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On Lord of the Craft, we utilize a multitude of interesting and immersive features coded by our very own Development Team. The fundamental and core of all of these plugins revolve and center around the Obelisk Framework. Roleplay Engine, known as the 'Primordial Update' to the Obelisk Framework, is a plugin created to handle and encapsulate all aspects of chat which occurs on our Minecraft Server. Created and employed to provide practical, yet powerful, techniques to promote and develop an immersive and structured Roleplay environment. Roleplay Engine is the driving force behind all in-game channels of communication; used to control Roleplay, Public and Private Messaging, and behind the scenes channels for players to request aid in tricky scenarios.



The most used channel here on Lord of the Craft, the Talk Channel has a small radius though is used and customised for your basic Roleplay needs. All speech and emotes occur in this chat channel. Used and purposed for every day conversation with your family, friends, enemies and all manner of creatures you encounter, the Talk Channel is well suited to your needs!

Channel Colour


Channel Names

Talk Roleplay RP

Channel Radius

20 blocks


Similar to the Talk channel, Shout offers an extra range for your character. This chat has been customised to allow emotes to be carried out through the channel, offering that extra 'umpf' to your experience. Just as one would in the real world, the Shout Channel implies a loud vocal range, able to carry your messages further distances than before!

Channel Colour


Channel Names

Shout S

Channel Radius

48 blocks


For when you want to hold a private conversation with the person sitting to your side, the Whisper Channel comes perfectly in handy for those hush hush talks. Enhancing the talking experience, the Whisper Channel allows you to communicate only with people within direct vicinity.

Channel Colour


Channel Names

Whisper W

Channel Radius

2 blocks


Alike Whisper, the Undertone channel is used for quiet discussions among those sitting with you. Undertone is much quieter than Talk, though allows for a wider radius than Whisper. Providing an enjoyable dynamic, the Undertone Channel allows you to communicate closely and fluidly with any in close range.

Channel Colour


Channel Names

Undertone Quiet Q

Channel Radius

8 blocks


Global OOC

Held and considered as the 'General' chat of the server, the Global Out-of-Character Chat is open and available for any all non Soul player. This chat is often filled with conversation generally not circulating Roleplay, but instead acts as a hub for general player communication server wide. With a chat radius of the entire server, if you have joined the Global Out-of-Character Chat, you will be able to communicate with any other who is also joined in that chat from anywhere on the server.

Channel Colour

Dark Grey

Channel Names


Channel Radius


Local OOC

Much alike the Global Out-of-Character chat, the Local Out-of-Character chat was designed to offer a respite from the intense, yet immersive, Roleplay experience that is available on Lord of the Craft.

Shout OOC

Shout OOC, is a command that you can use to expand the range of your speakings. This will expand the block-span to 48 blocks, rather than 20, making other players out-of-range, have the ability to see your message.

Whisper OOC

Whisper OOC, is a command that allows you to oocly "whisper". This will decrease the block-span to 2 blocks, allowing everyone not-in-range of those 2 blocks, have the inability to see your message.

Undertone OOC

Undertone OOC, is the command of /qooc, this allows you to speak quieter outside of roleplay. Undertone OOC will not travel outside of walls, nor will it travel the span of 8 blocks.


Wandering Soul

The Wandering Soul chat, is where new, unwhitelisted players will speak! Here, you can converse with many others that are not whitelisted aswell. Do not fret, however! You won't be in this chat for long, if you're accepted into the server. Wandering Souls can fly around, but may not use mechanisms such as portal signs, that whitelisted players have the ability to use.


The channel, Messages, is a channel where you can personally message any player of the Lord of the Craft community. You can join this channel by executing the command of /msg [playername], OR, you can execute the sole command of /msg.


The channel, Help, is a channel that you can join if you have a question, or need any tips/advice from the playerbase. This chat is accessible to players of any ranking, and you can even answer other players questions! Join this channel by performing the command of, /h or /help.

PvP Issue

If you ever have any PvP issues, All you need to do is throw up a modreq! Don't try and argue it with the other part, it will make it worse. It may take a little bit for your modreq ticket to be looked over, so make it detailed! If the situation is escalating quickly, and it has evolved into nothing but the other part arguing; you may just have to PM a Moderator. While this isn't recommended, some moderators will have common courtesy for their fellow playerbase, and will take care of the situation for you.



The channel, Broadcast, is a channel for the General Moderator team. If there's a message that needs to be displayed server-wide, they'll broadcast it. For example; "The server will be going down for the update to 1.11.3 in about 30 minutes!" This channel is inaccessible for the normal player.

War Broadcast

The War Broadcast channel is a channel that will only be used to broadcast war claims, server-wide. It usually announces the beginning of a war claim, and the concluding of a war claim.


The Team Channel is specifically for the Staff members of Lord of the Craft. This is a way for all of the Staff teams to co-operate together, and converse on server affairs. As a member of Staff, you can run the command /tm to join this channel.


Emoting is a way of showing ones emotions through roleplay, as the name hints. What you'll need to do to emote, is, press your talk button, just like you're going to say something IRP. After you do that, you'll need to put down an asterick (*). You can do this by pressing Shift+8 on most computers. For example, "*goes to turn around, after he does so, he'd then glance towards Avelia, "Hello, how are you today?" This would show up as - "Alandi goes to turn around, after he does so, he'd then glance towards Avelia, "Hello, How are you today?"


