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Supplementary Nations & Settlements


The village of Brandybrook is where the halflings call home. Built next to the city of Aegrothond, Brandybrook has a lovely ocean view along with fertile farmland. The halflings of Brandybrook care little for the affairs of the outer world, focusing their attention upon tea parties and drinking nights. No doubt Brandybrook is one of the most welcoming places you'll ever visit. But don't go there wearing shoes!

Notable Locations and Information

The Burrows ~ Unlike most descendants, the halflings do not live in regular houses. They live in what they call a burrow, which is usually a small and cozy hole in the ground. Halflings make the best effort to ensure their guests feel welcomed and secure within their burrows, they often have lots of food and drinks within their abodes.

Sharing is Caring ~ The halflings are a very peaceful and gentle race, often seeking to share anything they have with others. Due to this belief, they never lock their chests within their homes. Doing this is considered being a good neighbor, allowing anyone to take whatever resources they need. Don't get greedy though, or it's considered being a bad neighbor.

The Docks ~ Located in the eastern region of Brandybrook, the docks house several shops and stalls which sell only the most quality halfling-made goods. They also use the nearby space for their famous sport, 'Shogging'.

Shogging ~ One of the most famous halfling sports, Shogging consists of a person standing on a log across from another person on a log. Then the two people try to hit their opponent off their log with a shovel. This sport has been used to solve many conflicts between parties as well. Can be played in teams.

Peak Times  Brandybrook generally has good activity during later EST hours, generally from 3-5 PM.


Concord of Llyria

The Llyrian Concord is a meritocracy created upon the foundation of knowledge and science, while welcoming all inhabitants of Arcas with no judgment of their religion, race, magic, etc. Some of the many guilds and orders who stand with Llyria include: The Wayward Monks, The Ascended Order, The Samranist Faith, The Frond Society, The Mages Guild, The Celestial Order, The Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, The Artisans Guild. This information only includes the citizens who have completed the citizenship survey and does not include guests of Llyria or those who have not completed the survey at the time of this post. 45.5% are Elven, 37.5% Human, 5.4% Dwarven, 1.8% Orcish, 6.3% Transcendent. 56.3% do not practice any form of magic, 24.1% practice a form of voidal magic, while the other 18.6% practice other forms of magic.

Peak Times  Most of the time, Llyria has at least a few people in the city you can RP with. However, our activity usually starts around 4pm EST // 9pm GMT, peaking at around 8pm EST // 1am GMT, continuing and fading out at 12am ESt & 5am GMT.)
The route from cloud temple.

Notable location and information

  • The Traceless Order ~is the city’s guard force led by the Lord Protector. A Traceless member has no greater duty than to protect our beloved denizens and city from injustice and crime.
  • The Llyrian Atheneum ~ is our city library managed by the Lady Curator. Our wonderful library has much to offer for those interested in learning about the wonders of Arcas, magic, the descendants, and much more.
  • The Dancing Drake ~ is our city’s tavern, managed by Magnus Caelum (Tahmas). It’s also become a hot spot if you’re looking for some RP. If you’re interested in working there as a bartender, find Magnus.
  • The Edelweiss ~ is our city’s clinic, led by Charles Napier. As all clinics are, the sole purpose is to heal the injured, citizen or not, in their time of need. If you’re interested in working at the clinic, find Charles.
  • The Maelstrom~ is the bulk of our city’s government, consisting of the six Lords and Ladys and the echelons beneath them.



The Trade Federation of Sutica is a known hub of trade with an extensive merchant district in the front of the city, and a large harbor in the rear of the city. Its laws are built to allow all manners of people who wish to do no harm to live in the nation, and because of this, it has led to a large variety of players and several unique groups in the Federation which will be described later. Politically, Sutica is an actively neutral nation under the absolute rule of the Trade Monarch who delegates power to their ministers and advisors. Sutica is accepting of any and all races, but there is a skew towards Humans and Elves.

Peak Times  Sutica has a smattering of players from GMT to PST with activity throughout the day although it tends to peak around 3:00pm ET.)
The route from cloud temple.

