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Elven Nations & Charters


Camlannen is the spiritual home of the Alder Elves upon Arcas. Atop The Peak of Lanthres stands the Keep of Temesch, overlooking the lands of once Gladewynn.

Notable information

Temesch Keep - A once human county's fort, now utilised by the Alder Elves upon the lands of Old Alderyn.


The Principality of Fenn is the home of the Snow Elves, though it is open to all races. It is militaristic by design with a strong focus on religion, as well as highly defensible and pretty peaceful. Fenn can be found in the north-eastern realms of Arcas 1272 / 32 / -966 and is but a stone-throw away from Cloud Temple.

Peak Times  From a wide range of players from, US, Canada, and Greece there is always someone on! But for the most part 7 Est, 6 cst, 5mst, 4Pst is the greatest burst of people within the city!
The route from cloud temple.

Notable Locations

  • Bilok’thuln~The Bilok’thuln is the backbone of the Princedom of Fenn. It is the group responsible for providing Fenn with the resources necessary to keep functioning. They have built every city, citadel, and palace that have housed Mali’fenn since almost the beginning. Structures such as Citadel of Acael, The Tundrak Palace, and The City of Tahu’lareh are some, to name a few. The Bilok’thuln mine resources, smiths, armour, weapons, cook food, tends to farmlands animals, hunt, and fish.
  • Clinic~The Tahu'lareh Clinic of Fenn is a safe, comfortable building where the sick or wounded can go to receive treatments through practical and medicinal means. The clinic is located on the bottom floor of the building with the massive's cross atop it, the floors above that reserved for the Tathvir bloodline manor.
  • Housing District~The housing district is full of not only three-floor homes for single occupants but also large homes for families. All housing is free, and not a single occupant has to pay taxes. The stewards of Fenn are more than happy to assist in any way possible regarding housing, and we’re continually updating the housing district. To ensure that we only house active citizens, weekly activity checks are conducted by the Grand Steward.
  • Ivae’fenn~Currently, the largest standing Elven military on Arcas, the Ivae'fenn stand watch over Tahu'lareh and all Fennic lands. They are tasked with defending the city and its inhabitants to the death if need be. Easily identifiable by their uniform, which bears the colour of their rank accordingly. All crime should be reported to the nearest Ivae'fenn soldier. If you wish to enlist and protect Fenn, find the nearest Ivae'fenn official, and they will guide you through the enlistment process. Snow Elves and citizens of Fenn interested in enlisting can look here:
  • Library~Over a hundred books in counting. For centuries Fenn has been at a loss of Mali’fenn writings and general knowledge about the world, but with the move to Arcas, their library has begun its constant search for books and knowledge on their own heritage.
  • The Free Market of Fenn~The Free Trade Zone at the foot of Fenn’s capital city of Tahu’lareh is a testament to the nation's freedom and independence from the outside world.TheMali’fenn of Tahu’lareh is not unwelcoming to outsiders and tradespeople of life, as they view the division of race and class to be unimportant and redundant. Getting your own stall is as simple!
  • Tavern~The Silver Snowflake is frequently bustling with the clangour of bottles accompanied by a steady roar of voices. The bar acts as the very lifeblood of the tavern, supplying a steady stream of unique beverages imported from all across Arcas. Every week, new drinks are swapped out for the old ones, each of which is sold at a fair and honest market price. Located no more than twenty feet from the last seat of the bar is the primary source of drinking entertainment for the patrons of the Silver Snowflake: the local fight pit. Here, the ordinary laws of the Princedom are cast aside, following a unique set of rules. Disagreements and disputes are commonly settled within the borders of the fight pit, as are fun challenges and tournaments. While most outsiders will view the fight pit as a barbaric source of entertainment hidden within the confines of a well-masked tavern, the citizens of Fenn see it as a way to let off steam and keep their skills sharp for what the future may hold.
  • Temple of Wyrvun ~The Temple of Wyrvun is a place of worship, and forum. It is made up of a long hall with a giant statue of Wyrvun at the back end of it with glass-stained windows to the side and two towers on either side of the building. The two on the front are much larger than the two in the centre. In the centre of the building, is a podium for different speakers and priests to place their things as they commence different rituals or explain different ideas and topics. Just in front of the podium is a sacrificial table where different animals are taken and given as a sacrifice to the six aengul and aelor of Wryvun.




