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The Reivers' base of operations, c. 1651
The Reiver Highwaymen
Active: 1616-1724
Type: Bandits for Hire
Role: Mercenary troops: scouts, light infantry, and shock units.
Size: Approximately 2000.
Country: Independent bandits.
Garrison/HQ: Asylum.
Acting Boss: Mah'r Volaren

The Reivers are a band of bandits that plunder towns and rob people along roads. These marauders often offer their services to groups and kingdoms while they are in times of war. Originally forming in Axios, the group's name was not feared until its re-establishment when the tower was erected at the yodeling crossroads. From there on, the raiders would continue to participate in a multitude of conflicts, being hired by the many of the nations of Atlas.



The group of highwaymen known as the Reivers were originally formed in the latter half of Axios. In the year 1616, a handful of bandits, namely Wydren Volaren, banded together and founded a semi-organized group of brigands. The group originally lived in secret in the woods next to Aleksandria, capital of the Kingdom of Courland. The bandits focused their raiding efforts on the Sutican people for a few years following 1616, but internal struggle hindered growth and numbers soon began to dwindle. As a result, the Reivers hardly lasted, the group being disbanded only a few years after its formation. A select few were left to travel the roads, robbing people individually or in isolated small groups as a result of the dissolution.


1651, a total approximate of 35 years passed since the original formation of the Reivers. A decade after passing from the realm of Axios to Atlas, the Reivers officially re-established their presence by the construction of a tower in the Yodeling crossroads. The return of many original founders was reinforced by a new generation of brigands joining in. Being at the center between the conflicting nations of the south- mainly Curon and Haense- and the nations of the North-most importantly, the kingdom of Renatus- the bandits became involved in many confrontations. The Reivers continue to raid settlements and rob travelers walking South along the roads, harassing the paths of Atlas.

Late Atlas

In the year of 1670, Wydren Volaren officially stepped down as boss; thus creating a period of two years where leadership was poorly defined. The time of quarrel and confusion ended when Lonan Daemyr took the title of “Boss” for himself in the year 1672. Wydren’s absence and as a result, Lonan’s ascension, would mark a new era for the Reivers. A revival, though not as grand as Wydren’s previous return in 1651, would proceed Lonan becoming the second boss. Mah’r Volaren, Wydren’s younger brother, would also become Lonan’s choice as his right hand man later that same year. Of the first actions taken, the tower was taken back from the County of Arbor in 1674. From there, the Reivers would continue to reinstate themselves as a threat to the Southern roads of Atlas. Four years later, the reiver highwaymen shifted focus towards Sutican people before coercing tribute from the trade nation later the same year. From 1678 onwards, the relations between Suticans and Reivers improved as the highwaymen constantly fought to defend their tributaries from other smaller groups of bandits. The primary rivals during this time were the chump bandits; once partners in raiding for a brief time before the Reivers established a system of tribute with Sutica. Constant conflicts between the Reivers and the chump bandits would occur for several years. Lonan’s time as boss would prove to be short lived, only lasting a mere 10 years. Midway through the year 1680, the brigands would be left without leadership as both Mah’r Volaren and Lonan Daemyr disappeared simultaneously. This would leave the Reivers in a state where no clear leadership was defined. Ultimately, the ever shrinking amount of members and instability would lead to the group's disbandment early in the year 1681.


Upon arriving on Arcas' shores in 1705, Lonan Daemyr, Mah'r Volaren, and Lyulen Daemyr reestablished the Reivers by securing a hideout below the Adrian city of Ves. A mere year later, various vassals of the Empire of Man denounce the Reivers after being threatened by the crown. This would not stop the highwaymen, as they would continue to perform hit-and-run tactics, effectively harassing the Empire of Man and her roads. The region of man would continue to suffer from various Reiver raids under the command of Lonan Daemyr before his unfortunate demise on the river banks of Helena in the year 1707. This, however, did not disperse the Reiver host; instead, the group allied itself with the Seventh Sons in order to continue to plague the lands of the Empire. A time of continuous raids and pillages occurred before the third Boss, Mah’r Volaren, officially took charge in 1714. Upon hearing of an upcoming civil war in the Empire, Mah’r formally reunited the Reivers with the construction of a proper home: the Asylum, named after the deceased Reiver, Ah’Silyum. Without haste, the Reivers signed a contract to aid the Holy Orenian Empire in its war against the newly formed Empire of Renatus.


