Ser Aldrik Baruch

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Count Aldrik I
Aldrik Baruch Portrait.jpg
Count of Ayr
Reign: 1640- 1673
Predecessor: Otto Marius Baruch
Successor: Petyr Baruch
Born: 15 Snow's Maiden 1605
Saint's Rest, Ayr, Haense
Death: 10 Amber Cold 1673
Greyguard Hold, Ayr, Haense
Spouse: Marjorie Pasquier
(m. 1630)
Issue: Petyr Heinrich Baruch
Eirik Otto Baruch
Marius Karl Baruch
Erika Lilaine Baruch
Katherine Baruch
House: Baruch
Father: Otto Marius Baruch
Mother: Linnea Vasila Vanir

Ser Aldrik "the Stalwart" Baruch (15th Snow Maidens 1605 - 10 Amber Cold 1673) was a knight of Haense and the third Count of Ayr. He was knighted in 1627 for saving his father, Otto Marius Baruch from an assassination attempt by an unknown assailant, believed to be the estranged Lord Arik Ruthern. Aldrik rose to Count of Ayr in 1640 after the death of his father, Otto.

Early Life

Despite being born in the castle of Saint's Rest, Aldrik did not spend his childhood there, due to the invading Courlandic forces. Aldrik and his family thus moved to a small castle in Carnatia, Liefgaard (later renamed Jorenstadt), which they held in partial rebellion throughout Courland's occupation. He spent much of his youth worried of attacks by Courlandic nobility in the area, who surely realized the Baruchs were holding the castle.

Aldrik was always determined to become a knight, pretending to duel his cousin Joren with a wooden toy sword. Little did he know he would soon become a squire under King Stephen and later knighted by Otto II. He was knighted due to saving his father Otto from various Rutherns who shot him with a crossbow during a short dispute over a broken betrothal and assisted in deescalating the situation.

Early Reign

Aldrik's first years as Count were quiet, the only notable event being the transition from Axios to Atlas. He utilized his families long dormant ship to carry over his family and men, in a successful journey. Once in Atlas, he spent much of his time helping out around the Kingdom, as the new capital city of Markev was built. He was notably against the Royal Army of Haense, and although was technically enlisted in it, he and his men bore their own tabard and operated mainly independently from the army, though still in favor of the King. He was able to slowly bring his House closer to the Royal Barbanov family through his relation with King Otto III's wife, his niece Queen Ingrid.

Fall of Haense

After the disbandment of Haense In 1655, Aldrik took his family and followers, leading them to an area near the old capital of Markev, to begin construction of a new Independent County of Ayr. He refused to accept the desolation of his nation, insisting the nobility were still keeping Haense alive in spirit, though most other noble families had already fled to other nations for refuge. To his luck, Karl II reformed the Kingdom shortly after, allowing him to vassalize once again.


As Aldrik grew old and weak, he noticed he was often afflicted with fatigue and shortness of breath, and before long he began displaying symptoms of lung disease. He and his family were not sure what the disease was due to their isolated nature, with no access to medical attention. Aldrik instead decided that his time had come, calling upon his firstborn son Petyr to return to serve as count in his final days of life. Aldrik passed peacefully in bed in 1673, being buried in Ayr. After his death, his first born son - Petyr - was killed on his way back to claim his title as the Count of Ayr, passing the title to his second born son, Eirik, who reigned as Eirik II. Eirik reigned for around 5 months before abdicating due to a malignant growth growing in his throat that eventually led to his death. Aldrik's third son, Marius Karl then became the Count of Ayr, making all three of Aldrik's sons the Counts of Ayr.


Petyr Heinrich Baruch (1628-1675)

Eirik Otto Baruch (1630-1679)

Marius Karl Baruch (1631-1724)

Katherine Baruch (1642-1683)

Erika Lilaine Baruch (1643-1668)

Full title as Count of Ayr

Aldrik of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Lord of Jorenstadt, Guardian of the Hanseti Coast, and Knight of Haense