Irrinor is the homeland of the Wood Elven people on the continent of Arcas. It is the centre of the elnarnsae’ame- the wilderness faith that forms the core of wood elven culture. The town was more grown than it was built, and visitors will be able to marvel at the massive trees that shade the naturalistic forest paths, and the austere shrines to the Mani spirits that the locals worship. Homes are built into the trees themselves as if woven seamlessly into nature. X 1657, Z -665The Nation is quite close to the Princedom of Fenn, to get there from Cloud Temple, follow the signs leading to Fenn, before you arrive, there will be a detour path from the main road labelled “Irrinor”, follow that to the city.

Peak Times  Late afternoon EST (6-10PM), however we have a sizable GMT and AEST community for all you Aussies and Europeans out there.
The route from cloud temple.

Notable Locations and Information

  • Clinic~The clinic within Irrinor is home to many skilled healers. The Mali that runs this clinic uses their extensive knowledge of the natural remedies that they believe their gods have blessed them with to cure illness and treat physical harm. These methods are especially effective when an attuned drui' enhances the physical properties of the herbs used through the gift of their magic. More than just healing is offered at the clinic within Irrinor. Any Mali seeking to learn the healing arts may also petition the lower council member assigned to run the clinic for lessons in the arts.
  • Housing~The wood elves of Irrinor prefer to make their homes high off of the forest floor. One with nature, they build their homes around the trunks of great trees that stretch into the sky, creating platforms that reach around the trunk of the tree that link with one another with a series of walkways. This, however, does not mean that they limit themselves to the trees as many seeds will make their clan halls on the forest floor. It is, however, the ideology of the wood elves to live with nature, rather than exploit and develop the lands to suit their needs.
  • Omentahu~The Seed is the principal unit by which the core of Mali’ame society runs, and this must be reflected in Irrinor, the principal home of all Mali’ame. Located within the centre of Irrinor, this giant tree serves as many things, but as you reach the top, you can spot the council chambers where events such as the Omentahu are held. The system of Diarchy that ruled us during the inception of our young country did not correctly represent the tribal bodies that make up the heart of our society. Therefore, to ensure stability in our homeland, the power of government must be put in the hands of a council of Seed Chieftains, headed by an elected High Chieftain. The Omentahu is formed of two parts- the High Chieftain of Irrinor, and the Council of Roots.
  • Okarn’ame ~ el'Okarn'ame, or the Forest Guard of Irrinor, is the primary military force of the Forest Realm. While their main focus is the defence of Irrinor's people, they also march out to eradicate unnatural threats to the world and assist Irrinor's friends and allies. It is headed by an Annilir, the commander in common terms, who leads el'Okarn'ame with a left and right hand known as Medirir. To find them, one must only visit Irrinor itself to see the elven guards going about their day-to-day.

Aspectism:a wood elven belief. Aspectism is the ritual worship of the two gods of the wild, Cernunnos and Cerridwen. It is the main religion of the Wood-elves. It is the central pillar to the Wood Elves culture, tradition and identity.

  • Faith of the Alders and Ame

  • ((GALLERY))


    The population of Haelun'or consists of primarily High Elves, proud in the upkeep and safeguarding of the ancient High Elven values and traditions which have guided the Silver State since early Asulon. Other races are rare, but those who wish to live within Haelun’or are mostly tolerated and welcome if they are willing to learn and respect these values. On a tall plateau deep amid a vast peaceful forest of spruce, untrampled earth and mystery, travellers can find The Silver State of Haelun’or. A mighty Elven nation, a clean, marble pearl in a realm polluted by war, Haelun’or is a place of riddles, magic and intrigue. The Citizenry is guided by the principles, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, laid out by Larihei, an Elfess the High Elves adore and uphold as the example of what one should strive to be. While all High Elves zealously protects Haelun’or, there is a highly-principled guard force called The Sillumiran (elven trans: ‘The Weeping Blades’), which vows to defend their people in case of war.

