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The Sylric Bloodline is a bloodline of the [[Snow Elves]], sworn to the [[Princedom of Fenn]].
The Sylric Bloodline is a bloodline of the [[Snow Elves]], sworn to the [[Princedom of Fenn]].
== History ==
== History ==
The Sylric name has been around for centuries. The founder, Thandir Sylric I, was one of the original Snow Elves, having followed the Tundraks to Lomal and his Word Alter. This made him one of the first Snow Elves. However, due to the scattering of the Snow Elves, most of the history from then to the Realm of Anthos was lost and has never been recovered.
The Sylric name has been around for centuries. The founder, Thandir Sylric I, was one of the original Snow Elves, having followed the Tundraks to Lomal and his Word Alter. This made him one of the first Snow Elves. However, due to the scattering of the Snow Elves, most of the history from then to the Realm of Anthos was lost and has never been recovered.

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sylric crest.jpg

Crest of the Sylric Bloodline
The Sylric Bloodline
Founder: Thandir Sylric I
Current Patriarch: Taveric Sylric
Condition: Organized
Allegiance: Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Princedom of Fenn
Current Grand Council Position: Grand Exchequer

The Sylric Bloodline is a bloodline of the Snow Elves, sworn to the Princedom of Fenn.


Sylric Eagle.png

The Sylric name has been around for centuries. The founder, Thandir Sylric I, was one of the original Snow Elves, having followed the Tundraks to Lomal and his Word Alter. This made him one of the first Snow Elves. However, due to the scattering of the Snow Elves, most of the history from then to the Realm of Anthos was lost and has never been recovered.


The Sylrics found themselves to be weak and unskillful at first due to the drastic changes their bodies underwent. Thus, the head of the family at the time, Althidon Sylric, sought out hard labor for their family namesake. They would be the ones to become the backbone of the Princedom with many members taking on as many trades as mining & smithing, lumbering & carpentry, fishing & farming, and much more. Working became their blood and so outsiders to this family would be hard-spent finding a better man or woman in Tahu'lareh at doing the sorts of labor they perform.

Anthos en Anthera

Thandir II lead the Sylrics’ into Athera, where they once again backed the Tundrak Bloodline. During their time in Athera, the Sylrics did the work of thousands of men with only 300 strong among them, their hammers and chisels ringing loud throughout the hallowed tundra’s of Hesin’fin. As all races left Athera, Thandir was still the head of the Sylric namesake and followed the Tundraks to their new home, Tar’sil, on The Isles of Vailor. Whilst living in Vailor, Thandir II found love and marriage. He had two sons and two daughters, a rarity among the Snow Elves. His firstborn Ailduin was named his heir, followed by a daughter named Arthion, a second son named Selgauth, and the youngest daughter named Velatha.

Athera en Vailor

When the Iron Uzg attacked The Princedom on Vailor, the Sylrics lost more than ¾ of its people during the defense of the outer city of Tar’sil. All those who survived fled from the Princedom, with Thandir II and Ailduin, his son and heir, remaining, having felt obligated to stay and carry out their steadfast heritage of supporting the Snow Elves in their entirety.

Vailor en Axios

As Vailor came to an end, Thandir II passed away on the journey to The Isles of Axios where Ailduin was left to shoulder the Sylric household, his siblings all abandoning him and the rest of their Snow Elven kin…

Ailduin was the patriarch of the house Sil'siima from then on. He has reclaimed their position as the strongest Snow Elves and had been the hardest worker as well. By doing so, he brought a new age for his family, with even his siblings having begun to return to the Princedom, finally proud to bear the name of a Sylric.

Axios en Atlas

After many decades leading them through the hardships of Axios, Sil’maln Ailduin would lead his family to the continent of Atlas to forward their survival; though much of the history has been lost to time and war...

Atlas en Arcas

Ailduin would lead his family to Arcas after the Vaeyl destroyed Atlas; passing away on the 7th of The Deep Cold, 1716, after an act of heroism to save Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak during a mining excursion to collect precious metals for the Princedom. His son Thandir III would return to Fenn shortly after to pay his respects and accustom himself to his family while a new Patriarch lead them. Airebys Sylric, nephew to Celaena and Ailduin Sylric, would take up the position to carry on Ailduin’s legacy for their family.