Muffling occurs when the undertone channel is being utilized. When player(s) are conversing in undertone behind a wall, it appears as "*muffled*" in chat to those on the other side of the wall. You only receive this if you are within 8 blocks of the person speaking, but are still separated via a wall, etc.

Additional Features


/focus is an Iron+ VIP perk that will let you focus on one channel specifically. If you're trying to roleplay, and don't want to be bombarded by private messages, or prompt's from another channel such as the OOC channel, or the Help channel then you could just do /focus RP and it will get everything out of the way for you, until you run the command again to get out of focusing on the RP channel. This command works for every channel.


- Everybody will always have a ten minute timer of when you can Soul Stone once more, however that may change depending on whether someone issues the command "/ss block" where you would have an additional ten minutes to wait.

- Everybody except Diamond VIP and above, will receive a thirty minute cool down for switching their persona's

- Everybody except Diamond VIP and above, will receive a five hour cool down for changing their names via "/persona name <name>"


This channel, the "party," channel -- is a channel made for those of you that want to get together a friend group and chat with each other OOC without random member's tuning in to listen to your conversation, or respond to it. You can create a party by typing /party create or simply /party new. This will create a new party with you listed as the owner, and you can invite other player's to your party by typing /party invite (player). If you decide that you don't want this player in your party anymore, you can type /party kick (player). Now, let's say you decide that you want to log out of the server but want to keep your party intact. To do this, simply transfer over leadership to another online player by typing /party leader (player). If you're invited to a party, then you can type /party accept. If you want to leave that party, simply type in /party leave. You and a few other people out of your party have to leave, and you want to disband that party, type in /party disband to do so.


Formatting is a luxury that only donators can use. You can begin to use formatting at Coal VIP, and anything above that of the 1100 crown rank. If you're wanting to make chat bold, then you need to press shift+6 to equal what looks like a little hat (^). You need to put this on both sides of the text that you'd like to be bold, in order for it to work. Now, if you want your chat italicized then you need to press forward slash (/) and surround the text with that as well.


Continuity, is a plugin within the Roleplay Engine that LotC uses. This allows you to expand your short, bland speakings, into longer, more detailed speakings. You can toggle continuity by doing /me, for most, default continuity will be the key of "=".


There are a bunch of fun settings to mess around with due to a plugin that we as a community like to call Nexus. Nexus brings a bunch of features to the table that we could not use without it. One of those things, are toggles. You can customize to your liking, of course. Now, let's get on into it. When you're in-game, bring up the chat and type /me. You should see a wooden sword, a book and quill, a crafting table, a player head, redstone, and an emerald. These are what will help you toggle a few customizable things. If you click on the book and quill, it should be entitled, "Chat Settings." Click on it, and you will then see a colored piece of wool, a slimeball, paper, a lead, a name tag, another piece of redstone, an iron nugget, a clock, a skeleton head, as-well as a bookshelf. Starting from the colored piece of wool, this will change the colors of your emotes. You can choose from dark green, dark aqua, dark red, dark purple, gold, green, aqua, red, light purple, and the default which is yellow. If you click the ender pearl, and go back then you will see the slimeball. When you click on the slimeball, that will toggle "force emote color," which will make all emote colors to be the same color that you chose. Moving on, you see the piece of paper. If you decide to click on the piece of paper, that will then toggle "quotation style," which automatically begins your chat with a quote when writing in an RP channel. Continuing on to the lead, this is where you get to choose on the symbol that you use to continue writing. For example, let's say that I pick the second one down, the equals sign. When I run out of room on a single line, all I have to do to continue it is press the equals sign. You can do this up to 4 times and continue your writing! If you hover over the name tag, you'll see that it will toggle punctuation for you, which will automatically punctuate for you whilst you're in an RP chat. Now, on to the redstone! If you click on the redstone, then that will toggle "trailing emote," which will emote after adding an asterisk after ending your sentence. Once you move on towards the iron nugget, if you do choose to click on that then it will toggle name sight. What this will do, is give you the ability to see persona names by looking at the player. It will prompt you right above your hotbar. The clock, gives you the option to toggle a timestamp type. This will set the preferred time prefix in chat. The skeleton head will give you the option to toggle, "mention pings," which will tell you whenever a player types your name in a chat. For example, @JaneDoe. If you want to toggle hotbar messages, then hover on down to the bookshelf and click on it. What this will do, is allow you to receive certain system messages in RPEngine in your chat instead of above your hotbar.

If you exit the previous interface, and prompt yourself with the "Nexus-Craft Settings," which happens to be the crafting table - then you will see that it encases three toggles for you to mess with. The first one being the piece of paper, which; if you hover above it, it says, "Toggle See All Recipes." If you toggle this, then you will see all of the recipes within workbenches whether or not you have the materials. The second one being, an iron axe, and if you hover over it, it is titled with, "Toggle Crafting Prompt," and if you decide to toggle this, then it will allow you to confirm crafting before you actually begin to craft. And, finally- the third one being, a chest. When you scroll your pointer over to the chest, it should be titled with, "Toggle Folder Organization," and if you decide to toggle this one, you will then see recipes organized by the type they are inside of crafting folders. That concludes this interface, let's move on to the next one! If you skip on over to the redstone, you will be prompted with something that allows you to toggle "Scaled Heart Display." When this is on, it merges all of your twenty hearts into a single row. But; do not worry, your health does not diminish!