Siege of Guise

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Siege of Guise
Part of the Lorrainian Revolt
Siege of Guise.png
Siege of Guise, 1730
Date: 1730
Location: Guise, between Haense and Kaedrin
Result: Orenian Victory
  • Majority of Lorrainian forces killed
  • War effectively ended
Duchy of Lorraine:
Duchy of Lorraine
Kaedreni Separatists
Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
Yoppl6.png Holy Orenian Empire
Principality of Rubern
Commanders and leaders
Duchy of Lorraine:
Lewis of Lorraine
Holy Orenian Empire:
Otto Tuvyic Barbanov
Duchy of Lorraine:
2000 men
Holy Orenian Empire:
3400 men
Duchy of Lorraine:
2000 dead
Holy Orenian Empire:
700 dead

The Siege of Guise was a small siege between the Holy Orenian Empire and the last hold-outs of Lorrainian and Kaedreni separatist forces. The siege proved to be a relatively short one, as Guise was a small fort. Upon the construction of siege equipment in order to storm the keep, the Orenian and Rubern forces were quickly able to storm the fortress and wipe out the remainder of the rebel forces.


Prior to the Siege of Guise, the Lorrainians had found themselves outcasted by the empire. This came about as a result of infighting between the Adrian and Lorrainians, conflicts started with Haense, attempts to launch Oren into a war against its ally, the Under-Realm of Urguan, and an attempted coup against the King of Kaedrin. As a result of this, Lorraine had been seized with relatively low casualties on the part of the Holy Orenian Empire, which left the Lorrainians without home. Fortunately for them, they were able to seize the Guise and set up base there. From this base, they continued to bandit and raid Oren based out of this base. Not content with allowing this to happen, Oren dispatched Otto Tuvyic Barbanov to retake the fortress.

Thus, Otto led his forces to the fortress and built a wooden encampment outside of the fortress at Guise, prepared to take the fort. During this time, there was relatively little fighting as the Orenians prepared siege towers and ladders in order to storm the fortress.


After a few short months, the Orenians, led by Otto, launched the assault against the fortress at Guise. As the siege towers made it to the walls, the Lorrainians and Kaedreni separatists fought on the walls in an attempt to stop the Orenian forces. However, being outnumbered nearly 2 to 1, the rebels soon found themselves overwhelmed by the Orenian forces. As men died on the walls, a few men pulled back to defend the inner parts of the wall. However, these men too would soon find themselves set upon by the Orenians. Here, they would make a last stand, with no man surrendering. However, the Orenians vast superiority in numbers would prove the victor, and the few remaining Lorrainians found themselves overwhelmed and cut down. Thus, the battle ended, with a relatively small number of Orenian deaths, and a near total demise of the rebel forces.