Griffin en Bear

The Griffin which had represented the Sylrics under the leadership of Ailduin and his ideals and his loyalty to the Tundraks for so many years had become a tired creature. With Ailduin and the Tundrak he so loved having passed on, the Griffin would be laid to rest along with its masters. Marking the end of an era for the symbol, Aelthir Tundrak III and the death of Ailduin would be held in the hearts of many a Man and Mali’. Thus, the bloodline would try to seek a new identity, to redefine itself--as their progressive nature would stand for nothing less. Airebys Sylric, who represents the Bear, would bring his own new ideals and reforms to the family.

In the years leading to 1733, the Sylrics under the leadership of Airebys and Somhairle Sylric have begun to find a greater presence in the realm of merchantry; selling the precious gems they gather beneath Tahu'lareh and hand-forged metalworks to customers within and beyond their snowy home.

Attributes, Traits, and Disposition

airebys sylric.jpg


Due to their history as laborious workdogs, Sylrics tend to master skills such as Blacksmithing and Alcohol Brewing. With their reputation as hard workers, Sylrics often find themselves seated among the Grand Council as head of the Bilok'thuln. It is not uncommon to see a Sylric mining or fishing, lumberjacking or blacksmithing. With all of their hard work, Sylrics tend to be very muscular with a strong, bulky, but well-built frame to them. They tend to be the tallest among the Snow Elves and have grey to blue eyes. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde. The tallest men are typically 6'2" while the shortest among them, typically the women, can be 5'6".


Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. One can note when asked a question, Sylrics tend to be rather blunt; straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash or stubborn behaviors, Sylrics can be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Bear, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, ferocious and determined.


Throughout the Snow Elven years and all the conflicts they faced, the Sylrics have tended to be on the front lines of all major battles. Their thoughts on other Elves are complicated, as centuries of battle waged against them has hardened the opinions of some Sylrics against their Mali’mira cousins. A Sylric will marry out to other elven subraces but they try to stick more toward the Snow Elven culture. Regardless of their history, however, they are a progressive-thinking breed who focus on the betterment of their people and have no qualms with laying their hard past to rest. As is notable by the cultural aspects of the Sylric Bloodline, they are a very protective, family-oriented lot who focus on the betterment of their family and kin before all else.

Culture and Traditions


When a new Sylric is brought into the world, a special ceremony is held called Wryvun’ahern. This ceremony celebrates the life of that individual, prayer be that they lead a healthy and successful life that they may join their kin in Wyrvun’s realm of eternal slumber: Aira’fin.

There are three necessary people needed to be present in this ceremony if possible. First, there must be the Maln or male figure of the child present. Second, the Haelun or female figure of the child present. Last but not least, the child itself. With the hands of all three held together and the child in the center, they must all plunge themselves into a body of frozen water.

Having the child in the center symbolizes that their parents will always stand by their side, no matter the cost or risk. When all three people’s heads are submerged in the water, the maln and haelun must use every ounce of their strength to lift their child out of the water and onto the safety of dry footing. This symbolizes their love and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the health and well-being of their child. When the child is safe, the maln must lift the child's haelun from the freezing water to symbolize that they would sacrifice themselves so their child may have a mother. When the haelun is safe, she must help pull the child's maln from the water to symbolize that they would do anything- even in a weakened state - to ensure that their child would have a father.

With the Sil’maln present for the entire ceremony, the family will have a large woolen blanket woven with Sil’siimah colors draped over them. It is to be heated over a flame and draped over their huddled forms to complete the ceremony -- uniting them as a warm, safe family.


When a Sylric is welcomed into the family, Bilok’ihnsil is held to prove that they can return to their people as a true Sylric, or be accepted as an adult. Each participant must forge themselves their own personal weapon; gathering all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them, as they must build their own forge and use what knowledge and materials gathered to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, from the largest of Greataxes to the smallest of daggers.

When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Manor and present it to the Sil’maln. If approved, a hunt ensues to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then follows provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the brooch of the Bear to be pinned on their clothing wherever they go. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric - ready and willing to protect and provide for their family.