    Peak Times  With a diverse council and playerbase of both Americans and Europeans, Haelun’or is active throughout most of the day, but is particularly active between 1-10 PM EST / 18:00 - 04:00 GMT.
    The Silver State of Haelun’or is located close to Renatus and Haense, just across the lake. From Cloud Temple, you can expect an about a 8 minute walk, following the signs towards the Northern Nations and '‘Haelun’or’.

    Notable Locations and Information

    • Eternal Library~ At Haelun'or heart lies the Eternal Library, an institution as old as the High Elves themselves, which all citizens contribute to. The largest national library of the server.
    • Maehr’tehral Trade District~The district serves as a way for the good citizenry to purchase as well as vend goods or services.
    • The Silver Citadel'~The government building, a design made by Malaurir Iatrilemar Elervathar in Axios.




    Dwarven Nations & Charters


    The Under-Realm of Urguan is the nation of the kin of the Descendant Urguan: The Dwarves. This stout folk lives among one another divided into clans yet stand united under the Urguanite banner of Grey and Orange. The Realm offers the dwed with a plethora of locations to visit and occupations to take on. Most if not all, dwarves find themselves with a clan. Either through being born in one or becoming part of one through alignment and rituals. The Under-Realm of Urguan is home to many famed clans from history and is the birthing place for new clans alike.

    Peak Times  A Sizable community that switch between burst of GMT And Morning EST, to late night hours. So there is always a player in Urguan to help out!
    The route from cloud temple. The Under-Ream of Urguan is located up and in a mountain. From Cloud Temple, you can expect an about a 5 minute walk, following the signs northern towards the nation 'Urguan.

    Notable Locations and Information

    • Hefrumm~ It is known that the Forest dwarves, kin of Urguan, prefer life on the surface level among trees and fields of wheat. Right above the city of Kal’Varoth in between the peaks of the mountain pass you will find Hefrumm: home of the forest dwed.
    • Legion Hall~Are you a warrior of great prowess and wish to protect the dwed of Urguan through one of the truest forms of servitude towards the Kingdom? Join the dwarven legion today and work your way through the ranks to obtain experience and status! Travel south from the capital’s magnificent doorstep and follow the road to a vast lake of boiling lava. Amidst this impressive natural lake of doom, you will find the stronghold of Varoth’Akvel: the base of the Legion of Mercy. Here the legionnaires are trained to defend the Brathmordakin and destroy all that is an unholy spawn of Khorvad the Vile.
    • Public Forge~ Iching to make a new sword and armour? Stop by Urguans Public forge an area where any smith can heat a piece of metal to where it becomes easier to shape! Be taught by the Drogan’Var ways of the forge and learn about new rare ores and how to process them into true works of art! For which dwarf would not like to call themselves a master blacksmith!
    • Ruined Runesmith Tavern~ Whats a dwarf without a few drinks in him! Head down to the runesmith tavern, where you can join your friends in competition, singing and the occasional bar fight! Coming out of the gate past the bridge into the social hub of the dwarves
    • Slums~ The slums, an excellent place for the minority of the dwarven community to live! Located underneath the tavern area. Be careful walking there after a few drinks you might get a little steamy.
    • Urguan Market District~ Have trouble finding something within the lands of Arcas? Try your chances in the market district of Urguan; From shiny rocks and exquisitely built weapons, you simply can't go wrong with a quick browse! Make your way straight from the city gate, past the bridge and into the hub of the city!
    • Urguan Mines~ Do you wish to return to the real dwarven roots deep down in the caverns below? Delve for rare ores and contribute to the wealth of the Under-Realm? Become a certified miner and get access to the privatised mine of Urguan. Enrich yourself and the Under-Realm with the smashing of rock and bending it to your will and laying bare the fruits of the ground! Come down the stairs and to the left to see this great mine!

