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Elven Settlement Guides

Eleven Settlements seem to stand the test of time, just like the race that they belong to. Between grand quartz builds, Housing surrounded by nature and tree or just snow cover hills and friendly smiles. There isnt a place an elf wont fit in one of these!
Human Settlement Guides

The Human Settlements can vary from cold stone filled cities to colorful bustling towns. From beautiful chapels in decorated murals and quartz to rough country side, any human will find the perfect place that will suit their needs.
Dwarven Settlement Guides

The Settlements of the Dwarves are almost as strong as the race themselves. The settlement of Urguan is a large underground fort, but do not let that deter you! The Nation is bustling with spirit that easily can bring light to the cave. It also helps that they have a giant underground lava pool!
Orc Settlement Guides

Supplementary Nation & Settlement Guides

Somedays you just feel like your the sorethumb? The one person that doesnt fit within the towns you have visitied? Maybe these popular cities, strange, graceful and wonderful in their own ways can pique your interest? These hobbles have a magical sense to them and welcome all. There is no person they'll turn away.