September Prince

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The September Prince

The September Prince was a server-wide antagonist on Atlas. His powers derived from Aspects and Far Glade alike. His entire goal was wiping out the descendants in order to bring the world back to a primal state of balance. The September Prince tasked his most faithful to spread chaos across the lands. These faithful were known as bonded, and they served nothing other than the September Prince.

Awakening And Battle of San'Kala

Following the warnings from the Ash Druid, and following the weeks leading up to this event, the descendants scrambled to piece together puzzles, and do their best to piece together a plan to defeat the prince before he awoke. Descendant turned against descendant, brother against brother as many took to the Prince's side. In this world event, the Prince's chamber was opened after decades, revealing the prince in an amber chrysalis. As the seasons shifted, the prince stirred, and he was unleashed once more on the world.

Within the first few days of the September Prince's awakening, he attacked the Orcish Capital on Atlas-San'Kala. This was his first display of power and with it, he showed the world only a tad sliver of what was to come. Meteors rained down from the seven skies, great beasts turned against their masters and joined the purge.

The Battle For M'Baku

The Battle For Okarn'Thilln

The First Kal'Bogrin Offensive

A strike against the September Prince lead by the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Bogrin. That attack united most of the Descendants on Atlas, against a common enemy, and was the first major victory against him.

The Second Kal'Bogrin Offensive

The Battle For the Kadarsi Caliphate

Last Battle