    The dwarves follow their own gods and goddess. Don't fear though there is a clergy within to help with all your religion needs. The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honour, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. ((GALLERY))

    »»————-Orc Nations & Charters————-««<


    Human Nations & Charters


    The County of Ayr serves as the seat of House Baruch, a loyal vassal to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The keep in which the family resides is called Marianburg, after the reigning Count’s great grandfather. It was constructed in 1709 by builders who are skilled in Northern architectural styles. The County of Ayr is a loyal vassal to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and consists mainly of highlanders of northern descent. In the county, you’ll find generally people of traditional Haensei culture and members of the noble house of Baruch.

    Peak Times  Ayr is consisted primarily of players in EST. The peak times during weekdays between 3pm to 12am and during the weekends the range would be from 12pm to 12am.
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information
    • The ruling House of Baruch represents the true northern Haeseni culture. The Baruch is a resilient, gritty house, known for their naval ability and hobby of whaling. They are fervently loyal to the Koeng of Haense and are always poised to defend their home, whether it be a foreign invader or a mutant attacking its motherland. They are renowned for their determination and loyalty that dates back to the beginning of the house through service to King Peter I of Haense. It’s a land of growing commerce and population, as the House of Baruch is always looking for more personal guards, maids, servants, farmers, clergymen, and sailors.


    The County of Astorga is a multicultural settlement that promotes the advancements in science and art, built with an original style that attempts to break with the standards of our time and further evolve our culture. Built at the edges of the Kingdom of Curonian, it serves as both vanguard for the Empire and a haven to those that seek refuge from the constant conflicts of the most populated metropolis.

    Peak Times  The peak times during weekdays between the range of 12pm to 12am.
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information and areas
    • Tavern ~ Fit for a king! A Tavern fillied with oele laughing, drinking and getting reday to go to the teather. To watch plays, stunts and much more.
    • Commercial District~ SEll your wares, your item, sell your soul in this beautiful district. Can't seem to find something to sell well go window shopping and find something t catches your eye!
    • Church ~ Have an urge, to repent or feel you need to do your citizenship right by going to church? Look no further, before you stands a beautiful and active church.
    • The housing at Astorga is for free and all kinds of guilds are welcomed.
    • The County of Astorga is ruled by the Count and his council, following an agnatic elective succession law, in which the Count must designate one of his male relatives of House de Alba as heir to all of his titles before his death.
    • El Consejo de Astorga is the most important institution within the county, it is composed of individuals that proved their trustworthiness to the Count and House de Alba, called Cosenjal/es, they are in charge of all the administrative duties that the Count can't accomplish himself and he desires to delegate. Unlike the councils of other realms, in Astorga, all the Concejales are expected to accomplish several tasks of different nature, instead of being divided into several charges.

    Caliphate of Khalestine

    Cresonia is an exotic city with lovely and warm colours. Their settlement being in the Korvassa allows for a nice place and a perfect spot for your summer houses. The city is also placed by the coastline, which means it is a place for swimming and fishing for those that ish. The culture is unique for human culture in the way that Cresonians do not care if you show some skin in their city.

    Peak Times  Cresonia has a mix of both European and American people in our roleplay community. Thus our peak times are often a mix of 10 am - 10pm EST. Though of course this will vary from day to day
    Notable information
    • THE KNIGHTS SOLIS~The Knights Solis is the official Knightly Order of the Duchy of Cresonia. They are loyal to their homeland and the Ducal Family and shall act in full effect as their guards, willing to give up their lives for the sake of the Duchy and the family.


    The Kingdom of Curonian is situated in the Snowy Northeastern regions of Arcas. The capital city of Avalain is a true splendour to behold with its towering structures and powerful defences. The Curonian people are a vast and diverse group housing almost every form of the race on the continent. Human, Elf, Orc, Dwed, etc. all are welcome within the Kingdoms cities and lands to live.

    The Kingdom is ruled on a system of primogeniture succession, meaning that the Kingdom will always be governed by a King who will then be succeeded by his eldest son. No daughter or woman of the royal house shall ever inherit the throne, title, or lands of the Kingdom.

