consort of Lotharingia.

Family & Childhood

Charlotte was born in Johannesburg, then the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. On the day of her birth, many at court prophesied that Empress Julia would have a son, seeing as Julia had three sons prior to Charlotte. However, such predictions proved to be incorrect seeing as on the 15th of the First Seed, 1573 the empire was given its final princess. She was named Charlotte Sophia II, in honor of the daughter of John I, Charlotte Sophia I who had died of consumption while still relatively young.

On Charlotte’s second birthday she was given the honorary title of Princess Imperial, a title that had been made up to honor the firstborn daughter of an emperor by her father. While her father and mother did show Charlotte and her siblings an unusual amount of love for the period. Charlotte and the brother closest to her in age, Philip neglected at times, especially by their father, the pair were not afforded the same education or opportunities as their two elder brothers, John Augustus and Robert Henry. Such caused Charlotte and Philip to seek out attention elsewhere, the two befriended many as observed by Lady Cassandra Vimmark, Princess Charlotte’s brief governess in the court of Johannesburg. Even though the company the pair sometimes kept was controversial, Charlotte and Philip’s parents had no qualms so long as they remained in the palace with them.

Marriage & time as Archduchess

Her marriage to John d’Amaury, Archduke of Lorraine, took place on 10th Sun’s Smile, 1587 in Johannesburg. The Princess was supposed to be wed in Metz, but Emperor Philip protested, stating, “She is an Imperial Princess, she must be wed in the capital.” It was widely known that the Emperor and his sister had an inseparable bond, and many believe this was his final feat to keep her in the capital a few weeks longer. On her wedding day she was dressed in a shimmering golden-ivory gown which was tightly-fitted to the waist, and then flared out in wide pleats to her feet. The sleeves were long and lined with ermine.

The Downfall of the Holy Orenian Empire

On the night of 21 of Sun’s Smile, 1594, Charlotte Sophia was summoned to her brother’s chambers. The two had begun to quarrel, and upon her he drew his morningstar. The argument ended in Philip strangling his now estranged sister on the floor in front of her old bedchambers. It is believed that Edward then carried the wintry body of the Princess to a medic. It is argued upon as to how exactly she was revived. Some say a sage old medic stumbled upon her body, reviving her with the snap of his fingers, some say Edward’s wife was successful in returning her and nursing her back to health, and some believe she was kissed by God himself after he heard her plea in the afterlife, to which he responded by blowing a wind so hard it could sail a thousand ships into her lungs. Charlotte survived, and kept herself hidden, traveling between Ostwick and Metz. She held much resentment for her brother afterward, but it was known she had forgiven him much later in her life after his suicide bombing of Johannesburg.

Queen consort of Lotharingia

Charlotte preferred to keep her personal affairs strictly personal, however she could not help but have an ear fond of gossip. This did not last long into her ‘adult’ years, as she had to attend to her marriage at just fifteen years old, as well as the painful separation from her brother the same year. Charlotte was largely opposed to the idea of having to remove herself from court life completely, but her husband grew exceedingly paranoid the farther into their marriage the couple grew, and she was eventually unable to show her face in the capital at all, save for special events. This was depicted in one of her letters to Anna Sophia Horen-Pruvia, Princess of Pruvia, Baroness of Ostwick, a girl she had taken on as a sisterly figure. In the later years of her marriage, she grew rather fond of John, even using him as a source of comfort after her attempted murder.

Widowhood and Regency

In late 1597, the Queen’s husband perished of consumption, among other unknown illnesses. The event was quite relevant in her son, Lothar I, and the current King’s life, as it is recorded that John ushered all out of his bedchambers, save for his young wife, 26 years his junior. The two remained in the room until sundown, and when daybreak arrived and the children were permitted entry once more, the body of the King was missing. As Lothar was only seven at the time, the Queen was forced to take regency. Charlotte, however, found herself riddled with grief, and confessed that she was unable to commit to her duties as regent. She put in place various tutors and advisors in her son’s court, and disappeared into Aeldin to recover in the court of her aunt, Eleanore Theresa, Duchess of Alba.

Present Day

Presently, Charlotte has returned to Lotharingian Court, and lives rather quietly as her husband's cousin, Odo, reigns as King. She mourns the loss of her two eldest sons, and remains close to her surviving children.



Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
King Lothar I of Lotharingia 1590 Deceased Unwed The King of Lotharingia, Assassinated.
Marie-Thérèse of Lotharingia, Queen consort of Courland 1590 Alive King Joseph Staunton Twin to Lothar, Princess Royal, Eldest daughter of John I and Charlotte
King Philip I of Lotharingia 1591 Deceased Unwed Second son of John I and Charlotte, King of Lotharingia, Assassinated
King Hughes I of Lotharingia 1593 Deceased Mary of Leone Third son of John I and Charlotte, King of Lotharingia
Eleanor of Lotharingia, Queen consort of Haense 1594 Alive Otto II of Haense Second daughter of John I and Charlotte, Queen-Consort of Haense
Claude of Lotharingia, Holy Orenian Empress 1596 Alive John V, Holy Orenian Emperor Third daughter of John I and Charlotte, Empress-Consort of the Holy Orenian Empire