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Richard de Reden
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin
Born: 15th of the Grand Harvest, 1695, Reden, Aeldin
Spouse: Mirray Fhuji
House: House de Reden
Father: Commodus of Marna (adoptive)

Richard "The Red" de Reden, also known known as Viktor Orban, (15th of Grand Harvest, 1695 – Present) is the current Governor-General and de-facto leader of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin.


Arch-Lector of Owyn's Flame

With the beginning of the War of the Two Emperors, Richard, a close friend to the Orenian claimant Joseph I, had rallied a band of Canonist zealots and Imperial veterans, who helped him construct the Owynsfort - home of the '2nd Imperial Brigade, Owyn's Creed', While conducting numerous successful attacks against the Renatians and their allies, such as the confiscation of several thousand minae from Norlander smugglers, the band was also enforcing Canonist Law in many of the Orenian cities, to the dissatisfaction of many Imperial vassals and local lords.

Baron of Caer Bann

After the conclusion of the War of the Two Emperors, the remnants of Owyn's Flame and newly conscripted pioneers headed to the Easternmost coast of Arcas, the Boarswood, in hopes of establishing a new home. A marvelous castle, Caer Bann, would be built, and from it emerged the mercenary company of the same name. Having been contracted by Curon and later on the Republic of Ves, the Company owed its success to a well organized rank structure, drawing heavy inspiration from manuscripts of the old Army of Kaedrin, and a sense of camaraderie which developed in the halls of Caer Bann. At the invitation of Hadrian Helvets, the Company fully assimilated into the Republic of Ves and spearheaded the massacre of the Beet-boy terrorists, thus securing themselves a permanent contract as guards of Ves. Soon after, Richard and Hadrian, both descendants to Kaedreni, would secure a seat in the council of Ves and began working towards a permanent solution to the unstable nature of the Republic of Ves. The Duchy of Cathalon was soon declared by Hadrian, followed by the reformation of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin and the election of Adrian Helvets as King of Kaedrin.

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin

With the power change, the Caer Bann Company was fully integrated into the Army of Kaedrin and Richard appointed Governor-General of the Commonwealth. After some two decades of relatively stable reign, King Adrian I of Kaedrin's health deteriorated, and the Governor-General was forced to declare a status of martial law and guide the Commonwealth in the King's absence. With the declaration of martial law, many commoners and farmhands were forcefully conscripted in the military, however through propaganda and promises of equality, the new P.F.I Brigade saw Richard as the new hope for Kaedrin, and have been defending the city since.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Full title as Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin

His Excellence, The Honorable Richard de Reden “The Red”, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Count of Kreden, Baron of Caer Bann, Arch-Lector of Owyn’s Creed, Moranguard of the Caernguard.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Godwin de Reden 1724 Alive Unwed Firstborn child of Richard de Reden and Mirray Fhuji
Tobias de Reden 1725 Alive Unwed Secondborn child of Richard de Reden and Mirray Fhuji.
Thomas de Reden 1726 Alive Unwed Thirdborn child of Richard de Reden and Mirray Fhuji
Lucien de Reden 1727 Alive Unwed Fourthborn child of Richard de Reden and Mirray Fhuji.