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Sketch of Grand King Skippy, Unknown 1524

Skippy Irongut was a first generation Dwarf and the first Grand King of the Dwarves during Vailor. He was born sometime in Aegis and was assassinated by a Dark Elven assassin on the 16th of The Grand Harvest, 1525.


Skippy Irongut was rather larger than other Dwarves. His belly fat reaches all around his body, almost acting like armor in hand to hand combat. He was always seen without a shirt, revealing his fat and hair. He had a standard mining helmet, but with two golden horns on the sides of it symbolizing his kingship. He also wore an Irongut armor piece on his chest, protecting his gut from any lethal blows as well.


Skippy Irongut was born sometime in Aegis as the son of Algrim Irongut, the then current king of Kal'Urguan. He was brought up as a lumberjack and a miner, first having a job as a Kal'Urguan lumberjack then assisting in running the Kal'Urguan mining guild. Skippy owned estate in Kal'Urguan, his poor house and his above ground district home. Within his time in Aegis, Skippy kept to around Kal'Urguan, the Irongut Manor, and sometimes you'd see him in the Kingdom of Alras.

Upon entering the Verge, Skippy had followed the rest of the Dwarves of Kal'Urguan to Tazarak and built a small village under the mountains of the alliance, named Eden. Skippy's time in Eden was uneventful, and eventually him and the citizens of The Verge traveled to Asulon.

In Asulon, Skippy quickly followed the rest of his kin to Kal'Karik. He lived in Kal'Karik until Darius Irongut left to create a mining colony named Kal'Dwain. Skippy moved from Kal'Karik to Kal'Dwain to help settle the city, and to help run the mining guild. In the coming days Skippy would mine, build, and drink until drakes attacked the city of Kal'Dwain. Skippy took part in the battle, killing a drake himself. While there he witnessed the return of the Wandering Wizard. The following days in Asulon, Skippy took part in numerous events. Battles, raids, diplomatic meetings, he had done all of it. He had also dived into the Dwarven religion, becoming the High Prophet at one point during Asulon. He had defended Kal'Alras from conquesting orcs, burnt down the flags of House Flay, and even sat on the throne of Oren with his fellow Dwarves around him. In the last days of Asulon, Skippy got separated from the dwarves and was lost until Athera.

Up until late Athera, the Dwarf known as Skippy Irongut was missing. He returned during the Dwarven war with Oren, wishing to restore the Dwarven race to what it was in Asulon. He fought in the Battle of Hiebenhall, striking down 10 human soldiers from the wall of Hiebenhall, barely surviving a flaming arrow that went into his shoulder. He later took part in numerous raids and smaller battles until the war had ended. A few years had passed and the Dwarves and orcs had begun an honor war, to find our the mightiest of the two. Skippy Irongut had taken part in almost all raids and battles, only being brought down 5 five times in all of them. He experienced a Dwarven victory in a war - something he and many Dwarves had not had since Asulon.

The people of Athera had abandoned the continent for new lands called the Isles of Vailor. Skippy had brought his kin over to the Isles safely, and was helping with the construction of Kal'Akash, the city of metal. He had formed a working party known as Red Urguan's Workers Party who were the main backbone of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. A couple years into Vailor, Skippy constructed the S.S. Irongutia with his son Jerry Irongut, which sailed out with numerous other ships to kill a beast known as the Devourer. The plan had failed and the whole fleet, spare a ship, was destroyed along with the S.S. Irongutia. The dwarven Grand King, Balek Irongut, had been lost in the wreckage - leaving the Dwarves without a Grand King. Backed by his knowledge and capability, Skippy Irongut nominated himself as Grand King, running against Verthaik Frostbeard. The election was close, but Skippy Irongut had won by a vote, making him the Grand King of Urguan. Upon being made Grand King, Verthaik Frostbeard declared himself rebelling along with the Blackfist Clan, and the holds Tal'Azwyr and Kal'Krest seceded from the Grand Kingdom. Skippy, backed by the Dwarven Legion, the Blackwood Company, Warhawkes, Snow Elves, and hordes of orcs and humans, fought back the rebel and forced them to surrender. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan was united again under the newly crowned Grand King, Skippy Irongut. Many stone weeks later after the victory, Skippy Irongut was officially coronated as the Grand King and held a Grand Tournament in celebration. During his official reign as Grand King, Skippy Irongut preformed many reforms in the Kingdom. Fair taxes were brought back, construction of markets began, the docks were completed, and the kingdom became more populated. Reforms were not the only changes to the Kingdom, though, as Skippy created an alliance between the Caliphate of Khalestine and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and also joined the Coalition of Southern Vailor, to defend his people from potential foreign invaders. On the 16th of the Grand Harvest, 1525, Skippy Irongut was assassinated by a Dark Elven assassin, contracted by an unknown man.


Skippy Irongut was apart of the Irongut Clan, knowing this since Aegis. He was the great grandson of Belin Irongut, grandson of Algor Irongut, son of Algrim Irongut, and father of Lennin, Jerry, Cablage, Dwalin Irongut, and Ameg Irongut.