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City of Sutica Map.png
The City of Sutica
Race: All Races
Affiliation: Federation of Sutica
Location: Southern Atlas
Founded: 1571
Current ruler: Trade Princess Cyrene Riel
  • Minister of Defense: Cyrene Riel
  • Minister of Foreign Relations: Hareven Lorenthus
  • Minister of The Interior: Jon Snowell
  • Minister of Seals & Stationary: James K. Nevermore
  • Minister of Law and Justice: Lily Anarion

Sutica is the Capital of the Federation of Sutica, and it’s located southern Atlas. The City is most known for their trade with other nations. It's home to every race in Axios welcoming them all equally. The city is built on a large island, connected by two bridges and a chain of smaller islands outside of it. It is constructed using the highly unique Sutican Architectural Style.


The Sutican Settlers found the Island in the lands of Ceru in 1571 after fleeing from Vailor. Little else is known about Ceru and more specifically the land which the City sits on.


The City of Sutica was designed by Silv’ar Vanguard the Renowned Sutican Architect and was painstaking built by the top Sutican engineers. It took two years of planning and just three months of tireless construction for the city to be built.


The City of Sutica is located in Southern Atlas on an island. Despite how large the city is, it still holds plenty of land outside it's walls. It is connected to the mainland by two large bridges located on the north side of the city respectfully, the city broken into three large districts.

Districts of the City

  • The Central District

The Central district consists of the city's main houses that surround the central square. This is the most commonly populated district with the most homes as well. The Government Hall, the Throne room, is here as well.

  • The Underwater District

The Underwater district is certainly one of the more unique districts, each home being submerged under glass domes in the water with a tunnel leading to the area, as the title suggests. This is one of the smaller districts of Sutica.

  • The Cave District

The Cave district is in a portion of the city's largest landmark where the mountain is. Although this city's number of homes compete with that of the Central District's, it seems that it is a rather unpopular choice in housing, likely due to its location far back in the city and it's difficult-to-navigate streets, but that doesn't go to say that it isn't a sight for sore eyes.

  • The Upper District

The upper district is currently being constructed due to a lack in housing in the other three districts. It's located above the square, where the old Halfling village used to be.

Notable Figures

  • Silv’ar Vanguard - First Trade Prince, Grand Architect and former Minister of the Interior.
  • William Corvinus - A renound merchant of Sutica, responsbile for the early gain of wealth in the Federation.
  • Gimkin Stonegate - Lord of Stonegate Keep and a skilled merchant.
  • Archrim Elmoran - Known for his many skilled years of service in protecting Sutica.
  • Gray Kellian - Knight and Master cleric and of course a friend of many.
  • Karyssmov Faroe - Known for his many years of service as the husband of Trade Princess Lilyana, also known as "The Exemplar" before he was later exiled and disconnected.


Sutica operates as an absolute, dynastic monarchy; the right to rule, monikered as The Trade Princess of Sutica/The Trade Prince of Sutica, being passed matrilineally to the first-born legitimate heir unless succession is otherwise dictated. The Current and fifth Trade Princess is Cyrene Riel.

Ministers act as agents of the state, entrusted with authority by the ruler of Sutica and granted the power to head the relevant ministry. The ruler of Sutica chooses all positions and decides whether a life-time appointment or a term to be served is in order. One person may hold multiple positions if deemed fit by the ruler of Sutica.


The Society within the nation is astonishingly liberal in contrast to other nations across the realms. Their inclusion of any peaceful descendant within their society, regardless of race, has contributed to the rise of a wise, diverse cosmopolitan nation. The culling of ignorance due to this has led to the creation of a relaxed, pacifistic trading culture within the nation.


Sutica is a prosperous nation built on the firm foundations of trade relations from the many ports dotting their islands. The constant stream of minas into their reserves has allowed many to take up intellectual studies instead of pursuing constant employment, a testament to the financial security vested within the trade nation.


The City of Sutica as the Capital City abides by the Sutican Codex.


While Suticans are generally considered very rich they are also very charitable. Houses are free and there are no taxes in the city. Suticans enjoy a calm and peaceful life, stemming from their pacifistic stance taken in previous conflicts. They are very accepting people and are generally considered one of the most liberal of nations due to their lackadaisical stance regarding people's personal lives, leading to Sutican's calling the Sutican way the, "do whatever you'd like" way.


Suticans are renowned not for their art on canvas, but their art of construction, the architecture of stone and wood. Suticans are so skilled in the feat, that in the matter of years their universally famous Architecture Guild bolstered its own unique style of architecture, unique to any before in the realm.


Many famous works of literature have been born from the merchants of sutica. Such works are kept in the City's library. Some books of Note would be "Alchemy and Herbs a tale of exportation" Authored by the former explorers guild of Sutica, then, of course, the numerous works authored by the current and former rulers of Sutica.


Due to the brevity the nation has stood, it has as of yet been able to produce any works of musical merit, despite its large community of wise and intelligent thinkers.


Due to the diversity of not only the races of the inhabitants of Sutica, but also the diversity of their belief systems, Sutica has no structured or majority religion. Instead, it allows any to practice whichever faith they so choose within the nation. This has spurred little contempt within the nation, instead contributing to further eradication of ignorance within the nation, allowing for more peaceful exchanges among the citizens of the nation. Though in recent times a larger following of Tahariae has been spurred on by the Third Trade Princess own beliefs.

Random Tidbits

  • The City of Sutica is actually the fourth City in Sutica's History named such.
  • The City is known for its rich amount of resources and trade with other nations.
  • On a different note, did you know: that the city's state animal is a Lubba?

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