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Solace was the capital city of Salvus, a former Human nation of Asulon. The city was established when Aegis was abandoned by survivors of Iblees wrath who moved to Asulon. Solace proved to be a bustling and popular city that was eventually near abandoned with the fall of Salvus to the Kingdom of Renatus, later the Holy Oren Empire. The Hightower family took control of Solace and managed to fix damages and attract more people to once again live in the city. Like all other cities in Asulon it was abandoned when the citizens fled on boats to Elysium.


Following the arrival in Asulon the peoples of Salvus established Solace as their capital. The city was designed to be clearly hierarchical and defensible. The Keep was situated on the top of a tall hill with sheer cliff faces. Within the city walls were large houses, shops, the hospital, the cathedral and the library. Outside of the walls were the farming homes. The city prospered for many years. Being the largest Human city close to the Cloud Temple Sanctuary the capital received many travelers and those looking to establish a home. It also remained popular with those seeking peace from politics often found in other Human settlements and nations. Over time the actions of King Edwin Sheffield and Queen Dawn Perea increasingly fell from favour. The role of the Peacekeepers, the main military force, also became scrutinized. These were reasons why a coalition declared war on Salvus. Attacking Orcs managed to claim land just outside the city walls, including many of the farming houses. When the war ended the city was given to Renatus, along with much of the former Salvus land. The once prosperous city was increasingly abandoned and decayed.

The Hightowers

After the fall of the Ordinators and Dawn Perea, the once grand city of Solace sat rotting in filth and disgust as travelers built new roads to skip the dead lands surrounding the city. Buildings cracked under their own weight and the demons of the lands entered the unmanned gates, claiming the city their own in a way. The Oren Empire started to build itself around the the dead kingdom and Emperor Godfrey had little resistance with the once great nation breaking under it's own weight. James Hightower was given reigns to the former kingdom and city of Solace by Emperor Godfrey, who wished to see the city become a vital part of the Empire. The son of King James, Prince Lancel, also took part in the running of the city, eventually becoming more involved than his father.

Aron Bedevere's Role

The young man Aron's role in Solace was initially as a mere farmer. While living and working in Solace, Aron befriended Lancel and become one of the more active residents there. As time passed, his continued dedication would be rewarded, eventually leading to him being granted the title of Lord. Shortly after gaining this title, Lancel set sail on a voyage which would keep him away from his city for several years. As a result of this, the Hightowers decided to entrust Aron with running Solace while Lancel was away, giving him the responsibility of running the day-to-day operations in Solace. During this time, activity fell within Solace. The well-known trading city had fewer visitors of any kind, whether noble, peasant or trader, and few shops were active within its walls. The only notably well maintained shop during this time was Wocket's Wares, a shop owned by Lady Wocket Bedevere, Aron's wife. However, with this decrease in visitation, there also came a sharp decrease in crime. Other than some failed assassination attempts against Lord Bedevere, there was no notable criminal activity. However, the young Lord's guardianship was fairly short-lived. Less than a decade after he was granted control of the city, Lancel Hightower returned from his voyage. Aron, who had known his position was only truly on loan, relinquished his position of running Solace. With the return of Lancel, visitors quickly began returning to the city in large numbers, especially attracting fellow nobles. Unfortunately, this sudden increase in traffic came at the price of an even more significant increase in crime, becoming well-known for its constant visitation by the murderer Jester, as well as several criminal groups. Despite his removal from his position, Aron maintained the title of Lord, and continued to have significant influence in the day-to-day in Solace.


Solace was one of the largest bread producers in all of Asulon, as the northwest of the city was dominated by wheat fields. This bread was widely regarded as among the cheapest and best tasting. Solace also had a wide selection of weapons and armor to buy within the town.