Ratibor of Adria

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Ratibor Carrion-Tuvyic
Ratibor Tuvyic.png
Duke of Adria
Predecessor: Josip, Red Duke of Adria
Successor: Paul II of Adria
Died: 1696, Belvitz, Duchy of Adria
Spouse: Alexandria of Man
House: Carrion
Father: Aleksei Carrion

Ratibor Rodrigue Alexovic Carrion-Tuvyic (???? - 1696) First born of Aleksei Carrion, Ratibor proved himself able in the lands of Aeldin, although he was content to let his younger brother, Ostrobor, lead their path. Returning to the lands of Atlas ahead of his brothers and companions, Ratibor adopted the moniker ‘Red’, and set to preparing for the return of the rest of his family. Finding himself in the city of Belvitz, then ruled by Duke John Sarkozic, ‘Red’ quickly garnered the Duke’s favor and secured an investment of 2,000 minas. Using these funds, Ratibor founded the Atlasian Merchant Collective which grew to become the largest mercantile conglomerate in the world, and amassed well over 300,000 minas to his name. In this time, ‘Red’ first served as a tavernkeep in Belvitz, then becoming its owner, and finally assuming Maership of the burgeoning township. Unfortunately, ‘Red’ would contract elfen malaria from a business trip and fell gravely ill.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Boris Carrion-Tuvyic 1692 Alive Unwed Firstborn child.
Mariya Carrion-Tuvyic 1692 Alive Unwed Secondborn child.
Fyodor Carrion Tuvyic 1692 Alive Ingrid of Sarkoz Thirdborn child. Father of Queen-Consort Milena of Adria