    The Curonian Council surrounds the King. This council is made up out of leading individuals in all aspects of leadership, namely the Military, Navy, Mayoral office, Stewardry and Ambassadorship relations.

    The Kingdom of Curonian first started as the County of Cyrilsburg under the rule of Count Wilhelm I Devereux. After a golden age set in within the County’s lands, its status was elevated to that of a Dukedom where it received the new title, the Duchy of Curon. As the years went on and the new Duchy continued to grow and expand its wealth and power throughout the lands of Atlas, Emperor Augustus I saw it fit to further promote the Duchy to the rank of a Kingdom after Curon’s decisive victory against the Duchy of Adria in the Gentleman's War of 1700. The ceremony was performed in the Blessed Cathedral of Saint Johannes in Cyrilsburg, on looked by a large crowd of both Imperial, Curonian, Haenseti and Adrian nobility and citizens. From that moment on the nation became known as the Kingdom of Curonia.

    Peak Times  Curionias usually are most activie aroun Five to nine easten time, with a majortiy of them being Amercian.
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information
    • Tavernn~ The Tavern a great place to meet new people and hang out! With frequent events going on within its never a dull moment. Don't see anyone yet; call for a bartender!
    • Curionia Royal academy' ~ is an educational institution located in the heart of Curonia, the city of Avalain. The Academy aims to provide a stable environment to enrich the learning capabilities of the youth across Areas, allowing them to develop critical academic and practical skills.
    • The Order of Ursus was born from the ashes of the Principality of Curon at Bear Mountain and became a stepping stone for all the glory that came afterwards. Its founding father and first Grand Knight, Wilhelm Devereux rest in the Seven Skies along with the Original First Knights, but the Order of Ursus managed to survive thanks to the examples and virtues that they left as their legacy to us all.
    • Following its humble origins, the requirements to become a Knight or Dame of the Royal Chivalric Order of Ursus are not related to the social status of the aspirants, but instead directly tied with the merits they have accomplished and the service they have provided to the Kingdom of Curonia and the Royal Family. The members of the Order of the Ursus are the most worthy men and women of the kingdom, free of corruption, and committed to the Crown and the Virtues.



    The Dual Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska colloquially referred to as the Kingdom of Haense is the most northern human realm in Arcas. A vassal to the Holy Orenian Empire, Haense stands situated between The Kingdom of Cascadia and the Golden City of Ves and has a long history with strong traditions. The royal house of Barbanov currently rules it and supported by a traditionalistic feudal society with its monarch and government residing in the Royal City of Reza. The Royal City of Reza serves as the current capital of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and is the seat of the dual Crown, and it is King Andrik III who holds court within the illustrious Prikaz Palace. The city has an imposing religious status with the Basilica of Fifty Virgins towering over the central parts of the city, and it also is the home of the tomb of Sigismund.

    Peak Times  Haense has a very mixed variety of players but most common time zones is EST and GMT. With its peak time between 03 pm to 07 pm EST during weekdays and during weekends, the range would be from 02 pm to 9 pm EST as a peak. Although you can find splattered activity throughout the day.
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information
    • city hall~which hosts the Royal Duma, located in the centre of the city.
    • Tavernn~ The bustling tavern right in front of the gates, managed by A mister Harlod bell. Maps align the wall and laughter, and the sounds of swords can be heard nearby.
    • Library~ city also takes pride in having one of the most extensively managed Human libraries in all of Arcas.
    • the bathhouse A place of bathing within the city, so the haense man can wash away their worries and fears.



    The Imperial City of Helena serves as the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire and it's primary administrative, military, civilian and economic centre. Located in the Kingdom of Cascadia, in the former lands of Renatus north of Cloud Temple, the city boasts sprawling guilds of bureaucrats, merchants and knights and is home to many human cultures, housing many landmarks within its walls and in the surrounding areas. The Imperial City of Helena serves as the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire and its primary administrative, military, civilian and economic centre. Located in the Kingdom of Cascadia, in the former lands of Renatus north of Cloud Temple, the city boasts sprawling guilds of bureaucrats, merchants and knights and is home to many human cultures, housing many landmarks within its walls and in the surrounding areas. As such, Helena’s populace primarily consists of Canonist humans of Imperial heritage. All Descendants, however, are welcome to visit and apply for citizenship, as the Imperial State values loyalty and hard work regardless of race.

