Siege of Guise

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Siege of Guise
Part of the Lorrainian Revolt
Siege of Guise.png
Siege of Guise, 1730
Date: 1730
Location: Guise, between Haense and Kaedrin
Result: Orenian Victory
  • Majority of Lorrainian forces killed
  • War effectively ended
Duchy of Lorraine:
Duchy of Lorraine
Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
Yoppl6.png Holy Orenian Empire
Principality of Rubern
Commanders and leaders
Duchy of Lorraine:
Lewis of Lorraine
Holy Orenian Empire:
Otto Tuvyic Barbanov
Duchy of Lorraine:
2000 men
Holy Orenian Empire:
3400 men
Duchy of Lorraine:
2000 dead
Holy Orenian Empire:
700 dead