Province of Rubern

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Province of Rubern
Provinz van Rubern
Ruberni Battle Standard
Provincial Coat of Arms
Capital: ruberncoa.png Rubern

Vrakian Dialect
Raev Botch

Eponym: Ruberian, Ruberni
Government: Administrative Monarchy
Prince: Marius I of Rubern
Consort: None
Heir-Presumptive: Anabel of Rubern
Lord Chancellor: Not Announced
Lord Commander: Cassian af Vallberg
Lord Treasurer: Lord Caspian Basrid
Maer-Bailiff: Carlovac Turovec
Preceded by:

leuvencoatofarms.png County of Leuven

The Province of Rubern, (New Marian: Provinz van Rubern: Raev Botch: Rubern Oblast) simply referred to as Rubern, is a unitary state governed and administrated by a Prince and the Provincial Duma. The nation is situated upon the Ruber River, which the nation and capital derive its namesake from. Though highlanders make up a majority of Rubern's population, namely Haeseni and Raevir, the Province also is home to large diasporas of Rhenyari Farfolk and Heartlander freemen. The capital, often called the Free City of Rubern, boasts itself as a land of opportunity and freedom from the binds of serfdom. The capital, situated in between the major human realms of Arcas, lies upon the River Ruber and serves as a hub of trade and a resting point for travelers across the north of the continent. It is due to this strategic location, that Rubern was able to experience exponential growth in recent years. Though the Province lays claim to vast swaths of land, much of Rubern's infrastructure and industry is focused within the settlement's walls. Very few stake claims outside the capital, save for communal farmsteads, lending to Rubern in practicality being a city-state.



Post-War of the Two Emperors

See also: War of the Two Emperors

In the aftermath of the War of the Two Emperors, the borderlands in between the Kingdom of Cascadia, the Kingdom of Haense, and the Principality of Ves were left decimated, with armies from either faction embarking on violent campaigns through the Riverlands - reaping the land of its spoils and taking and retaking stretches of land. As a result, the area was left a barren, desolate, lawless wasteland, frequented by roving bands of highwaymen. It would take the less than delicate touch of Prince Vladrick of Muldav to tame these wildlands. Embarking south with a band of his loyal retainers, he aimed to settle the lands among the River Ruber once again. Through back-breaking toil and labor, the foundations of a proper settlement began to take shape and the fields ran gold once more. It would not take long for travelers and merchants to come across the Ruber settlement, by way of roads or the water. Many of which would establish shop within the safety of Rubern's hastily constructed walls.

Black Reiter-Rubern Pact

See also: Black Reiter Company

Two of the most prominent emigrations to the Province of Rubern would come with the pact with the Black Reiter Company and the arrival of the Rhenyari. The Black Reiters, simply referred to as Reiters, were mercenaries who came upon the River Ruber in search of opportunity and contracts. Initially, the Reiters would handle much of Rubern's defense, policing the town and keeping bandits at bay. Though as time passed, the Reiters settled down and began to call Rubern home. As a proper, centralized Ruberian military structure was in the works, the Reiters were shifted to the role of an elite household guard of the Prince of Rubern.

Rhenyari Exodus

The second wave of immigration to Rubern came in the Rhenyari Exodus, where countless Farfolk settled upon the Ruber River under the guidance of the House of Basrid.

Culture and society

The culture of Rubern is a duality of Highlander and Farfolk cultures.

Tarot Card Reading is often done by Rhenyari mystics, who people often flock to to read their fortunes.

Fox Hunting is a social gathering often done among the aristocrats, first introduced by the Black Reiter Company, in which men ride horses and watch their hounds tear apart indigenous foxes for sport.


The area now known as Rubern, was initially settled by retainers of Vladrick Barbanov-Alimar, a prince of Haense, thus establishing Rubern's initial population of Highlanders.

Several Farfolk and Heartlander groups would emigrate to Rubern in the years following its establishment.


The Church of the Canon is the official religion of the province.

St. Tobias is the patron saint of Rubern.


Privy Council

The Privy Council is a small group of trusted and loyal advisors, which report directly to the Prince of Rubern, being delegated sensitive tasks in his stead.

  • The Privy Council is comprised of the Prince, the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Commander, and the Lord Treasurer.

Provincial Duma

The Provincial Duma serves as the province's administrative body. Comprised of guild representatives, wealthy aristocrats, and elected officials, they convene to negotiate trade rights, property disputes, and may put forward motions to amend Provincial Law.


See also: Black Army of Rubern

Rubern maintains a professional, state-funded army to ensure the defense of the Province; the Black Army of Rubern. The Black Army is sub-divided into four banners, each carrying out specialized tasks.

  • Banner of the Reiter - Elite cavalry squadron and household guard of the Prince of Rubern.
  • Banner of the Oxen - Foot infantry of Rubern.
  • Banner of the Roc - Military police and provincial constabulary.
  • Banner of the Ram - Siegecraft and logistical division.


The Province of Rubern is located in the northern hemisphere of Arcas, bordering the Kingdom of Haense, the Kingdom of Kaedrin, and the Imperial Crownlands. Rubern occupies the crucial junction between the three and lies upon the River Ruber. The area is surrounded by minor homesteads and vast wheat fields.

Coat of Arms

The provincial coat of arms consists of a black crow (representing Carrion descent) crowned (representing the rule of Prince Vladrick), atop alternating waves (of the River Ruber) red (for the blood spilt) and white (for purity). The sword which is carries represents the military might of Rubern.