    Peak Times  As the primary hub of one of the largest communities on the server, Helena boasts a diverse population of both GMT and EST citizens. Thus, the city’s peak times coincide with GMT evenings and EST afternoons, from 7pm GMT/2pm EST to 2am GMT/9pm EST. Considerable pockets of activity are common through GMT afternoons as well, ranging from 1pm to 6-7pm GMT.
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information
    • Giverment~The government of Oren is an absolute autocratic monarchy with the monarch acting as the head of state and wielding ultimate authority. Consequently, the laws of succession are those of agnatic primogeniture - the throne passes to the eldest male.
    • Market square~ The town square, where markets and stalls alike set up their stalls the most famous being the fountain stall where the precious beauty items are sold.



    The County of Ravensburg is ruled by the de Ravensbourg family. It has plenty of jobs and room for people to live in. The current Count of Ravensburg has opened up his County to all those who wish to work and live in prosperity. Some jobs in Ravensburg include the military, the tavern, and stewardry.

    Peak Times  The peak hours of Ravensburg tend to vary by day, but on average it tends to be on from 12pm-6:30pm EST. Most of our players tend to be either in EST or CST time zones. (we are hoping to get a few members from Europe or other timezones, to diversify our settlement)
    The route from cloud temple.
    Notable information
    • Ravensburgh is a vast majority of the populace of the County is human, with the acception of a few elves here and there.


    The Golden City, the Serene City, and the Principality of Ves. In the elfish tongue, she goes by Ellaurehsae ay' Ves.

    Constituted by the preambles, stipulations, amendments, and penumbras of the Golden Charter, the city prides itself upon constitutional government. Inspired by a great lineage of tradition and precedent, the people of Ves brought the Free Charter of 1706 before their liege lord, Duke Paul II of Adria, for his signature to secure the rights and liberties of the municipality. Nearly a decade later in the year 1714, the city would declare itself free from the rule of the Dukes of Adria, and the people would establish self-government. Ves is a republic governed by the Serene Assembly, a legislative body which is composed by lottery and by family right every four years. The assembly elects from among the patrician families of Ves a prince that might lead her as head of state, who rules for life. While holding the title prince, this title is by no means inheritable: for the city is free and immune from serfdom, and along with it the archaic feudal practices of yore. The populace of Ves, along with their prince, are legally referred to as burghers, but within this category are subdivided the patricians, clergy, and freemen.

    »»————-Supplementary Nations & Settlements————-««


    The village of Brandybrook is where the halflings call home. Build next to the city of Aegrothond, Brandybrook has a lovely ocean view along with fertile farmland. The halflings of Brandybrook care little for the affairs of the outer world, focusing their attention upon tea parties and drinking nights. No doubt Brandybrook is one of the most welcoming places you'll ever visit. But don't go there wearing shoes!

    Notable Locations and Information

    The Burrows ~ Unlike most descendants, the halflings do not live in regular houses. They live in what they call a burrow, which are usually small and cozy holes in the ground. Halflings make the best effort to ensure their guests feel welcomed and secure within their burrows, often having lots of food and drinks within their abodes.

    Sharing is Caring ~ The halflings are a very peaceful and gentle race, often seeking to share anything they have with others. Due to this belief, they never lock their chests within their homes. Doing this is considered being a good neighbor, allowing anyone to take whatever resources they need. Don't get greedy though, or it's considered being a bad neighbor.