Bandits are not particularly known to be organized and the Reivers are no exception. There exists no official ranks amongst the brigands disregarding the exception of the status “bossman”. The boss is the head of the Reivers and is the final opinion in decisions made by the group. Often accompanying these bandits, fishmongers are poor fishermen who locate themselves close to the Reivers. These anglers are granted immunity from the Reivers and are even sometimes seen aiding the brigands in their day-to-day muggings.

Arms and Equipment

Reivers don’t enforce any sort of dress code, but most Reiver highwaymen opt to wear a blue bandana or cloth of some sort on their face. In regard to weaponry, they utilize a large variety of weapons usually being the nicest blade or bow they manage to find for themselves.

Operational History

Atlas Coalition War, c.1657-1662

In the year 1653, the Reivers were hired by a young man donning no banners, to raid and pillage the city of Markev. In which they would do so prompting many large scale raids to take place in which the Reivers would always come out on top. The Reivers were used as a weapon by the Kingdom of Renatus to deal heavy damage to Markev's troops before their own banner men came in to attack. This would leave Markev vulnerable until the man that hired the Reivers neglected to pay. This caused the Reivers to offer their services to the other side which quickly shifted the gears of the war as Haense and it's allies would begin to win the battles that took place between the two nations. This kept on until the disappearance of King Otto of Haense. Consequentially, the Reivers were left without any major contract until the United Southern Alliance-consisting of the Silver State of Haelun'or, the Kingdom of Norland, and the Kingdom of Haense- decided to employ the Reivers to fight on the defensive for the upcoming war for Markev.

As the main location of the war shifted towards the swamps of Norland, the armies of both the coalitions met midfield. A small force of about 900 Reivers served to support the heavy infantry for control of a large hill where most of the fighting took place. Amidst the start of the battle, a bold charge forward by the brigands at a regiment of Curonites could be considered most noteworthy before the inevitable rout of the United Southern Alliance.

Battered and low on morale, the remaining Reivers combined with Norlandic and Haensetic bannermen held a hill against a horde of Renation troops. The slaughter lead to a near depletion of southern forces, leaving only a handful to fall back to Ruriksgrad.

The final confrontation in the Atlas Coalition War, a handful of Reivers helped hold the city against the Northern Atlas Aliance. A valiant effort was put forth before the inevitable fall of Ruriksgrad.

The Bandit War, c.1664-1668

In the first engagement in what would be the end to the Arbor-Reiver border conflict, smalltower was sieged by Imperial forces. The battle seemed an inevitable win to the mounting Renatian forces until a flank of skirmishers attacked the imperial forces just as they were reaching the top of the tower. Consequently, as they imperial forces turned to fight the flanking force, the remaining garrisoned defenders sallied out to sandwich the Renatian army. This maneuver effectively resulted in a slaughter of the army of the Empire of Man, resulting in a decisive victory for the Reivers.

The Staunton Uprising, c.1667-1669

War of Two Emperors, c.1715-present


The Reivers are currently situated at the Yodeling Crossroads located at the borders between the Principality of Curon, the Kingdom of Renatus, the Kingdom of Norland, the Kingdom of Santegia, and the Kingdom of Haense.

Notable Clans and Houses

  • Clan Volaren
  • House Daemyr
  • Clan Sugarfoot
  • House Ronjon
  • House Mudd

Reiver Bosses

  • Wydren Volaren: 1616-1670 (54 years)
  • Lonan Daemyr: 1672-1681, 1705-1707 (13 years)
  • Mah’r Volaren: 1714-1724, 1739-1742 (15 years)

Notable Members

  • Wydren Volaren, the primary founder and first boss of the Reivers.
  • Lonan Daemyr, a founding member during the group's revival in Atlas. Wydren Volaren’s right hand man before inheriting the title bossman after the retirement of Wydren.
  • Mah’r Volaren, a founding member in both Axios and Atlas, as well as being Lonan Daemyr’s right hand before becoming the third bossman.
  • Vydrek Volaren, underboss to Mah’r Volaren.
  • Lucius Daemyr, right hand to Mah’r Volaren.
  • Lyulen Daemyr, a founding member in both Axios and Atlas.
  • Angus Mudd; the bastard Brawm was a member during the group's original founding in Axios.
  • Luke Dunamis, a legendary and esteemed mercenary who joined the Reivers during its re-founding in 1651.
  • Other notable Reivers include but are not limited to Randal 'The Vandal' Ronjon, Eras, Daquan ‘The Destroyer’, Vinnic Daemyr, Scott Mudd, and William ‘Dirty Mike' Staunton.

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