Notable Information and places

  • City of Oropo~ home of the Adherents of Dresdrasil a group based heavily on traditional sea culture with a caste system and a religion of their very own
  • Huntsmen~ is a guild in the city which traces their origins back to the Vizmak Brigade an old monster hunting guild, The purpose of the guild is the research, elimination, and containment of various magical and mysterious creatures which roam the land.
  • Uialbens~ For those looking into more interesting living conditions there is also the choice to live in the catacombs which is underneath the mysterious Uialben manor and who knows, maybe one day you will become a Catacomb Knight


Talus Grove of the Druidic Order

The Talus Grove is inhabited by the Mother Circle of the Druidic Order, though all Druids may call it home. It is grown into the rise of scree upon a fork in the South-West running river and despite the dry savanna-like climate, the Grove itself is lush with hardy shrubs, bushes, and trees. The Grove serves as a place to teach aspiring and young Druids, as well as a base of operations from which Druids conduct their vigil over nature.

Peak Times  We have a wonderful mix of players from across the world and thus our playerbase covers several timezones.Our peak points of activity are around Weekdays, 6pm - 11pm EST (11pm – 4am GMT); Weekends, 2pm - 3am EST (7pm – 8am GMT).)
The route from cloud temple.


the druids follow a similar religon as The wood elves and Dark elves. Chosing to follow the nature around them and endurancing its cycyle. They follow Aspectism and the Mother and Father.

Notable information and Places
  • festival grounds~which host a small marketplace, bank and auction services and will find the area decorated for events such as weddings or other frivolities.
  • Pine Druid's swamp~while hugging the cliff-face brings visitors to the plant nursery.
  • Elder Tree Elanwéya~sings in a gentle breeze and houses the Grove's tavern, library, infirmary, Dedicant bunks and Archdruid offices, while housing is spread around the inner and outer Grove.



The culture of the Shinrin (Nakamachi) can most aptly be compared to that of the ancient samurai. Guided by their code of conduct and their dedication to the different spirits they perceive as integral to their way of life, the Shinrin are a people driven by honor and spiritual dedication. With a strict hierarchy bound to a ruling lord, the Shinrin may often be found training or else practicing various arts in the form of painting, music, and gardening.


The Shinrin are a very spiritual people, living their lives based on a code of honor in reverence to a variety of spirits they view as responsible for everything in their lives. In some cases, it has become the practice to acknowledge certain spirits as those of great ancestors who were the personification of something while they were alive and so must be responsible for it in death. An example of this might be a woman who dedicated all her time to keeping her garden pristine and productive. In death, this spirit may be prayed to for growth and prosperity of gardens.

Notable information and places
  • 'Racial Prejudices~Since the old times of the Shinrin, it has been generally acknowledged that the Shinrin have few issues with other races. Typically those who were not Shinrin were welcome to visit Shinrin settlements, though they were very rarely welcome to live there. There have certainly been rare cases of this occurrence but only in cases where the newcomers have proven capable of replicating the Shinrin way of life.
  • 'Language of the Shinrin'~This would all but obliterate their original language from common use, even evolving so far as to cause the loss of accents when speaking common. In present times the only remnant of their original language would be that of a number of titles in the hierarchy of the society or other similarly rare examples. For example:“The duty of a Samurai is to his lord, the Daimyo.”



Archduchy of Suffonia is a vassal of the Holy Orenian Empire ruled by the archducal House of Suffolk. Suffonia was first established in Atlas as the Barony of Alnwick in 1660. Capital of the Archduchy is the Warwick Castle (built between 1715-1725).

Peak Times  Suffonia has a has mixed player base and the majority of her players comes from EST or GMT time zones. It is hard to ping activity time intervals for any mixed community but as our events are hosted between 2pm EST to 6pm EST on weekdays and 1pm EST to 7pm EST on weekends it is safe to say these time intervals are our Peak Time.)
The route from cloud temple.
Notable information and places
  • 'Lowerclasss~such as the commons are entitled to social and legal rights. Life, rights and property of Suffonians are protected under Suffonian Law and they are allowed to press these rights before Suffonian Courts. Furthermore, social areas such as the Bath House, Tea Gardens, Patios and Arena can be used by Suffonians free of charge and housing and food is provided for economically challenged Suffonians. Also, occasional public feasts and games are held for Suffonians for their entertainment.