    Concord of Llyria

    The Llyrian Concord is a meritocracy created upon the foundation of knowledge and science, while welcoming all inhabitants of Arcas with no judgement of their religion, race, magic, etc. Some of the many guilds and orders who stand with Llyria include: The Wayward Monks, The Ascended Order, The Samranist Faith,The Frond Society,The Mages Guild,The Celestial Order,The Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, The Artisans Guild.This information only includes the citizens who have completed the citizenship survey, and does not include guests of Llyria or those who have not completed the survey at the time of this post. 45.5% are Elven, 37.5% Human, 5.4% Dwarven, 1.8% Orcish, 6.3% Transcendent. 56.3% do not practice any form of magic, 24.1% practice a form of voidal magic, while the other 18.6% practice other forms of magic.

    Peak Times  Most of the time, Llyria has at least a few people in the city you can RP with. However, our activity usually starts around 4pm EST // 9pm GMT, peaking at around 8pm EST // 1am GMT, continuing and fading out at 12am ESt & 5am GMT.)
    The route from cloud temple.

    Notable location and information

    • The Traceless Order ~is the city’s guard force led by the Lord Protector. A Traceless member has no greater duty than to protect our beloved denizens and city from injustice and crime.
    • The Llyrian Atheneum ~ is our city library managed by the Lady Curator. Our wonderful library has much to offer for those interested in learning about the wonders of Arcas, magic, the descendants, and much more.
    • The Dancing Drake ~ is our city’s tavern, managed by Magnus Caelum (Tahmas). It’s also become a hot spot if you’re looking for some RP. If you’re interested in working there as a bartender, find Magnus.
    • The Edelweiss ~ is our city’s clinic, led by Charles Napier. As all clinics are, the sole purpose is to heal the injured, citizen or not, in their time of need. If you’re interested in working at the clinic, find Charles.
    • The Maelstrom~ is the bulk of our city’s government, consisting of the six Lords and Ladys and the echelons beneath them.


    The Trade Federation of Sutica is a known hub of trade with an extensive merchant district in the front of the city, and a large harbour in the rear of the city. It’s laws are built to allow all manners of people who wish to do no harm to live in the nation, and because of this it has led to a large variety of players and several unique groups in the Federation which will be described later. Politically, Sutica is an actively neutral nation under the absolute rule of the Trade Monarch who delegates power to their ministers and advisors.Sutica is accepting of any and all races, but there is a skew towards Humans and Elves.

    Peak Times  Sutica has a smattering of players from GMT to PST with activity throughout the day although it tends to peak around 3:00pm ET.)
    The route from cloud temple.

    Notable Information and places

    • City of Oropo~ home of the Adherents of Dresdrasil a group based heavily on traditional sea culture with a caste system and a religion of their very own
    • Huntsmen~is a guild in the city which traces their origins back to the Vizmak Brigade an old monster hunting guild, The purpose of the guild is the research, elimination, and containment of various magical and mysterious creatures which roam the land.
    • Uialbens~For those looking into more interesting living conditions there is also the choice to live in the catacombs which is underneath the mysterious Uialben manor and who knows, maybe one day you will become a Catacomb Knight

    <gallery mode="packed" Image:

    Talus Grove of the Druidic Order

    The Talus Grove is inhabited by the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though all Druids may call it home. It is grown into the rise of a scree upon a fork in the South-West running river and despite the dry savanna-like climate, the Grove itself is lush with hardy shrubs, bushes and trees. The Grove serves as a place to teach aspiring and young Druids, as well as a base of operations from which Druids conduct their vigil over nature.

    Peak Times  We have a wonderful mix of players from across the world and thus our playerbase covers several timezones.Our peak points of activity are around Weekdays, 6pm - 11pm EST (11pm – 4am GMT); Weekends, 2pm - 3am EST (7pm – 8am GMT).)
    The route from cloud temple.

    Notable information and Places

    • festival grounds~which host a small marketplace, bank and auction services and will find the area decorated for events such as weddings or other frivolities.
    • Pine Druid's swamp~while hugging the cliff-face brings visitors to the plant nursery.
    • Elder Tree Elanwéya~sings in a gentle breeze and houses the Grove's tavern, library, infirmary, Dedicant bunks and Archdruid offices, while housing is spread around the inner and outer Grove.







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