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here have been three minor and three major realms used in the canon of the Lord of the Craft. Other maps or worlds such as temporary maps that do not have an impact on server lore are not included. Often also referred to as lands, continents or islands.

Major Realms

The major realms are those intended as permanent maps that are used the most for roleplaying


The first realm of the server, Aegis is where Iblees fought the Descendent races and everything was made. Existing for slightly over 1350 years, Aegis was eventually conquered and destroyed by the Undead.


After the Destruction of Aegis the survivors sailed to Asulon. A far larger realm than its predecessor, Asulon contained many more nations, longer travel distances and two new playable races. It existed for approximately 70 years before being abandoned for‍ Elysium.‍


After Asulon fell Anthos was unveiled. Designed to fix issues that had emerged in Aegis and Asulon, it was destroyed by a large flood, causing the remainder of the population to flee into‍ The Fringe.‍


The last realm of the server, Athera is designed for years of play time. Combining previous experiences from other realms, it contained a new gameplay feature, trying to create the best realm in the history of Lord of the Craft. Fell to a large worm who consumed most of the world.


-- a realm created to correct the issues that plagued the past realms.

Minor Realms

The minor realms are those that have been occupied for less time and made a smaller impact to the server lore and history.

The Verge

The Verge was originally released as a new area for peoples of Aegis to explore and collect resources in. It gained a prominent part in the server lore when it was used by the surviving Aegeans after the Destruction of Aegis to flee to Asulon. It was not as large as Aegis and did not have nearly as large a population. The world was notable for having very dangerous fauna.


After the fall of Asulon the survivors sailed to Elysium. Made mostly of tall mountains and many deserts, Elysium had many dangerous mobs. It is also remembered as having a large chicken population. It was released before Kalos and existed alongside it for some time.


A world made to complement Elysium, Kalos had several large islands. The defining feature was the Badlands, an area of the Wilds where many server rules were relaxed. About 10 years was spent in Elysium and Kalos before moving to Anthos.

The Fringe

The Fringe was released as an expansion to Anthos in a similar to fashion to Aegis and The Verge. Located far away from the borders of Anthos; it soon became a refuge for the survivors following the destruction of Anthos. The Black Scourge were defeated here during the time that the descendant races inhabited it.


Thales was designed to allow testing of several new plugins in preparation for Athera and to provide a replacement for The Fringe. It was the most recent minor realm in Lord of the Craft.