The Sylrics will perform private wakes after a public funeral. Unlike the regular burials performed for other Mali’fenn, the Sylrics instead will cremate the remains of their fallen kin to be stored in an urn then placed in their family crypt. During a family ceremony or whenever family members are available, they must cut a lock of hair from their head and stir it in with the ashes of the deceased so they may pay their respects, and mourn. It is symbolic to do this so that a piece of them may go with their kin to Aira’fin and that they may move on from any grief they may have, or simply to wish their kin an easy transition to Wyrvun’s eternal realm of slumber.

If the remains of a fallen bloodline member cannot be retrieved, such as in the case of Althidon Sylric, then an urn will be packed with earth retrieved from the place of their death to be stored among the other urns of their family.


If someone wishes to be married into the bloodline, they must first speak with the Patriarch of the Sil’siimah - the Sil’maln, as they are called - as it would be of the utmost disrespect to court someone from his family without first gaining his blessing. The marriage ceremony is a typical Mali'Fenn proceeding; with the suitor and fiancée exchanging personally crafted weaponry to the needs of their significant other, conducting a hunt, and performing the binding ritual thereafter.

The Wyrvunic Asterisk

In the Sil’siimah, the Wyrvunic Asterisk is a special signing of religious reverence.

  • When performed at someone, it is symbolic that the user intends safety on whomever receives it.
  • When performed over the left breast of the user, it is a sign of mourning -- be it for lost family, lost friends, or for those who mourn outside the family.
  • When performed over the right breast of the user, it is a sign of happiness and the hope that the users happiness spreads to those around them.
  • When performed over the heart, it is a sign that the user beckons Wyrvun’s guidance on themselves and those around them.

House Politics & Positions

When out of the home, members of the Sil’siimah bloodline are to refer to their patriarch not by their name, but their honorary title: Sil’maln. Only in the company of family and close friends may the Sil’maln be referred to by their first name. This is all to protect integrity and uphold the respect for the authority of their patriarch. When speaking privately of their patriarch, they once again must refer to them by their honorary title. The second exception is in the line of duty to the Ivae’fenn. Bloodline members holding the title of Sil'ede and Sil'lar are on The Sword Council, or Sil'heial in the Ancient Tongue, and are the most trusted by the Silm'maln and typically the closest in blood-relation.

  • Sil'maln (Sword Father) - Patriarch and leader of the Bear and house Sil'siimah.
  • Sil'ede (Sword Elder) - The elder and most trusted authority-figure next to the Sil'maln himself. Entrusted with organizing the Bloodline and its members during the Sil'maln's temporary or extended absences, the Sword Elder of the Sylrics has unrestricted access to the Sil'maln's stationary authorities of making alterations to the Family Manor and accessing or updating the Sil'taliame (Sword Tree), which is the tome containing the Sylric Family Tree.
  • Sil'lar (Steadfast Sword) - A title given to Sil'hier who act as the right-hand-mali' to the Sil'maln and Sil'ede in matters of family agenda and politics.
  • Sil'hier (Near Sword) - The basic title of a family member.
  • Sil'llir (Sword Friend) - A title given to the most trusted family-friends to the Bears of the Mali'Fenn.
  • Sil'enaer (Sword Guest) - A title given to guests of the Sil'siimah home.

Taboo & Rule

  • Hunting, harming or otherwise providing the means for death to any Bear in Hesin’fin and beyond is forbidden.
  • Marrying or courting without the Sil’malns blessing is taboo.
  • Ignoring the advice of Sil’ede titleholders is taboo.

Notable Members

Thandir Sylric I - The founder of the Sylric Bloodline, from whom all Sylrics are directly descended. He was one of the first Mali'Fenn, being one of the first Elves to pass through the World Altar.

Ailduin Sylric - Reorganizer of the Sylric Bloodline in during the transition from Axios to Arcas, previous Sil'maln and Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline

Airebys Sylric - Current Sil'maln of the house Sil'siimah, ex-Grand Exchequer of The Irham and underlying triad.

Velatha Sylric - Current Sil'ede and elder of the house Sil'siimah, member of the Sword Council.

Somhairle Sylric - Cousin and right hand of Airebys Sylric, Vanguard to the Ivae'fenn and Headmaster of The Orrar.

Alevaera Tundrak - Sister of Airebys Sylric, wife to Hadolph Tundrak II and ex-Grand Steward to the Grand Council of Fenn.