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LoreS1.png Character: This page contains information about a character that has been or is still played by a member of the LotC community. Please keep this in mind as you proceed reading.

Rasmot The Mad was an old Mage who lived in the third century of Aegis and lived out the later years of his life in Athera. The most skilled alterationist to have ever existed, Rasmot spent all of his time muttering nonsensical words and creating obscure personal devices. He was first known about in the land of Anthos when his odd creations began slipping back into reality from the void where he stored them. The location of his fabled Very Leaning Tower is unknown, but currently the Mages Guild reside within his porter potty.

The Devices of Rasmot The Mad

The world was a different time then, a time when wizards payed rent. Rasmot, despite his arcane genius was very inclined to forget to pay the landlord every now and then. Over half a century, his unpaid debts built and built until the landlord had had enough, and hired one hundred mercenaries to help him evict the mad wizard and sell his magical trinkets to pay off the debt. In order to escape this, Rasmot hurriedly placed each and every one of his creations into his Infinitely Deep Chest. Not having the time to escape himself with the chest, he translocated the chest into the void for safe keeping, intending to de-translocate it to himself when he was a safe distance away.

However, the mad wizard was not particularly adept at the previously unknown magic of Void Translocation. It was flung out into the void, drifting through the infinity of nothing. More than a thousand years later, the Chest of Rasmot by chance slipped into a crack in the veil and was at last de-translocated into the real world, on the continent of Anthos. However, such long exposure to the void caused the enchantments on the Chest of Rasmot to unravel, ejecting its contents across the land.

The Ass Irons. A pair of handcuffs that prevent the wearer from speaking. Any noises they make sounds like donkey speech.

Degenerate Regenerator. A ring that constantly gives the wearer a feeling of euphoria, but corrodes whatever it touches slowly. (Including the wearer!)

Gloom Pebble. A grey marble eye that when squeezed, causes the user to not be able to see sunlight, and so day appears as night ((Lasts 24 hours)).

Inverse Sword. A stone sword that when drawn, attacks the user. This was a sword that Rasmot forged to deter intruders wishing to plunder his mostly useless treasures. The sword was the first thing one would see upon entering the Very Leaning Tower, and it would be labeled “THE SWORD OF HOREN.”

The Glory of Lard. A bottle filled with strange confectionary that makes the consumer morbidly obese for about three days.

Momo’s Oven Mitts. A pair of gauntlets made of pure sandstone that absorb any kind of heat, but will release that heat back upon the wearer when taken off. Wearing them for long amounts of time may harm or kill the wearer as they begin to meld around the wearer’s hands. Those that wear them get an extremely hot temper, even lashing out at those around them.

Condescending Glass. A glass that refills itself with wine, and shall constantly insult you, and is near impossible to break. This was a birthday gift Rasmot made for his divorced wife. Mask of Mind-speaking. A mask that when worn, projects the wearer’s thoughts in a loud voice across the room the wearer is in.