Rickard Kovachev

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Richard Kovachev
Duke of Carnatia
In Office: 1634-1664
Preceded by: Sergius III
Born: 22nd of the Deep Cold, 1623
Turov, Carnatia, Oren
Spouse: (1) Elizabeth Amador
(2) Victoria Vientos
House: Kovachev
Father: Sergius III, Duke of Carnatia
Mother: Marie of Ayr

Rickard Kovachev (Common: Rickard Kovacs, High Imperial: Richard Kovacs, Raevir: Rickard Kovachev) is the former ruling Duke of Carnatia, and served as Castellan to Otto III of Haense. Following his abdication, Rickard now serves as a leading member of the Ascended.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Emma Kovachev 1647 1675 Thomas, Duke of Dorhay Firstborn of Rickard and Elizabeth Amador-- A former Duchess of Carnatia.
Stefan Kovachev 1649 1689 Unwed Secondborn to Rickard and Elizabeth Amador. Left to pursue life as a mercenary.
Alastrine, Baroness of Mehran 1675 1700 James Delatour, Viscount of Nantes Daughter to Rickard and his second wife, Princess Victoria of Ostwick. The first of House Vientos to hold the title Baroness of Mehran.
Tristan, Prince of Ostwick 1711 Alive Victoria of Marna Only son of Rickard and Victoria, the Prince of Ostwick.