Principality of Curon

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Principality of Curon
Principauté d'Curon
Curonite coat of arm
Capital: Cyrilsburg
Languages: Common
Religion: Canonism
Prince of Curon: Wilhelm I of Curon
Heir: Emmet Devereux
Chancellor: Alexandre Ashford d'Aryn
Mayor: Veres Draskovits
Preceded by:

Duchy of Curon.png Duchy of Curon

Succeeded by:

HouseVarBurgundarCoatOfArmsW.png Margravate of Ostmark
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png County of Cyrilsburg

The Principality of Curon was an independent entity located slightly south of central Atlas, once ruled by House of Devereux, a cadet branch of House of Staunton.


Declaration of the Principality

After the death of his father, Alfred was hastily prepared for his coronation. Due to the position Curon was left in at the time of Karl's death, with a steep incline in its population and prosperity, the Pontiff found it fit to reward the Curonic people with a title that better fit their status in the world, the Principality of Curon on the 17th of The Grand Harvest, 1651.

First Cyrilsburg Election

In 1654, the first-ever Cyrilsburg Election came to Curon as Veres Draskovits, Ser Bryant Allard, Ser Ajax Ironwood, Sylvestre III Halcourt, and Claudas Vimmark announces their candidacy. As the voting began Ser Ajax was who the people looked at as he was Marshal and knew the people. As for the others, only one stuck out more Sylvestre III, as he wasn't well liked in Cyrilsburg, but he was able to persuade a few of Ajax's voters along with others to vote for him. After a few months, everyone gathered in the great hall as the Chancellor announces Sylvestre III as the winner, and first Mayor of Curon only winning by one vote.

Dissolvement of Curon


Culture and Society

The culture of the Principality of Curon revolves around the common Heartlander culture and more specifically the newly-developed Curonian culture, which shares many traits with the now uncommon Courlandic culture. This is reflected in their appearance, language, and customs. The recent influx of influential Relourian figures however, including the Ser Sylvestre II, has lead to the Relourian culture becoming more common among the nobles of Curon.


The Church of the Canon is the official religion of the principality.


The majority of the Principality's nobility come from Heartlander line, including its own ruling family House of Devereux. Notable families include House of Halcourt, and House de Hartcold


August Administration

The August Administration of Curon includes very loyal men and women of the realm. The Administration is the national leaders of the nation, who offer their experience and wisdom, to ensure that the governance of the nation remains as efficient as possible.


The official military of the Principality of Curon is the Curonic Militia, introduced under the reign of Duke Karl. The military was first formed by Jarrack Draskovits. The leader is currently led by Ser Dankmar the Mountain.


The Principality of Curon follows a strict primogeniture succession, similar to that of the Holy Orenian Empire, in that only males and sons of females may inherit. The son of the current Prince would be next in line to the throne. Should the firstborn bear no sons, then the secondborn's sons will inherit. If there are no males left in the dynasty, then the sons of females would inherit.


The Principality is located in a fertile land, along with River Eamont, at the foot of Bear Mountain. The Principality is surrounded on all sides by other human states, including Hanseti-Ruska to its south, Marna to the north and Santegia-Haria to the east.